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Mário de Sá-Carneiro
Lúcio's Confession

Fred Saberhagen official site
Series: Swords
The First Book of Swords UK US
The Second Book of Swords UK US
The Third Book of Swords UK US
Series: Lost Swords
Woundhealer's Story US
Sightblinder's Story UK US
Stonecutter's Story UK US
Farslayer's Story UK US
Coinspinner's Story UK US
Mindsword's Story UK US
Wayfinder's Story US
Shielbreaker's Story UK US
Series: Empire of the East
Broken Lands US
Black Mountains US
Changeling Earth US: Ardneh's World US
Series: Swords related
An Armory of Swords short stories US
Series: Book of the Gods
The Face of Apollo UK US
Ariadne's Web UK US
The Arms of Hercules UK US
God of the Golden Fleece UK US
Gods of Fire and Thunder UK US
Dancing Bears UK US
Merlin's Bones UK US
The Black Throne with Roger Zelazny US

E. Rose Sabin official site
A School for Sorcery UK US
A Perilous Power UK US
Series: A School for Sorcery Prequel
When the Beast Ravens UK US

Barry Sadler official site
Series: Casca
The Eternal Mercenary US
God of Death US
The War Lord US
Panzer Soldier US
The Barbarian US
The Persian US
The Damned US
Soldier of Fortune US
The Sentinel US
The Conquistador US
The Legionnaire US
The African Mercenary US
The Assassin US
The Phoenix US
The Pirate US
Desert Mercenary UK US
The Warrior US
The Cursed US
The Samurai US
Soldier of Gideon US
The Trench Soldier US
The Mongol US

Michelle Sagara official site
Series: The Book of the Sundered
Into the Dark Lands US
Children of the Blood US
Lady of Mercy US
Chains of Darkness, Chains of Light US
Series: The Sacret Hunt
Hunter's Oath as Michelle West UK US
Hunter's Death as Michelle West UK US
Series: The Sun Sword
The Broken Crown as Michelle West UK US
The Uncrowned King as Michelle West UK US
The Shinig Court as Michelle West UK US
Sea of Sorrows as Michelle West UK US
The Riven Shield as Michelle West UK US
The Sun Sword as Michelle West UK US
Black Gauntlet as Michelle West - soon...
Cast in Shadow UK US
Cast in Courtlight 1st August 2006 UK US
? soon...
Speaking with Angels short stories - as Michelle West UK US

Angie Sage official site
Series: Septimus Heap
Magyk UK US
Flyte UK US
Physik UK US
Queste 8th April 2008 UK US

S. F. Said official site
Varjak Paw UK US
The Outlaw Varjak Paw UK US

Kris Saknussemm
Zanesville soon...

Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Series: Tomoe Gozen
Tomoe Gozen US
The Golden Naginata US
Thousand Shrine Warrior US
On the Shores of Eternity
The Swordswoman US
Feigned Death and Other Sorceries
A Silver Thread of Madness short stories US
Ou Lu Khen and the Beautiful Madwoman US

Rhondi A. Vilott Salsitz official site
Series: Dragons
Where Dragons Lie US
Where Dragons Rule US
Night of Dragons US
Series: Unicorn Dancer
The Unicorn Dancer US
Daughter of Destiny US
The Magickers as Emily Drake UK US
The Dragon Guard as Emily Drake UK US
The Curse of Arkady as Emily Drake UK US
The Gate of Bones as Emily Drake UK US
Phoenix Fire as Elizabeth Forrest UK US
Dark Tide as Elizabeth Forrest US
Bright Shadow as Elizabeth Forrest US
The Twilight Gate US

B. J. Salterberg
The Outlander: Captivity US

Catherine Salton official site
Raphael and the Noble Task UK US
The Miracle of the Candles short story - available on web site

R. A. Salvatore official site
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Icewind Dale Trilogy
The Crystal Shard UK US
Streams of Silver UK US
The Halfling's Gem UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Dark Elf Trilogy
Homeland UK US
Exile UK US
Sojourn UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: Legacy of the Drow
The Legacy UK US
Starless Night UK US
Siege of Darkness UK US
Passage to Dawn UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: Drizzt Do'Urden & Friends
The Silent Blade UK US
The Spine of the World UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Cleric Quintet
Canticle UK US
In Sylvan Shadows UK US
Night Masks UK US
The Fallen Fortress UK US
The Chaos Curse UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Sellswords
Servant of the Shard UK US
Promise of the Witch-King UK US
Road of the Patriarch UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms
Dark Mirror short story UK US
The Third Level short story UK US
Guenhwyvar short story UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: Paths of Darkness
Sea of Swords UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Hunter's Blades Trilogy
The Thousand Orcs UK US
The Lone Drow UK US
The Two Swords UK US
Series: The Spearwielder's Tale
The Woods Out Back UK US
The Dragon's Dagger UK US
Dragonslayer's Return UK US
Series: The Crimson Shadow
The Sword of Bedwyr UK US
Luthien's Gamble UK US
The Dragon King UK US
Series: The Demon Wars Trilogy
The Demon Awakens UK US
The Demon Spirit UK US
The Demon Apostle UK US
Mortalis UK US
Series: The Second Demon Wars Saga
Ascendance UK US
Transcendence UK US
Immortalis UK US
Series: The Chronicles of Ynis Aielle
Echoes of the Fourth Magic US
The Witch's Daughter UK US
Bastion of Darkness UK US
Series: Tarzan of the Apes
Tarzan, the Epic Adventures US
Series: Corona
The Highwayman UK US

Fay Sampson
Series: Daughter of Tintagel
Wise Woman's Telling US
White Nun's Telling US
Black Smith's Telling US
Taliesin's Tellling US
Series: Finnglas
Finnglas and the Stones of Choosing US
Shape-Shifter, the Naming of Pangur Ban US
The Serpent of Senargard US
The White Horse Is Running US
Star Dancer

Jeff Sampson
Series: DragonLance, the New Adventures
Dragon Spell UK US
Series: DragonLance, the New Adventures: Trinistyr Trilogy
Wizard's Betrayal UK US

Javier García Sánchez
The Others UK

William Sanders official site
Journey to Fusang US
The Ballad of Billy Badass and the Rose of Turkestan UK US
Are We Having Fun Yet? short stories UK US

Brandon Sanderson official site
Elantris UK US
The Hope of Elantris short story - digital US
Series: Mistborn
The Final Empire UK US
The Well of Ascension UK US
The Hero of Ages UK US
Series: Alcatraz
Versus the Evil Librarians UK US
Versus the Scrivener's Bones UK US
Versus the Knights of Crystallia 1st October 2009 UK US
? soon...
Series: The Wheel of Time
A Memory of Light 1: The Gathering Storm with Robert Jordan - 30th October 2009 UK US
A Memory of Light 2: Shifting Winds with Robert Jordan - soon...
A Memory of Light 3: Tarmon’Gaidon with Robert Jordan - soon...
Warbreaker 9th June 2009 UK US

Ruth Sanderson official site
The Crystal Mountain UK US
The Golden Mare, the Firebird, and the Magic Ring short stories UK US

Marella Sands official site
Series: Ancient Mayan Priest
Sky Knife UK US
Serpent and Storm UK US
Series: King's Quest
Kingdom of Sorrow with Mark Summer - as Kenyon Morr US
See No Weevil with Mark Sumner - as Kenyon Morr US

Robert D. SanSouci unofficial site
Young Merlin UK US

William Sarabande
Wolves of the Dawn UK US

José Saramago
The Tale of the Unknown Island short story UK US

Pamela Sargent official site
Eye of Flame short stories UK US

Sarah Sargent
Watermusic US

Charles R. Saunders
Series: Imaro
Imaro UK US
The Quest for Cush UK US
The Trail of Bohu UK US
Death's Friend short story

George Saunders
Pastoralia UK US

Felicity Savage
Series: Ever
The War in the Waste UK US
Daemon in the Machine UK US
A Trickster in the Ashes US
Series: Garden of Salt
Humility Garden US
Delta City US

Sam Savage
Firmin   UK US

Steve Savile official site
Houdini's Last Illusion UK US

Darek Sawde
Sceptre Mortal

Coral Smith Saxe unofficial site
The Mirror & the Magic UK US

Piero Scanziani
The White Book

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough official site
Series: Petaybee
Powers That Be with Anne McCaffrey UK US
Power Lines with Anne McCaffrey UK US
Power Play with Anne McCaffrey UK US
Series: Acorna
Acorna's People with Anne McCaffrey UK US
Acorna's World with Anne McCaffrey UK US
Acorna's Rebels with Anne McCaffrey UK US
Acorna's Triumph with Anne McCaffrey - 1st March 2004 US
Series: The Godmother
The Godmother UK US
The Godmother's Apprentice UK US
The Godmother's Web UK US
Series: Argonia
Song of Sorcery US
The Unicorn Creed US
Bronwyn's Bane US
The Christening Quest US
Series: Songkiller
Phantom Banjo US
Picking the Ballad's Bones US
Strum Again? UK US
Nothing Sacred US
Last Refuge US
The Harem of Aman Akbar US
The Drastic Dragon of Draco, Texa US
The Goldcamp Vampire US
The Healer's War US
The Lady in the Loch UK US
Space Opera with Anne McCaffrey - short stories UK US
Carol for Another Christmas US

Frank Schaefer official site
The Scapeweed Goat US
Whose Song Is Sung UK US

Susan Fromberg Schaeffer official site
The Dragons of North Chittendon US

Rafik Schami
Damascus Nights UK US

Steven E. Schend official site
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Wizards
Blackstaff 11th July 2006 UK US

Dennis Schmidt
Series: The Questioner
Labyrinth US
City of Crystal Shadow US
Dark Paradise US
Series: Twilight of the Gods
The First Name US
Groa's Other Eye UK US
Three Trumps Sounding UK US

Gary D. Schmidt
Straw into Gold UK US

James Schmitz unofficial site
The Witches of Karres UK US

Katherine Scholes
The Landing: A Night of Birds UK US

Patricia Schonstein
A Time of Angels UK US

Ellen Schreiber
Teenage Mermaid UK US

Antonia Holding Schwed
Noah and Me US

Joan Schweighardt unofficial site
Gudrun's Tapestry UK US

Darrell Schweitzer unofficial site
The White Isle UK US
The Mask of the Sorcerer UK
The Shattered Goddess UK US

Doris Schwerin
The Rainbow Walkers US

Moacyr Scliar
The Centaur in the Garden US

Allan J. Scott
The Hammer and the Cross with Michael Scott Rohan US
The Ice King US: Burial Rites - with Michael Scott Rohan - as Michael Scot UK US
A Spell of Empire: The Horns of Tatarus with Michael Scott Rohan US
The Dragon in the Stone

Hugh Scott
The Camera Obscura UK
The Secret of the Pit UK US

Manda Scott official site
Series: Boudica
Dreaming the Eagle UK US
Dreaming the Bull UK US
Dreaming the Hound UK US
Dreaming the Serpent Spear UK US

Melissa Scott official site
Point of Hopes with Lisa A. Barnett UK US
Point of Dreams with Lisa A. Barnett UK US
A Choice of Destinies US
The Armor of Light with Lisa A. Barnett US

Michael Scott
Series: De Dannan Tales
Windlord UK US
Earthlord UK US
Series: The Arcana
Silverhand with Morgan Llywelyn UK US
Silverlight with Morgan Llywelyn UK US
Series: Beloved of the Gods
Etruscans with Morgan Llywelyn UK US
Series: Tales of the Bard
Magician's Law UK US
Demon's Law UK US
Death's Law UK US
The Children of Lir UK
The Last of the Fianna UK US
Navigator with Gloria Gaghan
Irish Folk & Fairy Tales Omnibus UK US
The Alchemyst soon...

Jean L. Scrocco
Antique Fairy Tales short stories US

Mark Sebanc
Series: Talamadh
Flight to Hollow Mountain US

Alice Sebold
The Lovely Bones UK US

Andy Secombe official site
Limbo UK US
The Final Chapter UK

Keith Seddon & Jocelyn Almond
The Faceless Tarot UK

Marcus Sedgwick
The Book of Dead Days UK US
The Dark Flight Down UK US
The Dark Horse UK US

Mark Sehestedt
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Wizards
Frostfell 12th December 2006 UK US

Will Self
Cock and Bull UK US
My Idea of Fun UK US
Great Apes UK US
How the Dead Live UK US
Dorian UK US

Pamela F. Service
Winter of Magic's Return US
Tomorrow's Magic US
All's Faire US
Being of Two Minds UK US
The Reluctant God US
Storm at the Edge of Time US
Vision Quest US
Weirdos of the Universe, Unite! UK US
Wizard of Wind and Rock US

Carol Severance
Series: Island Warrior
Demon Drums US
Storm Caller US
Sorcerous Sea US

Tim Severin official site
Series: Viking
Odinn's Child UK US
Sworn Brother UK US
King's Man UK US

Ellen Dodge Severson
Series: DragonLance: Villains
Hederick the Theocrat US

Miranda Seymour unofficial site
The Reluctant Devil

Phyllis Shalant official site
When Pirates Came to Brooklyn UK US

Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi
The Last Song of Dusk UK US

Charles P. Shanks official site
Series: The Saga of Wilhelm Horst von Dirksen
A Mythical Man UK US

Eric Shanower official site
Series: Oz
The Giant Garden of Oz US

John Rufus Sharpe III
Hogar Lord of the Asyr US

Keith A. Shaw
The Curse of the Dragonslayer UK US

Michael Shea official site
Series: Nifft
Nifft the Lean UK US
The Mines of Behemoth UK US
A'rak UK US
In Yana, the Touch of Undying US

Robert J. Shea
Series: Illuminatus
The Eye in the Pyramid with Robert Anton Wilson UK US
The Golden Apple with Robert Anton Wilson UK US
Leviathan with Robert Anton Wilson UK US
Series: The Saracen
Land of the Infidel US
The Holy War US
Series: Shiké
Time of the Dragon US
Last of the Zinja US

Sandra Shea
The Realm of Secondhand Souls UK US

Alex Shearer
The Stolen UK
Great Blue Yonder UK US
The Speed of the Dark UK US

Robert Sheckley official site
Series: Azzie Elbub
Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming with Roger Zelazny UK US
If at Faust You Don't Succeed with Roger Zelazny US
A Farce to Be Reckoned With with Roger Zelazny UK US
Godshome UK US
Minotaur Maze
Xolotl short story US

Mary Shelley unofficial site
*Frankenstein (*Frankenstein)   UK US

Rick Shelley
Series: Varayan Memoir
Son of the Hero US
The Hero of Varay US
The Hero King US
Series: Seven Towers
The Wizard at Mecq US
The Wizard at Home US

F. W. Shelton

Margaret Shennan
The Devil's Diagonal

Lucius Shepard
Series: Griaule
The Man Who Painted the Dragon Griaule
The Scalehunter's Beautiful Daughter UK US
The Father of Stones US
Liar's House UK US
Kalimantan UK US
A Handbook of Americam Prayer UK US
Trujillo UK US

Mark Shepherd official site
Series: Serrated Edge
Wheels of Fire with Mercedes Lackey UK US
Elvendude UK US
Spiritride UK US
Lazerwarz UK US
Series: Bard's Tale
Escape from Roksamur UK US
Prison of Souls with Mercedes Lackey US
The Otherworld with Mercedes Lackey and Holly Lisle UK US

Delia Sherman official site
The Fall of the Kings with Ellen Kushner UK US
The Porcelaine Dove US
Through a Brazen Mirror UK US
Changeling UK US

Josepha Sherman official site
Series: Bard's Tale
Castle of Deception with Mercedes Lackey UK US
The Chaos Gate UK US
Series: Bardic Choices
A Cast of Corbies with Mercedes Lackey UK US
Series: Prince of the Sidhe
The Shattered Oath UK US
Forging the Runes UK US
Series: Secret of the Unicorn Queen
Swept Away US
The Dark Gods US
The Shining Falcon US
Horse of Flame US
Series: Serrated Edge
Stoned Souls with Mercedes Lackey - soon...
Series: Mage Knight
The Black Thorn Gambit March 2004 UK US
Child of Fearie, Child of Earth US
A Strange and Ancient Name UK US
Windleaf US
Gleaming Bright US
King's Son, Magic's Son UK US
Lammas Night with Mercedes Lackey - short stories UK US
Son of Darkness UK US

Carl Sherrell
Skraelings US

Steven Sherrill
The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break UK US

Frances Sherwood
The Book of Splendor UK US

Will Shetterly unofficial site
Cats Have no Lord US
The Tangled Lands US
Series: Voyage of the Basset
Thor's Hammer UK US
Series: Borderland
Elsewhere US
Nevernever UK US
Witch Blood US

Andrea Shettle
Flute Song Magic US

Chang Shi-Kuo
Chess King US

Tony Shillitoe official site
Series: Andrakis
Dragon Lords UK
Series: The Ashuak Chronicles
Blood UK US
Series: Dreaming in Amber
The Amber Legacy February 2006
A Solitary Journey Late 2006
City of Nightmares 2007
The Demon Horsemen 2007
The Last Wizard
Tales of the Dragon short stories

Sharon Shinn unofficial site
Series: Samaria
Archangel US
Jovah's Angel US
The Alleluia Files UK US
Angel-Seeker UK US
Series: Samaria Prequel
Angelica UK US
Series: Samaria related
? short story - soon...
The Safe-Keeper's Secret UK US
The Truth-Teller's Tale UK US
The Dream-Maker's Magic UK US
The Shape-Changer's Wife UK US
Wrapt in Crystal UK US
Summers at Castle Auburn UK US
Mystic and Rider UK US

Paul Shipton
The Pig Scrolls UK US

Gena Showalter official site
Series: Atlantis
Heart of the Dragon UK US
Jewel of Atlantis UK US
The Nymph King UK US

Linda Lay Shuler unofficial site
Series: Time Circle
She Who Remembers US
Voice of the Eagle US
Let the Drum Speak UK US

Neal Shusterman official site
Series: The Star Shards Chronicles
The Scorpion Shards UK US
Thief of Souls UK US
Series: Unfairy Tales
? soon...
? soon...
? soon...
The Eyes of Kid Midas UK US
Downsiders UK US

Susan Shwartz official site
Series: Shards of Empire
Shards of Empire UK US
Cross and Crescent UK US
Series: Heirs to Byzantium
Byzantium's Crown US
The Woman of Flowers US
Queensblade US
The Grail of Hearts US
Heritage of Light US
Imperial Lady: A Fantasy of Han China with Andre Norton US
Empire of the Eagle with Andre Norton UK US
Silk Roads and Shadows US

Kathleen M. Sidney
Michael and the Magic Man US

Barbara & Scott Siegel
Series: DragonLance: Preludes
Tanis, the Shadow Years UK US
Series: Ghostworld
Beyond Terror US
Midnight Chill US
Dark Fire US
Cold Dread US
Fatal Fear UK US
Final Frenzy US

Jan Siegel official site
Series: The Way of the Witch
Prospero's Children UK US
The Dragon-Charmer UK US
Witch's Honour US: The Witch Queen UK US
Series: The Sangreal Trilogy
The Greenstone Grail as Amanda Hemingway UK US
Traitor's Sword as Amanda Hemingway - US: The Sword of Straw UK US
The Poisoned Crown as Amanda Hemingway UK US

Robert Siegel
Series: Whalesong
Whalesong US
White Whale UK US
The Ice at the End of the World UK US

Tamara Siler Jones
Ghosts in the Snow November 2004
Threads of Malice November 2005
? 2006

James R. Silke
Series: Frank Frazzeta's Death Dealer
Prisoner of the Horned Helmet with Frank Frazetta US
Lords of Destruction with Frank Frazetta UK US
Tooth and Claw with Frank Frazetta US
Plague of Knives with Frank Frazetta US

Robert Silverberg official site
Series: Majipoor
*Lord Valentine's Castle UK US
*Majipoor Chronicles short stories UK US
*Valentine Pontifex UK US
*The Mountains of Majipoor UK US
*Sorcerers of Majipoor UK US
*Lord Prestimion UK US
*The King of Dreams UK US
*The Seventh Shrine short story UK US
*The Book of Changes short story UK US
Series: Gilgamesh
Gilgamesh the King US
To the Land of the Living US
Gilgamesh in the Outback short story
The Fascination of the Abomination short story
Gilgamesh in Uruk short story
Series: New Springtime
At Winter's End US
The Queen of Springtime US
Series: Gate of Worlds
Lion Time in Timbuctoo short stories UK

Herma Silverstein
Mad, Mad Monday US

Carol Ann Sima
Jane's Bad Hare Day UK US
The Mermaid That Came Between Them UK US

Clifford D. Simak unofficial site
The Fellowship of the Talisman US
Where The Evil Dwells (Le Pays du Mal)   US

Morris Simon
Series: Mystara
The Black Vessel US

Elizabeth Leonie Simpson
I, Lilith US

Margaret Simpson
Strange Orbit UK US
Top Ten Arthurian Legends UK

Wendy A. Simpson official site
Echoes of a Distant Storm UK US

Andrew Sinclair
Series: Albion
Gog US
King Ludd US

Clive Sinclair
Augustus Rex US

Diana Sinclair official site
Series: The Chronicles of Greywolf and the Goddess
Dark Lord with David M. Rountree - as Greywolf the Wanderer and the Goddess Diana US

Iain Sinclair unofficial site
Landor's Tower UK US

Lynn Sinclair official site
Key to Aten UK US

Marilyn Singer official site
Horsemaster US
Storm Rising US
Charmed UK US
California Demon UK US
The Circus Lunicus UK US

Nicky Singer unofficial site
The Innocent's Story UK US

Sonia Singh
Goddess for Hire UK US

Linda Joy Singleton official site
Series: Strange Encounters
Shamrocked UK US
Sea Witch UK US

Sarah Singleton unofficial site
The Crow Maiden UK US

Mike Sirota
Series: Ro-Lan
Master of Boranga
The Shrouded Walls of Boranga US
Journey to Mesharra US
The Demons of Zammar US
Series: Dannus
The Prisoner of Reglathium
The Conquerors of Reglathium US
The Caves of Reglathium
The Dark Straits of Reglathium US
The Slaves of Reglathium
The Twentieth Son of Ornon US
The Golden Hawk of Zandraya US

Suzan Sizemore official site
Series: Children of the Rock
Moon's Dreaming with Marguerite Krause UK US
Moon's Dancing with Marguerite Krause UK US
Wings of the Storm US
In My Dreams US
After the Storm UK US
The Autumn Lord US

Matthew Skelton
Endymion Spring UK US

Kathleen Sky
Witchdame US

Obert Skye
Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo UK US

Arthur Slade official site
Dust UK US

Michael Slade
The Horses of Central Park US

William Sleator unofficial site
Among the Dolls US
Into the Dream UK US

Sue Ellen Sloca
Candles on the Pond short story US

Lisa Smedman official site
Series: Forgotten Realms: Sembia
Heirs of Prophecy UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: War of the Spider Queen
Extinction UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: House of Serpents
Venom's Taste UK US
Viper's Kiss UK US
Vanity's Brood UK US

Dave Smeds official site
Series: War of the Dragons
The Sorcery Within US
The Schemes of Dragons US

William Smethurst
Woken's Eye UK

A. C. H. Smith
Labyrinth novelisation - online version US
The Dark Crystal novelisation US

Arthur D. Howden Smith
Grey Maiden

Cheryl A. Smith official site
The Falcon and the Serpent US

Clark Ashton Smith unofficial site
The Emperor of Dreams short stories UK
The Last Oblivion poems US
The Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith soon...

David C. Smith
Series: Oron
The Sorcerer's Shadow US
Mosutha's Magic US
The Valley of Ogrum US
The Ghost Army US
Series: Red Sonja
The Ring of Ikribu with Richard L. Tierney US
Demon Night with Richard L. Tierney US
When Hell Laughs with Richard L. Tierney US
Endithor's Daughter with Richard L. Tierney US
Against the Prince of Hell with Richard L. Tierney US
Star of Doom with Richard L. Tierney US
Series: Fall of the First World
The Passing of the Gods US
For the Witch of the Mists with Richard L. Tierney US

Dean Wesley Smith official site
Series: The City Knights
All Eve's Hallows UK US

George Henry Smith
Witch Queen of Lochlann

Gregory Blake Smith
The Devil in the Dooryard US

Julie Dean Smith
Series: Cathian Crusade
Call of Madness US
Mission of Magic US
Sage of Sare US
The Wizard King US

L. J. Smith unofficial site
Series: Guardians of the North
The Night of the Solstice UK US
Heart of Valor UK US

Mark & Julia Smith unofficial site
Series: Servants of Ark
The First Named as Jonathan Wylie US
The Centre of the Circle as Jonathan Wylie US
The Mage-Born Child as Jonathan Wylie US
Series: Unbalanced Earth
Dreams of Stone as Jonathan Wylie US
The Lightless Kingdom as Jonathan Wylie US
The Age of Chaos as Jonathan Wylie US
Series: Islands and Empire
Dark Fire as Jonathan Wylie
Echoes of Flame as Jonathan Wylie
The Last Augury as Jonathan Wylie US
Ice Mage as Julia Gray UK
Fire Music as Julia Gray UK
Isle of the Dead as Julia Gray UK
Series: The Guardian Cycle
The Dark Moon as Julia Gray   UK US
The Jasper Forest as Julia Gray   UK US
The Crystal Desert as Julia Gray   UK US
The Red Glacier as Julia Gray   UK US
Alyssa's Ring as Julia Gray   UK US
Dream-Weaver as Jonathan Wylie
Shadow Maze as Jonathan Wylie US
Other Lands as Jonathan Wylie
Magister as Jonathan Wylie UK

Sherwood Smith official site
Series: Crown and Court
Crown Duel UK US
Court Duel UK US
Series: Wren
Wren to the Rescue US
Wren's Quest US
Wren's War UK US
Series: Time Traders
Echoes in Time with Andre Norton UK US
Series: Voyage of the Basset
Journey to Otherwhere UK US
Series: Oz
The Emerald Wand of Oz UK US

Stephanie A. Smith official site
Snow-Eyes US
The Boy Who Was Thrown Away US

Susan Smith
Series: Samantha Slade
Monster-Sitter US
Confessions of a Teenage Frog UK US
Our Friend, Public Nuisance No. 1 US
The Terrors of Rock and Roll UK US
Changing Places US

Thorne Smith unofficial site
Series: Topper
Topper UK US
Topper Takes a Trip UK US
The Night Life of the Gods UK US

Timothy D'Arch Smith unofficial site
Alembic UK US

Wilbur Smith official site
River God UK US
The Seventh Scroll UK US
Warlock UK US

Tobias Smollett unofficial site
The History and Adventures of an Atom UK US

Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve unofficial site
The Trickster and the Troll UK US

Lemony Snicket official site
Series: A Series of Unfortunate Events
The Bad Beginning UK US
The Reptile Room UK US
The Wide Window UK US
The Miserable Mill UK US
The Austere Academy UK US
The Ersatz Elevator UK US
The Vile Village UK US
The Hostile Hospital UK US
The Carnivorous Carnival UK US
The Slippery Slope UK US
The Grim Grotto UK US
The Penultimate Peril UK US
The End 13th October 2006 UK US
Series: A Series of Unfortunate Events related
Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Biography UK US

Thomas E. Sniegoski official site
The Fallen UK US
Leviathan UK US
Aerie UK US
Reckoning UK US
Series: OutCast
The Un-Magician with Christopher Golden UK US
Dragon Secret with Christopher Golden - soon...
? with Christopher Golden - soon...
? with Christopher Golden - soon...

Melinda M. Snodgrass unofficial site
Runespear with Victor Milán US
Queen's Gambit Declined US

Richard Snodgrass
There's Something in the Back Yard US

Alan Snow official site
Series: The Ratbridge Chronicles
Here Be Monsters! UK US

Greg Snow
Surface Tension US: That's All Folks US

Jack Snow unofficial site
Series: Oz
The Magical Mimics in Oz US
The Shaggy Man of Oz US
Series: Oz related
Who's Who in Oz US

Colleen K. Snyder
Series: Journey to Amanah
The Beginning US

Emily C. A. Snyder official site
Niamh and the Hermit UK US

Maria V. Snyder official site
Poison Study UK US
Magic Study UK US
Fire Study UK US
? soon...
? soon...

Midori Snyder unofficial site
Series: The Queen's Quarter
New Moon UK US
Sadar's Keep UK US
Beldan's Fire UK US
Soulstring US
The Flight of Michael McBride US
The Innamorati UK US
Hannah's Garden UK US

Zilpha Keatley Snyder unofficial site
Series: Green-Sky
Below the Root US
And All Between US
Until the Celebration US
Black and Blue Magic UK US
The Changeling UK US
The Egypt Game US
A Fabulous Creature US
Song of the Gargoyle UK US
The Truth About Stone Hollow US
The Witches of Worm UK US
Squeak Saves the Day and Other Tooley Tales short stories US
The Magic Nation Thing UK US

Donald J. Sobol
The Amazing Power of Ashur Fine US

Ree Soesbee
Series: Legend of the Five Rings: The Clan War
Third Scroll: The Crane UK US
Sixth Scroll: The Dragon UK US
Series: Legend of the Five Rings: The Four Winds Saga
Wind of Honor UK US
Series: Dungeons & Dragons: Knights of the Silver Dragon:
Riddle in Stone UK US
Series: DragonLance, the New Adventures
Dragon Sword UK US
Series: DragonLance, the New Adventures: Elidor Trilogy
Crown of Thieves UK US

Angela Sommer-Bodenburg official site
Series: The Little Vampire
My Friend, the Vampire US
The Vampire Moves In US
The Vampire Takes a Trip US
The Vampire on the Farm US
The Vampire in Love US

S. P. Somtow official site
Series: Riverrun
Riverrun UK US
Armorica US: Forest of the Night UK US
Yestern US
Dragon's Fin Soup short stories US
The Wizard's Apprentice UK US
The Shattered Horse US
The Fallen Country as Somtow Sucharitkul UK US

Cynthia Soroka unofficial site
Series: The Dark Chronicles
The Beginning UK US
Red Blood US
Triumph US
Series: The Dark Chronicles: The Light Years
Heaven Hell or Freedom US
The Will for Change
The Unknown US

David J. Sosnowski
Rapture UK US

Gary Soto official site
The Afterlife UK US

Lucien Soulban official site
Series: DragonLance: Champions
The Alien Sea UK US

Ruth A. Souther
Series: Mythic Fantasy
Immortal Journey, the Death of Innocence UK US

Andrea Spalding official site
Series: Summer of Magic Quartet
The White Horse Talisman UK US

Muriel Spark official site
The Bachelors UK US

Alison Spedding
Series: A Walk in the Dark
The Road and the Hills UK
A Cloud Over Water UK
The Streets of the City UK US

Sally Spedding official site
Cloven UK US

Wen Spencer official site
Tinker UK US

William Browning Spencer unofficial site
Zod Wallop US

Penina Spinka official site
Picture Maker UK US

Stephanie Spinner
Quiver UK US
Quicksilver UK US

Norman Spinrad official site
The Druid King UK US

Gilbert M. Sprague
Series: Oz
The Nome King's Shadow in Oz US

Nancy Springer
Series: Sea King
Madbond UK US
Mindbond US
Godbond UK US
Series: Book of the Isle
The White Hart US
The Silver Sun US
The Sable Moon US
The Black Beast US
The Golden Swan US
Series: Tales from Camelot
I Am Mordred UK US
I Am Morgan Le Fay UK US
Rowan Hood, Outlaw Girl of Sherwood Forest UK US
Lionclaw UK US
Outlaw Princess of Sherwood UK US
Wild Boy UK US
Rowan Hood Returns UK US
Wings of Flame US
Chains of Gold US
Apocalypse US
Red Wizard UK US
The Hex Witch of Seldom US
Larque on the Wing US
Metal Angel UK US
Fair Peril US
Plumage UK US

Lloyd St. Alcorn
Series: Dreamquest
Halberd, Dream Warrior US
On the Shoulders of Giants US
The Serpent Mound US

Elizabeth A. St. George
A Sword for Alosando

Brian Stableford official site
The Last Days of the Edge of the World US
The Eleventh Hour UK US
Year Zero UK US

Larraine Stacey official site
Series: The Poppan Trilogy
The Chaos Scroll UK US

Michael A. Stackpole official site
Series: Realms of Chaos
A Hero Born UK US
An Enemy Reborn with William F. Wu UK US
Series: DragonCrown War Cycle
Fortress Draconis UK US
When Dragons Rage UK US
The Grand Crusade UK US
Series: The Age of Discovery
A Secret Atlas UK US
Cartomancy UK US
The New World UK US
Once a Hero UK US
Talion Revenant UK US
Eyes of Silver UK US
The Dark Glory War UK US

Robert Stanek
Series: Ruin Mist
Keeper Martin's Tale UK US
Elf Queen's Quest UK US
Kingdom Alliance UK US
Fields of Honor soon...
Mark of the Dragon soon...
Series: Ruin Mist related
Ruin Mist Heroes, Legends and Beyond UK US
Series: The Kingdoms & the Elves of the Reaches
Book #1 UK US
Book #2 UK US
Book #3 US
Book #4 UK US
Series: In the Service of Dragons
Book #1 soon...
Book #2 soon...
Series: The Elf Queen & the King
Book #1 UK US
Book #2 UK US
Book #3 soon...
Series: Return from Exile
The Journey Begins e-book UK US
Paths Cross e-book UK US
Kingdom in the Balance e-book UK US
Sacrifice & Remembrance e-book UK US
Series: Magic Lands
Journey Beyond the Beyond UK US
Magic Lands and Other Stories short stories UK US

Diane Stanley official site
Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter UK US

Mary Stanton
The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West US
Piper at the Gates of Dawn US: Piper at the Gate US
Series: Magical Mystery
My Aunt, the Monster UK US
White Magic UK US
Next Door Witch UK US

Suzanne Fisher Staples
Shiva's Fire UK US

Kathlyn S. Starbuck
The House at the Top of the Hill
India's Story US

Christopher Stasheff unofficial site
Series: The Star Stone
The Shaman UK US
The Sage UK US
Series: Warlock
The Warlock in Spite of Himself UK US
The Warlock Unlocked UK US
Escape Velocity US
King Kobold Revived US
The Warlock Enraged US
The Warlock Wandering US
The Warlock Is Missing US
The Warlock Heretical UK US
The Warlock's Companion US
The Warlock Insane UK US
The Warlock Rock UK US
Warlock and Son US
The Warlock's Last Ride UK US
Series: Warlock's Heirs
A Wizard in Absentia UK US
M'Lady Witch US
Quicksilver's Knight US
The Spell Bound Scholar UK US
Here Be Monsters UK US
Series: Warlock related
Saint Vidicon to the Rescue UK US
Series: Rogue Wizard
A Wizard in Mind UK US
A Wizard in Bedlam UK US
A Wizard in War UK US
A Wizard in Peace UK US
A Wizard in Chaos UK US
A Wizard in Midgard UK US
A Wizard and a Warlord UK US
A Wizard in the Way UK US
Series: A Wizard in Rhyme
Her Majesty's Wizard UK US
The Oathbound Wizard UK US
The Witch Doctor UK US
The Secular Wizard UK US
My Son the Wizard UK US
The Haunted Wizard UK US
The Crusading Wizard UK US
The Feline Wizard UK US
Series: Enchanter
The Enchanter Reborn with Lyon Sprague DeCamp UK US
The Exotic Enchanter with Lyon Sprague DeCamp UK US
Series: Mage Knight
Stolen Prophecy UK US
The Day the Magic Stopped US
Dragon's Eye short stories US
Gods of War US

Daniel Stashover
The Adventures of the Ectoplasmic Man

Michael C. Staudinger
The Falcon Rises US

S. L. Stebel unofficial site
Spring Thaw US

Ellen Steiber
A Rumor of Gems UK US

Kevin T. Stein
Series: DragonLance: Preludes
Brothers Majere UK US
Series: Elfwood
Twisted Dragon US

Meredith Steinbach unofficial site
The Birth of the World as We Know it, or Teiresias UK US

John Steinbeck official site
The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights UK US

Adam Stemple official site
Series: Rock'n'Roll Fairy Tales
Pay the Piper with Jane Yolen UK US
Troll Bridge with Jane Yolen UK US
Singer of Souls UK US
Duster soon...

David Stephen
String Lug the Fox US
Bodach the Badger US

Brynne Stephens
The Dream Palace US

James Stephens unofficial site
The Crock of Gold UK US

Betsy Sterman
Backyard Dragon UK US

Brooke Stevens
The Circus of the Earth and the Air UK US

Francis Stevens
The Citadel of Fear US
Claimed UK US
Sunfire short story

Laura C. Stevenson
The Island and the Ring US
All the King's Horses UK
The Castle in the Window UK

Caroline Stevermer unofficial site
A College of Magics UK US
A Scholar of Magics UK US
Sorcery and Cecilia with Patricia C. Wrede US
The Grand Tour with Patricia C. Wrede UK US
When the King Comes Home UK US
The Serpent's Egg US

Mary Stewart
Series: The Arthurian Saga
Merlin of the Crystal Cave US: The Crystal Cave UK US
The Hollow Hills UK US
The Last Enchantment UK US
The Wicked Day UK US
The Prince and the Pilgrim UK US
Thornyhold UK US
A Walk in Wolf Wood UK US

Paul Stewart
Series: The Edge Chronicles
Beyond the Deepwoods with Chris Riddell UK US
Stormchaser with Chris Riddell UK US
Midnight over Sanctaphrax with Chris Riddell UK US
The Curse of the Gloamglozer with Chris Riddell UK US
The Last of the Sky Pirates with Chris Riddell UK US
Vox with Chris Riddell UK US
Freeglader with Chris Riddell UK US
The Winter Knights with Chris Riddell UK US
Clash of the Sky Galleons with Chris Riddell UK US
The Wrath of the Gloamglozer with Chris Riddell - soon...
Series: The Edge Chronicles related
Cloud Wolf with Chris Riddell - short story UK
The Stone Pilot with Chris Riddell - short story UK US
The Lost Barkscrolls with Chris Riddell - short stories - 6th September 2007 UK US
Map: The Edge Chronicles Maps with Chris Riddell UK US
The Weather Witch UK US
Muddle Earth with Chris Riddell UK US

Sean Stewart unofficial site
Nobody's Son   UK US
Ressurection Man UK US
Cloud's End UK US
Mockingbird UK US
The Night Watch UK US
Galveston UK US
Perfect Circle UK US

Sharon Stewart
Raven Quest UK US

S. M. Stirling
Series: Fifth Millenium
Snowbrother UK US
The Cage with Shirley Meier UK US
Shadow's Son with Shirley Meier and Karen Wehrstein US
Saber & Shadow with Shirley Meier UK US
Series: Partnerships
The City Who Fought with Anne McCaffrey UK US
The Ship Avenged UK US
Series: Legends of the Riftwar
Jimmy the Hand with Raymond E. Feist UK
Series: Lords of Creation
? soon...
? soon...
The Rose Sea with Holly Lisle UK US
The Sharpest Edge with Shirley Meier US

Frank R. Stockton
The Fairy Tales of Frank Stockton short stories US
The Lady or The Tiger? and Other Stories US
The Bee-Man of Orn with P. J. Lynch UK US

James Stoddard
The High House UK US
The False House UK US

Bram Stoker unofficial site
*Dracula (*Dracula)   UK US

Andy Stone unofficial site
Song of the Kingdom US

David Lee Stone official site
Series: The Illmoor Chronicles
The Ratastrophe Catastrophe UK US
The Yowler Foul-up UK US
The Shadewell Shenanigans UK US
The Dwellings Debacle UK US
The Vanquish Vendetta UK

Robert Stone
Series: The Chronicles of Unbinding
Hazard's Price UK US
Dark Waters UK US

Sue Storm
Under the Lizard Tree short stories

Catherine Storr unofficial site
The Mirror Image Ghost UK
Marianne Dreams UK US
The If Game UK

Amy Stout
Series: One Land Saga
The Sacred Seven UK US
The Royal Four UK US
The Imperial Three UK US

Marjorie Filley Stover
When the Dolls Woke US

Matthew Woodring Stover official site
Series: Heart of Bronze
Iron Dawn UK US
Jericho Moon UK US
Heroes Die UK US
Blade of Tyshalle UK US

Randolph Stow unofficial site
The Girl Green as Elderflower US

Barbara Strachey
Series: Middle-Earth
The Journeys of Frodo UK US

Dirk Strasser
Series: Books of Ascension

Todd Strasser official site
Here Comes Heavenly UK US
Dance Magic UK US
Pastabilities UK US
Spell Danger UK US

Peter Straub official site
Black House with Stephen King UK US
Shadowland UK US
Floating Dragon UK US
Mystery UK US
In the Night Room UK US

Ed Strauss
Series: Gryphon World
? soon...
? soon...
? soon...
? soon...

Gwen Strauss
Trail of Stones poems US

Victoria Strauss official site
The Arm of the Stone UK US
The Garden of the Stone UK US
The Burning Land UK US
? soon...
The Lady of Rhuddesmere US
Worldstone US
Guardian of the Hills US

Craig Kee Strete unofficial site
Death Chants short stories US
Death in the Spirit House US

Brad Strickland
Series: Thaumia
Moon Dreams US
Dragon's Plunder UK US
Nul's Quest US
Wizard's Mole US
Series: Johnny Dixon
The Drum, the Doll, and the Zombie with John Bellairs US
The Bell, the Book, and the Spellbinder UK US
The Wrath of the Grinning Ghost UK US
Series: Lewis Barnavelt
The Vengeance of the Witch-Finder with John Bellairs UK US
The Doom of the Haunted Opera with John Bellairs UK US
The Hand of the Necromancer UK US
The Specter from the Magician's Museum UK US
The Beast Under the Wizard's Bridge UK US
The Tower at the End of the World UK US
The Whistle, the Grave, and the Ghost UK US
Series: Grimoire
? soon...
? soon...
? soon...

Keith Francis Strohm
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Fighters
Bladesinger UK US

Charles Stross official site
Series: Merchant Princes
The Family Trade UK US
The Hidden Family UK US
The Clan Corporate UK US

Jonathan Stroud
Series: The Bartimeus Trilogy
The Amulet of Samarkand UK US
The Golem's Eye UK US
Ptolemy's Gate UK US
Buried Fire UK US
The Leap UK US

Theodore Sturgeon official site
Godbody US
The Golden Helix short stories US

Snorri Sturluson unofficial site
The Prose Edda UK US

Faith Sullivan unofficial site
Mrs. Demming and the Mythical Beast US

Jenny Sullivan official site
The Magic Apostrophe UK

Kathryn Sullivan official site
The Crystal Throne US

Paul Sullivan
Legend of the North US

Stephen D. Sullivan
Series: Legend of the Five Rings: The Clan War
First Scroll: The Scorpion UK US
Fourth Scroll: The Phoenix UK US
Seventh Scroll: The Lion UK US
Series: Dragonlance: Crossroads
The Dragon Isles UK US
Series: DragonLance, the New Adventures
The Dying Kingdom UK US

Mark Sumner official site
Devil's Tower UK US
Devil's Engine UK US
Series: Magic, The Gathering
The Prodigal Sorcerer UK US
Series: King's Quest
Kingdom of Sorrow with Marella Sands - as Kenyon Morr UK US
See No Weevil with Marella Sands - as Kenyon Morr US

Lucy Sussex official site
The Scarlet Rider UK US

Gerald Suster
The Devil's Maze US

Rosemary Sutcliff unofficial site
Series: Legends of King Arthur
The Sword and the Circle UK US
The Light Beyond the Forest US
The Road to Camlann US
Series: History of Britain
The Eagle of the Ninth UK US
The Silver Branch UK US
The Shield Ring US
Sword Song UK US
Song For a Dark Queen UK US
Sword at Sunset UK US
The Mark of the Horse Lord US
The Shining Company UK US
Tristan and Iseult UK US
The Hound of Ulster UK US
Black Ships Before Troy UK US
The Wanderings of Odysseus UK US

Luke Sutherland
Sweetmeat UK
Venus as a Boy UK US

Tui T. Sutherland unofficial site
Series: Avatars
So This Is How It Ends UK US

Han Suyin unofficial site
The Enchantress US

Hanne Marie Svendsen
The Gold Ball US

Steph Swainston
The Year of Our War UK US
No Present Like Time UK US
Dangerous Offspring UK US

S. Andrew Swann official site
The Dragons of the Cuyahoga UK US
The Dwarves of Whiskey Island UK US
God's Dice UK US
Teek as Steven Krane UK US
Broken Crescent UK US

Thomas Burnett Swann unofficial site
Series: Minotaur
Cry Silver Bells US
Day of the Minotaur US
The Forest of Forever US
Series: Mellonia
Green Phoenix
Lady of the Bees
The Weirwoods
The Dolphin and the Deep
Where Is the Bird of Fire?
The Goat Without Horns
Wolfwinter US
How Are the Mighty Fallen
The Not-World
The Gods Abide
The Minikins of Yam
Tournament of Thorns
Queens Walk in the Dusk US

Michael Swanwick
A Geography of Unknown Lands short stories US
Gravity's Angels short stories US
Griffin's Egg UK US
The Iron Dragon's Daughter UK US
Jack Faust UK US
Slow Dancing Through Time short stories
The Post Modern Archipelago US
Menodes' Fly short story

Joyce Sweeney
The Spirit Window UK US

Caitlin Sweet
A Telling of Stars
? prequel to A Telling of Stars - soon...

Jonathan Swift unofficial site
Gulliver's Travels UK US

Robert Swindells
Series: Fliss
Room 13 UK US
Inside the Worm UK US
Invisible! UK US

Antony Swithin official site
Series: Perilous Quest for Lyonesse
Princes of Sandastre UK
The Lords of the Stoney Mountains
The Winds of the Wastelands
The Nine Gods of Safaddné

Ursula Synge
Swan's Wing US

Steve Szilagyi
Photographing Fairies UK US