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crooty's band page:

Jennifer Macaire official site
The Secret of Shabaz UK US

David Macaulay official site
Baaa UK US

R. A. MacAvoy
Series: Black Dragon
Tea With the Black Dragon US
Twisting the Rope UK US
The Grey Horse UK US
Series: Damiano
Damiano US
Damiano's Lute US
Raphael US
Series: Nazhuret of Sordaling
Lens of the World UK US
King of the Dead UK US
Winter of the Wolf US: The Belly of the Wolf UK US
The Book of Kells US

George MacDonald official site
Lilith UK US
Phantastes UK US
The Princess and the Goblin UK US
The Princess and Curdie UK US
At the Back of the North Wind UK US
The Gold Key and The Green Life short stories US
The Light Princess and Other Stories short stories UK US
Little Daylight short story US
The Gifts of the Child Christ UK US

James D. MacDonald official site
Series: Circle of Magic
School of Wizardry with Debra Doyle UK US
Tournament and Tower with Debra Doyle US
City by the Sea with Debra Doyle US
The Prince's Players with Debra Doyle US
The Prisoners of Bell Castle with Debra Doyle US
The High King's Daughter with Debra Doyle US
Series: Bad Blood
Bad Blood with Debra Doyle US
Hunter's Moon with Debra Doyle US
Judgement Night with Debra Doyle
Groogleman with Debra Doyle UK US
Knight's Wyrd with Debra Doyle UK US
The Apocalypse Door UK US
The Land of Mist and Snow soon...
? soon...

John D. MacDonald unofficial site
The Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything US

Elizabeth MacE
Under Siege US

Kinley MacGregor official site
Series: Lords of Avalon
Sword of Darkness UK US
Knight of Darkness 1st November 2006 UK US

D. J. MacHale
Series: Pendragon
The Merchant of Death UK US
The Lost City of Faar UK US
The Never War UK US
The Reality Bug UK US
Black Water UK US
The Rivers of Zadaa UK US
? soon...
Series: Pendragon related
The Guide to the Territories of Halla 1st May 2005 UK US

Arthur Machen unofficial site
A Fragment of Life US
The Green Round UK US

Colin MacKay
The Song of the Forest US

Mary MacKey
Series: The Earthsong Trilogy
The Year the Horses Came US
The Horses at the Gate US
The Fires of Spring US
The Last Warrior Queen US

Patricia MacLachlan unofficial site
Tomorrow's Wizard UK US

Roderick MacLeish
Prince Ombra US

Ian R. MacLeod official site
The Light Ages UK US
The House of Storms UK US
The Summer Isles soon...

Catherine MacPhail
Another Me UK

Svend Åge Madsen
Days with Diam, or Life at Night UK US

Gregory Maguire
Series: Oz
Wicked UK US
Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister UK US
Mirror Mirror UK US
Son of a Witch UK US
Series: The Hamlet Chronicles
Seven Spiders Spinning UK US
Six Haunted Hairdos UK US
Five Alien Elves UK US
Four Stupid Cupids UK US
Three Rotten Eggs UK US
A Couple of April Fools UK US
One Final Firecracker UK US
The Dream Stealer UK US
Leaping Beauty short stories UK US

Naguib Mahfouz unofficial site
Arabian Nights and Days US

Margaret Mahy unofficial site
The Blood-and-Thunder Adventure on Hurricane Peak UK US
The Boy Who Bounced and Other Magic Tales US: Mahy Magic - short stories UK
The Door in the Air and Other Stories short stories UK US
The Girl With the Green Ear, Stories About Magic in Nature short stories US
The Great Piratical Rambustification & The Librarian and the Robbers short stories UK US
Leaf Magic and Five Other Favourites short stories US
A Lion in the Meadow UK US
The Pirates' Mixed-Up Voyage UK US
Raging Robots and Unruly Uncles UK US
A Tall Story and Other Tales short stories UK US
The Tricksters UK US
The Riddle of the Frozen Phantom UK
Alchemy UK US

Michael Tanner & Ellen Maidman
Days Dark as Night UK US

Ben Maile
The Land of Tomorrow

Norman Mailer unofficial site
Ancient Evenings UK US

Carol Main
Betony and the Sorcerer US: Spellbound!

Karen Maitland official site
Company of Liars   UK US
The Owl Killers UK US
The Gallows Curse 3rd March 2011 UK

Sara Maitland
A Book of Spells short stories
Angel Maker short stories US

Violette Malan official site
The Sleeping God 2007
The Soldier King soon...
The Mirror Prince 27th June 2006 UK US

Geoffrey Malone
Cadoc UK US

Patricia Malone
The Legend of Lady Ilena UK US
Lady Ilena, Way of the Warrior UK US

Sir Thomas Malory unofficial site
Le Morte d'Arthur UK US

David Mamet unofficial site
The Owl, a Story for Children US

Albert J. Manachino
The Box Hunters

Valerio Massimo Manfredi
The Talisman of Troy UK US
The Last Legion UK US

Phillip Mann
Series: A Land Fit for Heroes
Escape to the Wild Wood UK
Stand Alone Stan
The Dragon Wakes UK US
The Burning Forest UK

Ruth Manning-Sanders
A Cauldron of Witches

Dianna Marcellas
Mother Ocean, Daughter Sea UK US
The Sea Lark's Song UK US
Twilight Rising, Serpent's Dream UK US

John Marco official site
Series: Tyrants and Kings
The Jackal of Nar UK US
The Grand Design UK US
The Saints of the Sword UK US
The Eyes of God UK US
The Devil's Armour US: The Devil's Armor UK US
The Sword of Angels UK US
Series: The Black Mirror
? soon...
? soon...
? soon...

Juliet Marillier official site
Series: The Sevenwaters
Daughter of the Forest UK US
Son of the Shadows UK US
Child of the Prophecy UK US
Series: The Sevenwaters related
Clodagh November 2008
Series: The Saga of the Light Isles
Wolfskin UK US
Foxmask UK US
Series: The Bridei Chronicles
The Dark Mirror UK US
Blade of Fortriu UK US
The Well of Shades UK US
? soon...
Wildwood Dancing UK US
Cybele's Secret October 2007 UK US
Heart's-Blood soon...

Jeff Mariotte official site
Series: Age of Conan, Hyborian Adventures: Marauders
Ghost of the Wall UK US
Winds of the Wild Sea UK US
Dawn of the Ice Bear UK US

Jan Mark unofficial site
Aquarius US
They Do Things Differently There UK
The Eclipse of the Century UK

Lynne Markham
The Closing March UK

Laurie J. Marks official site
Series: Children of the Triad
Delan the Mislaid US
The Moonbane Mage US
Ara's Field US
Series: The Elemental Logic
Fire Logic UK US
Earth Logic UK US
Water Logic soon...
Air Logic soon...
The Watcher's Mask US
Dancing Jack US

Louise Marley official site
The Glass Harmonica UK US

Stephen Marley
Series: Chia Black Dragon
Spirit Mirror
Mortal Mask UK
Shadow Sister

Joshua J. Marsh official site
Tapestry of Power US

Edison Marshall
The Pagan King UK US

Hazel Marshall
Troublesome Angels and Flying Machines UK US
Troublesome Angels and the Red Island Pirates UK US
Troublesome Angels Race to the Rescue UK

Annalita Marsigli
The Written Script UK US

Ann Marston official site
Series: The Rune Blade
Kingmaker's Sword UK US
The Western King UK US
Broken Blade UK US
Series: Sword in Exile
Cloudbearer's Shadow UK US
King of Shadows UK US
Sword and Shadow UK US

George R. R. Martin official site
Series: A Song of Ice and Fire
A Game of Thrones   UK US
A Clash of Kings   UK US
A Storm of Swords: Steel and Snow US: A Storm of Swords   UK US
A Storm of Swords: Blood and Gold US: A Strom of Swords   UK US
A Feast for Crows   UK US
A Dance with Dragons   UK US
The Winds of Winter soon...
A Dream of Spring soon...
The Hedge Knight short story UK US
The Sworn Sword short story UK US
Portraits of His Children short stories US
The Armageddon Rag US
The Ice Dragon UK US

Graham Dunstan Martin
Giftwish UK US
Catchfire US

Lori Martin
The Darkling Hills US

Rafe Martin unofficial site
The World Before This One UK US
Birdwing UK US

Thomas K. Martin official site
Series: The Delgroth
A Two-Edged Sword US
A Matter of Honor US
A Call to Arms US
Series: The Magelord
The Awakening UK US
The Time of Madness UK US
The House of Bairn UK US

Lee Martindale official site
The Folly of Assumption short stories US
To Stand as Witness short stories US
Hell Hath No Fury... short stories US

Adrienne Martine-Barnes
Series: Fionn Mac Cumhal
Master of Earth and Water with Diana L. Paxson UK US
The Shield Between the Worlds with Diana L. Paxson UK US
Sword of Fire and Shadow with Diana L. Paxson UK US
Series: Sword
The Fire Sword US
The Crystal Sword US
The Rainbow Sword US
The Sea Sword US
Series: Darkover
Shadow Matrix with Marion Zimmer Bradley UK US
Traitor's Sun with Marion Zimemr Bradley UK US
The Dragon Rises US

Michael J. Martineck
The Misspellers US

A. Lee Martinez
In the Company of Ogres 8th August 2006 UK US
A Nameless Witch soon...

Clem Martini
Series: Feather and Bone: The Crow Chronicles
The Mob UK US
The Plague 1st September 2005 UK US
? soon...

John Masefield unofficial site
Series: Kay Harker
The Midnight Folk UK US
The Box of Delights UK US

Anita Mason
The Illusionist US

David Mason
Series: Kavin
Kavin's World UK US
The Return of Kavin
The Sorcerer's Skull UK US
The Deep Gods UK US

Allan Massie
Arthur the King UK US

Sophie Masson official site
The Gifting UK
Red City
Series: The Lay Lines
The Knight by the Pool
The Lady of the Flowers
The King of Greenwood
The Stone of Oakenfast
Cold Iron
Carabas US: Serafin UK US
The Green Prince
Dame Ragnell soon...
The Tempestuous Voyage of Hopewell Shakespeare UK
In Hollow Lands UK US
Snow, Fire, Sword UK US

Anthony Masters unofficial site
Bypass, the Earth Fights Back? UK
Hidden Gods, the Doorway

Richard Matheson unofficial site
*I Am Legend (*Je Suis une Légende)   UK US
*The Incredible Shrinking Man (*L'Homme qui Rétrécit) UK US
Bid Time Return US: Somewhere in Time UK US
Abu and the 7 Marvels UK US

Barry Mathias unofficial site
The Power in the Dark US

Takashi Matsuoka
Autumn Bridge UK US

John Matthews
The Song of Taliesin short stories UK US
The Song of Arthur short stories UK US

Jem Matzan official site
The Hero UK US
The Search for the Emerald Blackbird UK US

Xavier Mauméjean unofficial site
The League of Heroes UK US

James Maxey
Nobody Gets the Girl UK US

Julian May unofficial site
Series: Trillium
Black Trillium with Marion Zimmer Bradley and Andre Norton UK US
Blood Trillium US
Sky Trillium UK US
Series: Boreal Moon
Conqueror's Moon UK US
Ironcrown Moon UK US

Kara May
Yeti Boy UK

Beth Mayall
Mermaid Park 7th July 2005 UK US

Marianna Mayer official site
The Golden Swan US
Noble-Hearted Kate US
The Sorcerer's Apprentice US
The Unicorn Alphabet US

Robert Mayer
Superfolks UK US

Ardath Mayhar
Series: The Exiles of Damaria
Riddles & Dreams UK US
How the Gods Wove in Kryannon US
The Seekers of Shar-Nuhn US
Runes of the Lyre US
Warlock's Gift US
Makra Choria US
The Saga of Grittel Sundotha US

William Mayne
All the King's Men short stories US
Antar and the Eagles UK US
Cuddy UK
Kelpie UK
Low Tide US
Over the Hills and Far Away UK US
Worm in the Well UK

Anne Mazer
The Accidental Witch US
The Oxboy UK US

Norma Fox Mazer unofficial site
Saturday, the Twelfth of October US

M. I. McAllister official site
Series: The Mistmantle Chronicles
Urchin of the Riding Stars UK US
Urchin and the Heartstone 6th March 2006 UK

Paul J. McAuley official site
In Dreams US
Pasquale's Angel US

Scott McBain
The Coins of Judas UK

Anne McCaffrey unofficial site
Series: Dragonriders of Pern
Dragonflight UK US
Dragonquest UK US
The White Dragon UK US
Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern UK US
The Smallest Dragonboy short story
Dragonsong UK US
Dragonsinger UK US
Dragondrums UK US
Nerilka's Story UK US
Dragonsdawn UK US
The Renegades of Pern UK US
All the Weyrs of Pern UK US
The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall UK US
The Dolphin's Bell US
The Girl Who Heard Dragons short stories UK US
The Dolphins of Pern UK US
The Chronicles of Pern: Red Star Rising US: Dragonseye UK US
The Masterharper of Pern UK US
The Skies of Pern UK US
A Gift of Dragons short stories UK US
Dragon's Kin with Todd J. McCaffrey UK US
The Masterharper of Pern UK US
The Ugly Dragon with Todd J. McCaffrey - soon...
? with Todd J. McCaffrey - soon...
? with Todd J. McCaffrey - soon...
Runner of Pern short story UK US
Beyond Between UK US
Series: Talent
Get off the Unicorn UK US
The Rowan UK US
Damia UK US
Damia's Children UK US
Lyon's Pride UK US
The Tower and the Hive UK US
Series: Partnerships
The Ship Who Sang UK US
Partnership with Margaret Ball UK US
The Ship Who Serached with Mercedes Lackey UK US
The City Who Fought with S. M. Stirling UK US
The Ship Who Won with Jody Lynn Nye UK US
Series: Killashandra Ree
Killashandra UK US
Crystal Singer UK US
Crystal Line UK US
Series: Doona
Decision at Doona UK US
Crisis on Doona with Jody Lynn Nye UK US
Treaty at Doona UK US
Series: Planet Pirates
Sassinak with Elizabeth Moon UK US
The Death of Sleep UK US
Generation Warriors UK US
Series: Dinosaur Planet
Dinosaur Planet UK US
Survivors UK US
Series: Petaybee
Powers That Be with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough UK US
Power Lines with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough UK US
Power Play with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough UK US
Series: Acorna
Acorna with Margaret Ball UK US
Acorna's Quest with Margaret Ball UK US
Acorna's People with Elizabeth ann Scarborough UK US
Acorna's World with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough UK US
Acorna's Rebels with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough UK US
Acorna's Triumph with Elizabeth ann Scarborough UK US
Freedom's Landing UK US
Freedom's Choice UK US
Freedom's Challenge UK US
Restoree US
Alchemy and Academe UK US
The Coelura UK US
Black Horses for the King UK US
No One Noticed the Cat US
Space Opera with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough - short stories UK US
If Wishes Were Horses UK US
An Exchange of Gifts UK US
A Diversity of Dragons with Richard Woods US

Laura Williams McCaffrey official site
Alia Waking UK US

Todd J. McCaffrey official site
Series: Dragonriders of Pern
Dragon's Kin with Anne McCaffrey UK US
The Ugly Dragon with Anne McCaffrey - soon...
Dragonsblood UK US
? with Anne McCaffrey - soon...
? with Anne McCaffrey - soon...
Dragonholder UK US

Justin Huntly McCarthy
The Dryad

Dennis McCarty
Series: Thlassa Mey
Flight to Thlassa Mey US
Warriors of Thlassa Mey US
Lords of Thlassa Mey US
Across the Thlassa Mey UK US
The Birth of the Blade UK US

Geraldine McCaughrean
The Stones are Hatching UK US
Not the End of the World UK US

Tom McCaughren
Series: Foxes
Run with the Wind UK US
Run to Earth UK US
Run Swift, Run Free UK US
Run to the Ark UK US

Bill McCay
Series: Mage Knight
Rebel Thunder UK US

Ashley McConnell
Series: The Demon Wars
The Fountains of Mirlacca US
The Itinerant Exorcist US
The Courts of Sorcery UK US

Mike McCormack unofficial site
Crowe's Requiem UK US

Patrick McCormack
Series: Albion
The Last Companion UK
The White Phantom UK

Colleen McCullough unofficial site
The Song of Troy UK

J. Fitzgerald McCurdy
The Serpent's Egg
The Burning Crown

H. L. McCutchen unofficial site
LightLand UK US
LightLand and the Room of Dreams soon...

Will McDermott
Series: Magic, the Gathering: Mirrodin Cycle
The Moons of Mirrodin UK US

Ian McDonald unofficial site
King of Morning, Queen of Day US

Kathleen McDonnell official site
The Nordlings UK US

Terry McDonnell
California Bloodstock US

Ian McDowell official site
Mordred's Curse US
Merlin's Gift US

Oisín McGann official site
Series: The Archisan Tales
The Harvest Tide Project UK
Under Fragile Stone 30th September 2005 UK
The Gods and Their Machines UK US

Terry McGarry official site
Illumination UK US
The Binder's Road UK US
Triad UK US

Dan McGirt official site
Series: Jason Cosmo
Jason Cosmo US
Royal Chaos US
Dirty Work US

Scott McGough
Series: Magic, the Gathering: The Odyssey Cycle
Chainer's Torment UK US
Series: Magic, the Gathering: Magic Legends Cycle Two
Assassin's Blade UK US
Emperor's Fist UK US
Champion's Trial UK US
Series: Magic, the Gathering: Kamigawa Cycle
Outlaw: Champions of Kamigawa UK US
Heretic: Betrayers of Kamigawa UK US
Guardian: Saviors of Kamigawa UK US

C. G. McGovern-Bowen
Evil Seed UK US

Anthony McGowan
Hellbent UK US

Tom McGowen
The Shadow of Fomor US

Eloise Jarvis McGraw
Series: Oz
Merry-Go-Round in Oz with Lauren McGraw Wagner US
The Rundelstone of Oz US
The Moorchild UK US

Vincent McHugh
I Am Thinking of My Darling US

Fiona McIntosh official site
Series: The Quickening
Myrren's Gift   UK US
Blood and Memory   UK US
Bridge of Souls   UK US
Series: Trinity
Betrayal   UK US
Revenge   UK US
Destiny   UK US
Series: Percheron
Odalisque UK US
Emissary UK US
Goddess UK US
Series: The Valisar Trilogy
Royal Exile UK US
Tyrant's Blood UK US
King's Wrath UK US
Fields of Gold

Vonda N. McIntyre official site
Lythande with Marion Zimmer Bradley US
The Moon and the Sun UK US

Lynn Armistead McKee
Touches the Stars UK US
Keeper of Dreams UK US
Walks in Stardust US
Woman of the Mists UK US

Juliet E. McKenna official site
Series: Einarinn
The Thief's Gamble UK US
The Swordsman's Oath UK US
The Gambler's Fortune UK US
The Warrior's Bond UK US
The Assassin's Edge UK US
Series: Einarinn related
The Wedding Gift illustrated short story
Turns and Chances UK
Series: The Aldabreshin Compass
Southern Fire UK US
Northern Storm UK US
Western Shore UK US
Eastern Tide UK US

Ellen Kindt McKenzie
Taash and the Jesters US
Kashka US
The Golden Band of Eddris UK US

Nancy McKenzie official site
Series: The Tale of Guinevere and King Arthur
The Child Queen UK US
The High Queen UK US
The Grail Prince UK US
Series: The Legend of Tristan and Essylte
Prince of Dreams UK US
Dreamer of Lyonesse soon...
Guinevere's Gift

Dixie Lee McKeone
Series: DragonLance
Tales of Uncle Trapspringer UK US
Series: First Quest
Son of Dawn US
Series: Birthright
Greatheart US
The Spider's Test US

Charles McKeown
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen novelisation UK US

Dennis L. McKiernan official site
Series: The Iron Tower
The Dark Tide UK US
Shadows of Doom UK US
The Darkest Day UK US
Series: Mithgar
The Eye of the Hunter UK US
Voyage of the Fox Rider UK US
The Dragonstone UK US
Dragondoom UK US
Tales of Mithgar short stories UK US
Silver Wolf, Black Falcon short stories UK US
Tales from the One-Eyed Crow: The Vulgmaster UK US
Red Slippers short stories UK US
Series: The Silver Call
Trek to Kraggen-Cor US
The Brega Path US
Series: Hel's Crucible
Into the Forge UK US
Into the Fire UK US
Series: Faery
Once upon a Winter's Night UK US
Once upon a Summer Day UK US
Once upon an Autumn Eve UK US
Once upon a Spring Morn UK US
Once upon a Dreadful Time 2nd October 2007 UK US

Patricia A. McKillip unofficial site
Series: Quest of the Riddle Master
The Riddle-Master of Hed UK US
Heir of Sea and Fire UK US
Harpist in the Wind UK US
The Sorceress and the Cygnet UK US
The Cygnet and the Firebird UK US
Series: Fearielands
Something Rich and Strange US
The Tower at Stony Wood UK US
The Throne of Erril of Sherill short stories US
The Forgotten Beasts of Eld UK US
The Night Gift with Kathy McKillip US
Song for the Basilisk UK US
Winter Rose UK US
The Book of Atrix Wolfe UK US
The Changeling Sea UK US
Ombria in Shadow UK US
In the Forests of Serre UK US
Alphabet of Thorn UK US
Od Magic UK US

Robin McKinley official site
Beauty UK US
Rose Daughter UK US
Series: Damar
The Blue Sword UK US
A Knot in the Grain short stories UK US
Series: Damar Prequel
The Hero and the Crown UK US
Series: Damar related
Water, Tales of Elemental Spirits with Peter Dickinson UK US
The Door in the Hedge short stories UK US
The Outlaws of Sherwood UK US
Deerskin UK US
The Stone Fey UK US
Spindle's End UK US
Sunshine UK US

Clemence McLaren
Inside the Walls of Troy UK US
Waiting For Odysseus UK US

Teri McLaren
Series: Magic, the Gathering
The Cursed Land US
Song of Time UK US

Kate McMullan official site
Under the Mummy's Spell US

Sean McMullen official site
Series: Moonworlds
Voyage of the Shadowmoon UK US
Glass Dragons UK US
Voidfarers soon...

Janet McNaughton official site
An Earthly Knight UK US

Cliff McNish
The Doomspell UK US
The Scent of Magic UK
The Wizard's Promise UK
The Silver Child UK US
Silver City UK US
Silver World UK US

Glenna McReynolds unofficial site
The Chalice and the Blade UK US
Dream Stone UK US
Prince of Time UK US

George R. Mead
Portal UK US

Richard Meade
The Sword of Morning Star

Dee Morrison Meaney
Iseult US
An Unkindness of Ravens US
Death of the Raven US

Shirley Meier
Series: Fifth Millenium
The Cage with S. M. Striling UK US
Saber & Shadow UK US
Shadow's Son with S. M. Stirling and Karen Wehrstein US
Shadow's Daughter UK US

Jack A. Melanos
Sindbad and the Evil Genie play

O. R. Melling unofficial site
Series: The Chronicles of Fearie
The Hunter's Moon UK US
The Summer King UK US
The Light-Bearer's Daughter UK US
The Singing Stone UK US
Falling out of Time UK US

David Memmott official site
Shadow Bones short stories UK US

Michael R. Mennenga official site
Mistress of the Dragon UK US

A. P. Merritt unofficial site
The Ship of Ishtar US
The Metal Monster UK US
Dwellers in the Mirage US
The Moon Pool UK US

Melinda Metz
Series: Fingerprints
Gifted Touch UK US
Haunted UK US
Trust Me UK US
Secrets UK US
Betrayed UK US
Revelations UK US
Payback UK US

Chris Metzen
Series: WarCraft
Of Blood and Honor UK

Kai Meyer
Series: The Dark Reflections Trilogy
The Flowing Queen US: The Water Mirror UK US
The Stone Light UK US
The Glass Word UK US

Ric Meyers
Series: Forgotten Realms
Murder in Halruaa US

Yves Meynard official site
The Book of Knights US

Gustav Meyrink
The Green Face UK US
The Opal short stories UK US
Walpurgisnacht UK US
The White Dominican UK US

Nega Mezlekia
The God Who Begat a Jackal UK US

Livi Michael unofficial site
Frank and the Black Hamster of Narkiz UK US
Frank and the Chamber of Fear UK
Frank and the Flames of Truth 3rd june 2004 UK
The Whispering Road 2nd September 2004 UK

Melisa Michaels official site
Series: Rosie Levine
Cold Iron UK US
Sister to the Rain UK US
World-Walker UK US

Karen Michalson official site
Enemy Glory UK US
Hecate's Glory UK US

Sarah Micklem official site
Firethorn UK US
? soon...
? soon...

Haydn Middleton unofficial site
Series: Mordred Cycle
The King's Evil US
The Queen's Captive UK
The Knight's Vengeance UK
The People in the Picture US
The Collapsing Castle US
Son of Two Worlds UK US
Grimm's Last Fairytale UK US

Martin Middleton unofficial site
Series: The Living Towers
Hawkthorn Tower
Wolfsbane Tower
Knightshade Tower
Series: Chronicles of the Custodians
Circle of Light UK
Triad of Darkness
Sphere of Influence
The New Age
The New Order
The New Dawn

Sandra Miesel
Dreamrider US
Shaman rewriting of Dreamrider US

China Miéville unofficial site
Perdido Street Station UK US
The Scar UK US
Iron Council UK US
King Rat UK US
The Tain UK
Looking for Jake short stories UK US

Victor Milán official site
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Nobles
War in Tethyr UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: Netheril Trilogy
Sword Play with Clayton Emery UK US
Dangerous Games with Clayton Emery UK US
Series: War of Powers
The Sundered Realm with Robert E. Vardeman US
The City in the Glacier with Robert E. Vardeman US
The Destiny Stone with Robert E. Vardeman US
The Fallen Ones with Robert E. Vardeman US
In the Shadow of Omizantrim with Robert E. Vardeman US
Demon of the Dark Ones with Robert E. Vardeman US
Runespear with Melinda M. Snodgrass US

Rosalind Miles
Series: Guenevere
Queen of the Summer Country UK US
The Knight of the Sacred Lake UK US
The Child of the Holy Grail UK US
Series: Tristan and Isolde
Isolde, Queen of the Western Isle UK US
The Maiden of the White Hands US: The Maid of the White Hands UK US
The Lady of the Sea UK US

Martin Millar official site
Series: Thraxas
Thraxas as Martin Scott UK US
Thraxas at the Races as Martin Scott UK US
Thraxas and the Warrior Monks as Martin Scott US
Thraxas and the Elvish Isles as Martin Scott UK US
Thraxas and the Sorcerers as Martin Scott UK US
Thraxas and the Dance of Death as Martin Scott UK US
Thraxas at War as Martin Scott UK US
Thraxas under Siege as Martin Scott UK US
The Good Fairies of New York US

Calvin Miller unofficial site
Series: Singreale Chronicles
Guardians of the Singreale US
Star Riders of Ren US
War of the Moonrhymes US

Carl Miller
Dragonbound US
The Warrior and the Witch US
The Goblin Plain War US

Deanna Miller official site
Sky Bounce

Deborah J. Miller official site
Series: The Last Clansman
Talisker as Miller Lau UK US
Dark Thane as Miller Lau UK US
Lore Bringer as Miller Lau UK US
Series: The Swarmthief Trilogy
Swarmthief's Dance UK US
? soon...
? soon...

Faren Miller
The Illusionists UK US

J. P. Miller
The Skook US

John A. Miller
Coyote Moon UK US

Karen Miller official site
Series: Kingmaker, Kingbreaker
Innocent Mage
Innocence Lost

Keith Miller
The Book of Flying UK US

Moira Miller
The Doom of Soulis UK

Richard Miller
Squed UK US
Sowboy UK US

Ron Miller
Series: The Bronwyn Trilogy
Palaces and Prisons US
Silk and Steel US
Hearts and Armor US
Series: Bradamant
The Iron Tempest UK US

Sasha Miller official site
Series: The Turning
On Wings of Magic with Andre Norton and Patricia Shaw Mathews US
Series: Oak, Yew, Ash, and Rowan
To the King a Daughter with Andre Norton UK US
Knight or Knave with Andre Norton UK US
A Crown Disowned with Andre Norton UK US
Dragon Blade with Andre Norton UK US
? with Andre Norton - soon...
Ladylord UK US

Thos. Kent Miller
Series: She
Sherlock Holmes on the Roof of the World US

Rand Miller & David Wingrove
Series: Myst
The Book of Atrus with Robyn Miller US
The Book of Ti'Ana with Robyn Miller US
The Book of D'Ni UK US

Steven Millhauser unofficial site
From the Realm of Morpheus US
Enchanted Night UK US
Little Kingdoms short stories UK US

Craig Mills official site
The Bane of Lord Caladon US
The Dreamer in Discord US
Series: King's Quest
The Floating Castle US
Shadow of the Crown US

Magnus Mills unofficial site
Explorers of the New Century UK US

A. A. Milne unofficial site
Series: Winnie-the-Pooh
*Winnie-the-Pooh UK US
*When We Were Very Young UK US
*Now We Are Six UK US
*The House at Pooh Corner UK US
Once on a Time US

Walter R. Milton official site
Inheritance of Vigilance UK US

Barbara Minar
Lamper's Meadow US

Octave Mirbeau
The Torture Garden UK US

Hope Mirrlees unofficial site
Lud-in-the-Mist UK US

Stuart W. Mirsky unofficial site
The King of Vinland's Saga UK US

David Mitchell
Number 9 Dream UK US
Ghostwritten UK US
Cloud Atlas UK US

Ken Mitchell
Stones of the Dalai Lama UK US

Naomi Mitchison unofficial site
The Big House
The Corn King and the Spring Queen UK US
Early in Orcadia UK
Travel Light UK US
To the Chapel Perilous UK US

Sarah Mlynowski official site
Bras & Broomsticks UK US
Frogs & French Kisses 2nd June 2006 UK US

L. E. Modesitt Jr. official site
Series: Recluse
The Magic of Recluse UK US
The Towers of Sunset UK US
The Magic Engineer UK US
The Order War UK US
The Death of Chaos UK US
Fall of Angels UK US
The Chaos Balance UK US
The White Order UK US
Colours of Chaos US: Colors of Chaos UK US
Magi'i of Cyador UK US
Scion of Cyador UK US
Wellspring of Chaos UK US
Ordermaster UK US
Series: The Spellsong Cycle
The Soprano Sorceress UK US
The Spellsong War UK US
Darksong Rising UK US
The Shadow Sorceress UK US
Shadowsinger UK US
Series: Ghosts
Of Tangible Ghosts UK US
The Ghost of the Revelator UK US
Ghost of the White Night UK US
Series: The Corean Chronicles
Legacies UK US
Darknesses UK US
Scepters UK US
Alector's Choice UK US
Cadmian's Choice UK US
Soarer's Choice 14th November 2006 UK US

Walter Moers
A Wild Ride Through the Night UK
The 13½ Lives of Captain Bluebear UK US

Michael Molloy
The Witch Trade UK US
The Time Witches UK US
The Wild West Witches UK US
House on Falling Star Hill UK US

James Moloney official site
The Book of Lies UK US

Richard Monaco
Series: Leitus
Runes US
Broken Stone US
Series: Parsival
Parsival, or A Knight's Tale US
The Grail War US
The Final Quest US
Blood and Dreams US
Series: She
Journey to the Flame US

Sarah Monette official site
Mélusine UK US
The Virtu UK US
The Mirador 7th August 2007 UK US
Summerdown soon...

Mary Monroe
The Upper Room US

Bucky Montgomery
Series: Spiritmaster Chronicles
The Stonebearer US

Hugh Montgomery official site
Voyage of the Arctic Tern UK US

Elizabeth Moon official site
Series: The Deed of Paksenarrion
Sheepfarmer's Daughter UK US
Divided Allegiance UK US
Oath of Gold UK US
Series: The Legacy of Gird
Surrender None UK US
Liar's Oath UK US
Series: Planet Pirates
Sassinak with Anne McCaffrey UK US

Russell Moon
Witch Boy UK US
Dark Prince September 2002 UK US
Blood War December 2002 US

Bel Mooney official site
The Stove Haunting UK US

Michael Moorcock unofficial site
Series: The Eternal Champion
The Eternal Champion The Eternal Champion - Phoenix in Obsidian - To Rescue Talelorn - The Sundered Worlds UK US
Von Bek The Warhound and the World's Pain - The City in the Autumn Stars - The Pleasure Gardens of Felippe Sagitarius - The Dragon in the Sword UK US
Hawkmoon The Jewel in the Skull - The Mad God's Amulet - The Sword of the Dawn - The Runestaff UK US
A Nomad of the Time Streams The Warlord of the Air - The Land Leviathan - The Steel Tsar UK US
Elric: Song of the Black Sword Elric of Melnibone - Sailor of the Sea of Fate - The Weird of White Wolf UK US
The Roads Between the Worlds The Wrecks of Time - The Winds of Limbo - The Shores of Death UK US
Corum: The Coming of Chaos The Knights of the Swords - The Queen of the Swords - The King of the Swords UK US
Sailing to Utopia The Ice Shooner - The Black Corridor - Flux - The Distant Suns UK US
Kane of Old Mars Warriors of Mars - Blades of Mars - Barbarians of Mars UK US
The Dancers at the End of Time An Alien Heat - The Hollow Lands - The End of All Songs - Legends from the End of Time - A Messiah at the End of Time UK US
Elric: The Stealer of Souls The Sleeping Sorceress - Revenge of the Rose - The Stealer of Souls - Kings in Darkness - The Caravan of Forgotten Dreams - Stormbringer UK US
Corum: The Prince With the Silver Hand The Bull and the Spear - The Oak and the Ram - The Sword and the Stallion UK US
Legends from the End of Time Pale Roses - White Stars - Ancient Shadows - Constant Fires - Elric at the End of Time UK US
Earl Aubec The Greater Conqueror - The Deep Fix - My Experience in the Third World War - The Golden Barge - The Time Dweller UK US
Count Brass Count Brass - The Champion of Garathorm - The Quest for Tanelorn UK US
Series: The Eternal Champion related
The Vanishing Tower UK US
The Bane of the Black Sword UK US
Stormbringer UK US
The Fortress of the Pearl US
The Silver Warriors US
The Dragon in the Sword US
The Dreamthief's Daughter UK US
The Skrayling Tree UK US
The White Wolf's Son UK US
Series: Between the Wars
Byzantium Endures UK US
The Laughter of Carthage UK US
Jerusalem Commands UK US
The Vengeance of Rome soon...
Mother London UK US
King of the City UK US
Gloriana, or the Unfulfill'd Queen UK US
The Golden Barge UK US
The Stone Thing short story
Silverheart with Storm Constantine UK US

Alan Moore unofficial site
Voice of the Fire UK US

Christopher Moore official site
Bloodsucking Fiends US
You Suck soon...
Coyote Blue UK US
Practical Demonkeeping UK US
Island of the Sequined Love Nun UK US
The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove UK US
Lamb UK US
Fluke UK US
A Dirty Job soon...
The Stupidest Angel soon...
? soon...

John Moore official site
Slay and Rescue UK US
Heroics for Beginners UK US
The Unhandsome Prince UK US
Bad Prince Charlie Spring 2006
The Habitual Princess soon...

Moira J. Moore official site
Resenting the Hero UK US
The Hero Strikes Back 29th August 2006 UK US

Nancy Jane Moore official site

Roger E. Moore
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Double Diamond Triangle Saga
Errand of Mercy US
Series: Spelljammer: Cloakmaster Cycle
The Maelstrom's Eye US

Sean A. Moore
Series: Conan
Conan and the Grim Grey God UK US
Conan the Hunter UK US
Conan and the Shaman's Curse US

Stephen Moore
Tooth and Claw UK US
Skin and Bone UK US
The Brugan
Dead Edward UK

Vance Moore unofficial site
Series: Magic, the Gathering: The Masquerade Cycle
Prophecy UK US
Series: Magic, the Gathering: The Odyssey Cycle
Odyssey UK US

Caiseal Mór
Series: The Wanderers
The Circle and the Cross UK
The Song of the Earth UK
The Water of Life UK
Series: The Watchers
The Meeting of the Waters UK US
The King of Sleep UK US
The Raven Game UK US
Series: Wellspring
The Well of Yearning UK US
The Well of the Goddess UK US
The Well of Many Blessings UK US
The Tilecutter's Penny
The Harp at Midnight
Carolan's Concerto UK

P. R. Moredun
Series: Unearthly History
The Balance Between UK US
Series: The World of Eldaterra
The Dragon Conspiracy UK US

K. L. Morgan
Series: Chronicles of Fiarah
Castledance UK US
Judges of Light US
Lodestar US
? soon...
? soon...

Kathleen Morgan official site
Giver of Roses 1st August 2005 UK US
Stone of Power soon...
? soon...
A Certain Magic US
Fire Queen US
Demon Prince UK US

Irmtraud Morgner
The Life and Adventures of Trobadora Beatrice as Chronicled UK US

Marcel Möring
In Babylon UK US

Alanna Morland
Leopard Lord UK US
Shackle and Sword UK US

Christopher Morley unofficial site
Thunder on the Left UK US

John David Morley
The Feast of Fools US

Michael Morpurgo unofficial site
Arthur, High King of Britain UK US
King of the Cloud Forests UK US
Joan of Arc UK US
The Sleeping Sword UK
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight with Michael Foreman UK US

John Morressy
Series: Iron Angel
Ironbrand US
Graymantle US
Kingsbane US
The Time of the Annihilator US
Series: Kedrigern
A Voice for Princess US
The Questing of Kedrigern US
Kedrigern in Wanderland US
Kedrigern and the Charming Couple US
A Remembrance for Kedrigern US
The Juggler UK US

Dave Morris
Series: Knightmare
The Sorcerer's Isle
The Forbidden Gate
The Dragon's Lair
Series: The Chronicles of the Magi
The Sword of Life UK US
The Kingdom of Dream US
The City of Stars UK

Gerald Morris
Series: The Squire
The Squire's Tale UK US
The Squire, His Knight, & His Lady UK US
The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf UK US
Parsifal's Page UK US
The Ballad of Sir Dinadan UK US
The Princess, the Crone, and the Dung-Cart Knight UK US
The Lioness and Her Knight UK US

Janet E. Morris
Series: Thieves World
Beyond Sanctuary US
Beyond the Veil US
Beyond Wizardwall US
Tempus short stories US
City at the Edge of Time with Chris Morris US
Tempus Unbound with Chris Morris US
Strom Seed with Chris Morris US
Soul of the City US
Series: Heroes in Hell
Heroes in Hell short stories US
Rebels in Hell with C. J. Cherryh - short stories US
Angels in Hell short stories US
Crusaders in Hell short stories US
Kings in Hell with C. J. Cherryh - short stories US
Masters in Hell short stories US
The Little Helliad with Chris Morris - short stories US
War in Hell short stories US
Explorers in Hell with David Drake - short stories US
Prophets in Hell short stories US
The Gates of Hell with C. J. Cherryh US

Jean Morris
A New Magic
A New Calling
The Troy Game US

Kenneth Morris
The Chalchiuhite Dragon US
The Dragon Path short stories US
Book of the Three Dragons UK US

Tee Morris official site
Morevi, the Chronicles of Rafe and Askana with Lisa Lee UK US
Series: The Arathellean Wars
Legacy of Morevi UK US
Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword UK US

Tracy S. Morris unofficial site
Medieval Misfits short stories US
Cat Seeing Double UK US

William Morris official site
The Well at the World's End UK US
The Sundering Flood US
The Water of the Wondrous Isles US
The Wood Beyond the World UK US
Three Works A Dream of John Ball - The Pilgrims of Hope - News from Nowhere UK US
The Glittering Plain UK US
More to William Morris The House of the Wolflings - The roots of the Mountains UK US

Winifred Morris
With Magical Horses to Ride US

Dorothy Nafus Morrison
Vanishing Act US

Pearl Morrison
The Wind Tamer soon...

G. D. Morrow
Series: Dead Magicians Club
Maps US

James Morrow official site
Towing Jehovah UK US
Blameless in Abaddon UK US
The Eternal Footman UK US
Only Begotten Daughter UK US

Roger Mortimer
The Ruby of Carminel UK

Christine Morton-Shaw official site
The Riddles of Epsilon UK US

Peter Morwood official site
Series: The Book of Years
The Horse Lord US
The Demon Lord US
The Dragon Lord UK US
The Warlord's Domain US
Series: Clan Wars
Series: Guardians of the Three
Keeper of the City with Diane Duane US
Series: Prince Ivan
Prince Ivan
The Golden Hord

Walter Mosley official site
D. G. Mowatt
The Nibelungenlied   UK US

Kate Muir
Suffragette City UK

Manuel Mujica Láinez unofficial site
The Wandering Unicorn US

Tom Mula
Jacob Marley's Christmas Caro UK US

Patricia Mullen
The Stone Movers US

Richard V. Mullenax Jr. official site
Series: Etheros
The Four Warriors UK US

Robin Muller unofficial site
The Magic Paintbrush UK US

Caryl Cude Mullin
A Riddle of Roses UK US

Talbot Mundy official site
Om, the Secret of Ahbor Valley UK US
King, of the Khyber Rifles US

H. Warner Munn
Series: Merlin's Godson
King of the World's Edge US
The Ship from Atlantis US
Merlin's Ring US
The Banner of Joan

Kevin Scott Munnings official site
Series: The Tapestry of Blood
Blood of the Ancients UK US

Jean Muno
Glove of Passion, Voice of Blood short stories US

Jim Munroe official site
Flyboy Action Figure Comes with Gasmask UK US

Terence Munsey official site
Series: Stoneman
The Flight of the Stoneman's Son US
The Keeper of Three US
Labyrinths of Light US
Marks of Stone US
They of Old 2002

C. E. Murphy official site
Series: The Walker Papers
Urban Shaman UK US
Thunderbird Falls UK US
Coyote Dreams UK US
Cauldron Borne soon...
Series: The Walker Papers related
Banshee Cries short story
Series: Inheritors' Cycle
The Queen's Bastard 29th April 2008 UK US
The Pretender's Crown soon...
The Imperator's Heir soon...

Rita Murphy
Night Flying UK US
Black Angels UK US
Harmony UK US

Shirley Rousseau Murphy official site
Series: Ring of Fire
Ring of Fire US
King, of the Khyber Rifles US
The Wolf Bell US
Jimgrim US
Castle of Hape US
Caves of Fire and Ice US
Joining of the Stone US
Series: Dragonbards
Nightpool US
The Ivory Lyre US
The Dragonbards US
The Catswold Portal US
Silver Woven in my Hair US
Soonie and the Dragon US
The Grass Tower US
The Song of the Christmas Mouse US
Valentine for a Dragon US
Medallion of the Black Hound US
Wind Child UK US

Dwina Murphy-Gibb
Series: Cormac
The Seers
The King Making UK

Edward Myers official site
The Mountain Made of Light US
Fire and Ice US
The Summit US

John Myers Myers
Silverlock UK US
The Moon's Fire-Eating Daughter US
The Harp and the Blade US

Walter Dean Myers unofficial site
Shadow of the Red Moon UK US

Harold Myra
Children of the Night UK US
The Shining Face US
Morning Child US