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Catherynne M. Valente official site
Series: The Orphan's Tales
In the Night-Garden The Book of the Steppe - The Book of the Sea - 31st October 2006 UK US
In the Cities of Coin and Spice The Book of Storm - The Book of Scald - Fall 2007
The Labyrinth UK US
The Grass-Cutting Sword 1st July 2006 UK US
Under in the Mere 2006
Yume no Hon, the Book of Dreams UK US
The Ice Puzzle 2007
The Floor of Heaven soon...

Doris Vallejo
Ladies, Retold Tales of Goddesses and Heroines US

Carl-Johan Vallgren
The Horrific Sufferings of the Mind-Reading Monster Hercules Barefoot, His Wonderful Love and His Terrible Hatred UK US

Dave VanArnam
Wizard of Storms

Gail VanAsten
Series: Roland
Charlemagne's Champion US
The Dark Sword's Lover US
The Blind Knight US

Edo VanBelkon
Series: DragonLance: Warriors
Lord Soth UK US

Jack Vance official site
Series: Dying Earth
The Dying Earth UK US
Eyes of the Overworld UK US
Cugel's Saga UK US
Rhialto the Marvellous UK US
Series: Lyonesse
Lyonesse US: Suldrun's Garden UK US
The Green Pearl US
Madouc US
Green Magic short stories US
Fantasms and Magics short stories
The Blue World UK US
The Dragon Masters short stories UK US

Susanna Vance official site
Sights UK US

Jeff VanderMeer official site
The Book of Frog
City of Saints and Madmen short stories UK US

Vivian VandeVelde official site
Series: Weiland
The Conjurer Princess UK US
The Changeling Prince UK US
A Coming Evil UK US
Dragon's Bait UK US
A Hidden Magic UK US
A Well-Timed Enchantment UK US
Curses, Inc. and Other Stories short stories UK US
The Rumpelstiltskin Problem short stories UK US
Tales From the Brothers Grimm and the Sisters Weird short stories UK US
Wizard at Work UK US
Witch's Wishes UK US
Now You See It... UK US
Three Good Deeds UK US
The Book of Mordred UK US
Witch Dreams UK US

David VanDoorn
The Wyvern's Egg

Alida VanGores
Mermaid's Song US

Sydney J. VanScyoc official site
Feather Stroke US

Peter Vansittart
Parsifal UK US
Hermes in Paris UK US

Robert E. Vardeman
Series: Cenotaph Road
Cenotaph Road US
The Sorcerer's Skull US
World of Mazes US
Iron Tongue US
Fire and Fog US
Pillar of Night US
Series: Jade Demons
Quaking Lands US
Frozen Waves US
Crystal Clouds US
The White Fire US
Series: Swords of Raemllyn
To Demons Bound with George W. Proctor US
A Yoke of Magic with George W. Proctor UK US
Blood Fountain with George W. Proctor UK US
Death's Acolyte with George W. Proctor
The Beasts of the Mist with George W. Proctor US
For Crown and Kingdom with George W. Proctor US
Series: War of Powers
The Sundered Realm with Victor Milán US
The City in the Glacier with Victor Milán UK US
The Destiny Stone with Victor Milán US
The Fallen Ones with Victor Milán US
In the Shadow of Omizantrim with Victor Milán US
Demon of the Dark Ones with Victor Milán US
Series: The Keys to Paradise
The Flame Key as Daniel Moran UK
The Skeleton Lord's Key as Daniel Moran UK
Key of Ice and Steel as Daniel Moran UK
Series: Demon Crown
The Glass Warrior US
Phantoms on the Wind US
A Symphony of Storms US
Series: Magic, the Gathering
Dark Legacy US
The Accursed

Allen Varney
Series: Dragon Dice
Cast of Fate US

Philippe Vasset
ScriptGenerator©®™ UK US

Elizabeth Vaughan official site
Warprize UK US
Warsworn 4th April 2006 UK US
? soon...

Susan Vaught official site
Stormwitch UK US

Alfredo Vea Jr. official site
La Maravilla UK US

Luis Fernando Verissimo
Borges and the Eternal Orang-Utan UK

Jules Verne unofficial site
Adventures of the Rat Family UK US

A. Hyatt Verrill unofficial site
The Bridge of Light UK US

Tarjei Vesaas unofficial site
The Ice Palace UK US

Salley Vickers official site
Mr. Golightly's Holiday UK US

Gill Vickery
The Ivy Crown UK US

Debbie Viguie
Midnight Pearls UK US
Scarlet Moon UK US

Gerald Vizenor unofficial site
Bearheart, the Heirship Chronicles UK US
Dead Voices, Natural Agonies in the New World short stories UK US

Steve Voake
The Dreamwalker's Child UK US
The Web of Fire UK

Cynthia Voigt unofficial site
Series: Kingdom
Jackaroo UK US
The Wings of a Falcon US
On Fortune's Wheel UK US
Elske UK US

William T. Vollmann official site
Series: Seven Dreams
The Ice-Shirt US
Fathers and Crows UK US
Argall UK US
Poison-Shirt soon...
Dying Grass soon...
Cloud Shirt soon...

Paula Volsky
Series: Sorcerer's Lady
The Sorcerer's Lady US
The Sorcerer's Heir US
The Sorcerer's Curse US
The Curse of the Witch-Queen US
The Luck of Relian Kru US
Illusion UK US
The Wolf of Winter UK US
The Gates of Twilight UK US
The White Tribunal UK US
The Grand Ellipse UK US

Bettine VonArnim
The Life of High Countess Gritta von Ratsinourhouse US

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. official site
Happy Birthday, Wanda June US

Wolf VonNiebelschutz
The Badger of Ghissi

John Vornholt official site
The Troll King UK US
The Troll Queen UK US
The Troll Treasure UK US
The Fabulist UK US