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crooty's band page:

Jean Rabe official site
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Harpers
Red Magic UK US
Series: DragonLance: Warriors
Maquesta Kar-Thon with Tina Daniell UK US
Series: DragonLance: Dragons of a New Age
Dawning of a New Age UK US
The Day of the Tempest UK US
The Eve of the Maelstrom UK US
Series: DragonLance: Bridges of Time
The Silver Stair UK US
Series: DragonLance: The Dhamon Saga
Downfall UK US
Betrayal UK US
Redemption UK US
Series: DragonLance: The Age of Mortals
The Lake of Death UK US
Series: The Sovereign Stone
The Taan with Janet Pack UK US
Series: Endless Quest
Secret of the Djinn UK US
Night of the Tiger UK US
Sands of Deception UK US
The Finest Creation UK US
The Finest Choice UK US
The Finest Challenge UK US
Return to Quag Keep with Andre Norton UK US

Wil Radcliffe official site
Noggle Stones UK US

Irene Radford official site
Series: Dragon Nimbus
The Glass Dragon UK US
The Perfect Princess UK US
The Loneliest Magician UK US
The Wizard's Treasure UK US
Series: Dragon Nimbus History
The Dragon's Touchstone UK US
The Last Battlemage UK US
The Renegade Dragon UK US
Series: Merlin's Descendants
Guardian of the Balance UK US
Guardian of the Trust UK US
Guardian of the Vision UK US
Guardian of the Promise UK US
Guardian of the Freedom UK US

Hugh C. Rae
Harkfast, the Making of the King US

William Raeper
A Witch in Time
Warrior of Light

Atiq Rahimi
Earth and Ashes UK US

Glenn Arthur Rahman
Heir of Darkness US

David Randall
The Innkeeper's Daughter soon...
Clovermead UK US

Marta Randall
The Sword of Winter US

Victoria Randall official site
The Ring of the Dark Elves UK US

Robert Rankin official site
Series: Brentford
The Antipope UK US
The Brentford Triangle UK US
East of Ealing UK US
The Sprouts of Wrath UK US
The Brentford Chainstore Massacre UK US
Sex and Drugs and Sausage Rolls UK US
Web Site Story UK US
Brightonomicon UK US
Series: Brentford related
The Witches of Chiswick UK US
Knees up Mother Earth UK US
The Brightonomicon UK US
Series: Armageddon
Armageddon, the Musical UK US
They Came and Ate Us UK US
The Suburban Book of the Dead UK US
Series: Cornelius
The Book of Ultimate Truths UK US
Raiders of the Lost Car Park UK US
The Most Amazing Man Who Ever Lived UK US
Series: Bramfield
The Greatest Show off Earth UK US
Series: Autobiographies
Sprout Mask Replica UK US
The Dance of the Voodoo Handbag UK US
Snuff Fiction UK US
Series: Lazlo Woodbine
Waiting for Godalming UK US
The Fandom of the Operator UK US
Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse UK US
The Toyminator 2nd August 2006 UK US
The Garden of Unearthly Delights UK US
A Dog Called Demolition UK US
Nostradamus Ate My Hamster UK US
Apocalypso UK US

T. R. Rankin
Series: The Valerian Chronicles
Valerius the King UK US

Christoph Ransmayr
The Last World UK US

Candice Ransom official site
Series: Dungeons & Dragons: Knights of the Silver Dragon
Key to the Griffon's Lair UK US

Rudolf Erich Raspe
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen UK US

Melanie Rawn official site
Series: The Dragon Prince
Dragon Prince UK US
The Star Scroll UK US
Sunrunner's Fire UK US
Series: The Dragon Star
Stronghold UK US
The Dragon Token UK US
Skybowl UK US
Series: Exiles
The Ruins of Ambrai UK US
The Mageborn Traitor UK US
The Captal's Tower soon... US
Series: Quantum Leaps
Knights of the Morningstar US
Series: The Golden Key
The Golden Key with Kate Elliott and Jennifer Roberson - short stories UK US
The Diviner's Key UK
The Rushden Legagy as Ellen Randolf US
Keftiu soon...
Spellbinder soon...

Brian Rayfield
Topaz Fire

Quinn Reade
Quest of the Dark Lady

James E. Reagen
Series: Wizardry
The League of the Crimson Crescent US

Tom Reamy
Blind Voices US

Livia & James M. Reasoner
Series: Crusade: Sanctum
Lyron's Lament

J. Michael Reaves official site
The Shattered World US
The Burning Realm UK US
Dragonworld with Bryon Preiss UK US
Thong the Barbarian Meets the Cycle Sluts of Saturn with Steve Perry
Street Magic US
Darkworld Detective US

Diane Redmond
Joshua Cross US: Joshua Cross and the Lair of the Centaur UK US
Joshua Cross and the Queen's Conjuror UK US

Steve Redwood
Fisher of Devils UK US

John Reed unofficial site
Snowball's Chance UK US

Celia Rees
Witch Child UK US
Sorceress UK US
Soul Taker UK US

Ralph Reesby
Twenty Minutes Past The Hour

James Reese
The Book of Shadows UK US
The Book of Spirits UK US

Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens unofficial site
Series: Chronicles of Galen Sword
Shifter US
Nightfeeder US
Dark Hunter
The Return of the Galen Sword

Dian Curtis Regan official site
Princess Nevermore UK US

Robert Reginald unofficial site
Series: Nova Europa
The Dark-Haired Man UK US
The Exiled Prince UK US
Quaestiones UK US

Mickey Zucker Reichert unofficial site
Series: The Renshai Trilogy
The Last of the Renshai UK US
The Western Wizard UK US
Child of Thunder UK US
Series: The Renshai Chronicles
Beyond Ragnarok UK US
Prince of Demons UK US
The Children of Wrath UK US
Series: Bifrost Guardians
Godslayer UK US
Shadow Climber UK US
Dragonrank Master UK US
Shadow's Realm UK US
By Chaos Cursed UK US
Series: The Books of Barakhai
The Beasts of Barakhai UK US
The Lost Dragons of Barakhai UK US
The Legend of Nightfall UK US
The Return of Nightfall UK US
Spirit Fox with Jennifer Wingert UK US
The Flightless Falcon UK US

Thomas M. Reid
Series: Forgotten Realms: War of the Spider Queen
Insurrection UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: Scions of Arrabar
The Sapphire Crescent UK US
The Ruby Guardian UK US
The Emerald Scepter UK US

Lynne Reid Banks official site
The Indian in the Cupboard UK US
The Return of the Indian UK US
The Secret of the Indian UK US
The Mystery of the Cupboard UK US
The Adventures of King Midas UK US
The Fairy Rebel UK US
The Farthest Away Mountain UK US
Melusine US

Katya Reimann official site
Series: Tielmaran Chronicles
Wind from a Foreign Sky UK US
A Tremor in the Bitter Earth UK US
Prince of Fire and Ashes UK US
Honeysuckle Flowers short story

Trish Reinius
The Planet of Tears US
Power of the White Wolf US

Rebecca Reisert
The Third Witch UK US

Mary Renault unofficial site
Series: Theseus
The King Must Die UK US
The Bull from the Sea UK US

Laura Resnick official site
In Legend Born UK US
In Fire Forged: The White Dragon UK US
In Fire Forged: The Destroyer Goddess UK US
Disappearing Nightly UK US

Mike Resnick official site
Series: The Chronicles of Lucifer Jones
Adventures US
Exploits US: Lucifer Jones US
Series: Ganymede
The Goddess of Ganymede
Pursuit on Ganymede
Dragon America UK US
Stalking the Unicorn US
*A Little Night Music (*Une Petite Musique de Nuit) short story

Ned Resnikoff
Fool's Tavern UK US

Luke Rhinehart official site
The Dice Man UK US
Search for the Dice Man UK US
The Book of the Die UK US

Anne Rice official site
Series: The Vampire Chronicles
*Interview With the Vampire (*Entretien Avec un Vampire)   UK US
*The Vampire Lestat (*Lestat le Vampire) with Faye Perozich   UK US
*Queen of the Damned (*La Reine des Damnés)   UK US
*The Tale of the Body Thief (*Le Voleur de Corps)   UK US
*Memnoch the Devil (*Memnoch)   UK US
*The Vampire Armand UK US
*Merrick UK US
*Blood and Gold UK US
*Blackwood Farm UK US
Series: The New Tales of the Vampires
*Pandora UK US
*Vittorio the Vampire UK US
*Pandora 3 31st December 2002 UK
Series: The Mayfair Witches
*The Witching Hour (*Le Lien Maléfique)   UK US
*Lasher (*L'Heure des Sorcières)   UK US
*Taltos (*Taltos)   UK US
Series: The Vampire Chronicles & The Mayfair Witches
*Blackwood Farm UK US
*Blood Canticle UK US
Series: Sleeping Beauty
*The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty as A. N. Roquelaure UK US
*Beauty's Punishment as A. N. Roquelaure UK US
*Beauty's Release as A. N. Roquelaure UK US
*The Feast of All Saints UK US
*Cry to Heaven US
*The Mummy (*La Momie)   US
*Servant of the Bones UK US
*Violin UK US
*Exit to Eden as Anne Rampling UK US
*Belinda as Anne Rampling UK US
*The Master of Rampling Gate (*Le Maître de Rampling Gate) short story  

Robert Rice
The Last Pendragon US

Mark Richard
Fishboy US

Alan Richards
By Charon to Aidoneus

Anna M. Richards
Series: Alice
A New Alice in the Old Wonderland UK US

L. B. Richards
The Adventures of Charley Tooth UK US

Bill Richardson
Waiting for Gertrude UK US

Nigel Richardson
The Wrong Hands UK US

Dick Richardson & Rio deLaVista
The Oglin UK US

Philip Ridley
Dakota of the White Flats UK US
Kasper in the Glitter UK US

M. L. Rigdon
Series: The Seasons of Time
Prophecy Denied UK US
Beyond the Dark Mountains UK US

Judith Merkle Riley official site
A Vision of Light UK US
In Pursuit of the Green Lion US
The Master of All Desires UK US

Ann Rinaldi
The Staircase UK US
Millicent's Gift UK US

Rick Riordan official site
Series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief US: The Lightning Thief UK US
Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters US: The Sea of Monsters UK US

J. F. Rivkin
Series: Runesword
The Dreamstone US
Series: Silverglass
The Silverglass US
Web of Wind US
Witch of Rhostshyl US
Mistress of Ambiguities US

Walsh Robb & David Wenzel
Kingdom of Dwarfs US

Tom Robbins unofficial site
Another Roadside Attraction UK US
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues UK US
Still Life With Woodpecker UK US
Jitterbug Perfume UK US
Skinny Legs and All UK US
Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates UK US
Villa Incognito UK US

Jennifer Roberson official site
Series: Chronicles of the Cheysuli
The Shapechangers UK US
The Song of Homana US
Legacy of the Sword US
Track of the White Wolf UK US
A Pride of Princes UK US
Daughter of the Lion UK US
Flight of the Raven US
A Tapestry of Lions UK US
Series: Tiger and Del
Sword-Dancer UK US
Sword-Singer UK US
Sword-Maker UK US
Sword-Breaker UK US
Sword-Born UK US
Sword-Sworn UK US
Lady of the Forest UK US
Lady of Sherwood UK US
Series: The Golden Key
The Golden Key with Kate Elliott and Melanie Rawn - short stories UK US
The Warrior soon...
Karavans 4th April 2006 UK US

Adam Roberts official site
The Soddit as A. R. R. R. Roberts UK US
The Sellamillion as A. R. R. R. Roberts UK US
McAtrix Derided as Robertski Brothers UK US
Star Warped as A3R Roberts UK US

Dorothy James Roberts
Kinsmen of the Grail UK US

Jane Roberts unofficial site
Emir's Education in the Proper Use of Magical Powers UK US

John Maddox Roberts
Series: Conan
Conan the Valorous US
Conan the Champion US
Conan the Marauder UK US
Conan the Bold UK US
Conan the Rogue UK US
Conan and the Treasure of Python US
Conan and the Amazon UK US
Conan and the Manhunters UK US
Series: DragonLance: Adventures in Krynn
Murder in Tarsis US
Series: Stormlands
The Islander US
The Black Shields US
The Poisoned Lands US
The Steel Kings US
Queens of Land and Sea US
Hannibal's Children UK US
The Seven Hills UK US

Katherine Roberts unofficial site
Series: Echorium
Song Quest UK US
Crystal Mask UK US
Dark Quetzal UK US
Series: The Seven Fabulous Wonders
The Great Pyramid Robbery UK
The Babylon Game UK
The Amazon Temple Quest UK US
The Mausoleum Murder UK US
The Olympic Conspiracy UK US
The Colossus Crisis UK US
The Cleopatra Curse UK US
Spellfall UK US

Kerry Daniel Roberts
Series: Dungeons & Dragons: Knights of the Silver Dragon
Dagger of Doom UK US
Mark of the Yuan-ti 11th April 2006 UK US

Nora Roberts official site
Key of Light UK US
Key of Knowledge UK US
Key of Valour US: Key of Valor UK US

Tansy Rayner Roberts
Series: Mocklore Chronicles
Splashdance Silver
Liquid Gold

Theodore Goodridge Roberts
The Merriest Knight short stories UK US

Willo Davis Roberts
The Magic Book UK US

Len Robertson
Series: Galatian Series
Bridge of the Gods UK US
The Unnamed Sword UK US

Harry Robin
I, Morgain UK US

Madeleine E. Robins official site
The Stone War UK US
Point of Honour 1st May 2003 US

Joan G. Robinson
When Marnie Was There UK

Kim Stanley Robinson unofficial site
Black Air
Escape from Kathmandu short stories UK US
The Years of Rice and Salt UK US

Mark Robson official site
Series: The Darkweaver Legacy
The Forging of the Sword UK US
Trail of the Huntress UK US
First Sword UK US
The Chosen One UK US

Doris Rochlin
Frobisch's Angel US

Emily Rodda unofficial site
Rowan of Rin UK US
Rowan and the Travelers UK US
Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal UK US
Rowan and the Zebak UK US
Rowan and the Bukshah US: Rowan and the Ice Creepers UK US
Pigs Might Fly US: The Pigs Are Flying! US

Michaela Roessner official site
The Stars Dispose UK US
The Stars Compel UK US
Walkabout Woman US

Cameron Rogers
The Music of Razors UK US

Jonathan Rogers official site
Series: The Wilderking Trilogy
The Bark of the Bog Owl UK US
The Secret of the Swamp King UK US
The Way of the Wilderking UK US

Mark E. Rogers official site
Series: Zorachus
Zorachus US
The Nightmare of God US
Series: Zancharthus
Blood & Pearls US
Jagutai & Lilitu US
Series: Blood of the Lamb
The Expected One US
The Devouring Void US
The Riddled Man US
Series: Samurai Cat
The Adventures of Samurai Cat US
Samurai Cat
Samurai Cat in the Real World US
The Sword of Samurai Cat US
Samurai Cat Goes to the Movies US
Samurai Cat Goes to Hell UK US
The Dead

Michael Scott Rohan official site
Series: The Winter of the World
The Anvil of Ice UK US
The Forge in the Forest UK US
The Hammer of the Sun UK US
Series: The Winter of the World Prequels
The Castle of the Winds UK
The Singer and the Sea UK
Shadow of the Seer UK
Series: Spiral
Chase the Morning UK US
The Gates of Noon US
Cloud Castles UK US
Maxie's Demon UK
The Lord of Middle Air UK US
The Hammer and the Cross with Allan Scott US
The Ice King US: Burial Rites - with Allan Scott - as Michael Scot UK US
A Spell of Empire: The Horns of Tartarus with Allan Scott US

Elizabeth A. Romey
Lera of Tymoria, the Dragonmage UK US

Keith Rommel official site
Spirit of Independence UK US
Repentance US
Sardurvial Dissenting

Daphne Rooke
Wizard's Country

Selina A. Rosen official site
The Bubba Chronicles short stories US

Joel Rosenberg official site
Series: Guardians of the Flame
The Sleeping Dragon US
The Sword and the Chain US
The Silver Crown US
The Heir Apparent US
The Warrior Lives US
The Road to Ehvenor US
The Road Home US
Not Exactly the Three Musketeers UK US
Not Quite Scaramouche UK US
Not Really the Prisoner of Zenda UK US
Series: Keepers of the Hidden Ways
The Fire Duke UK US
The Silver Stone UK US
The Crimson Sky UK US
Series: D'Shai
D'Shai US
Hour of the Octopus UK US
The Last Assassin soon...
Series: Legends of the Riftwar
Murder in Lamut with Raymond E. Feist - 7th May 2002 UK
Paladins 1st September 2004 UK US
Knight Moves 11th July 2005 UK

Eileen Rosenbloom official site
Stuck Down UK US

Herbert Rosendorfer unofficial site
Stephanie or a Previous Existence US

C. L. Rossman official site
Renegade the Hunter UK US

Douglas 'Dag' Rossman
Theft of the Sun and Other New Norse Myths short stories US

David M. Rountree official site
Series: The Chronicles of Greywolf and the Goddess
Dark Lord with Diana Sinclair - as Greywolf the Wanderer and the Goddess Diana US

Jane Routley
Series: Mage Heart
Mage Heart UK US
Fire Angels UK US
Aramaya UK US
The Three Sisters as Rebecca Locksley UK US

Christopher B. Rowley unofficial site
Series: Bazil Broketail
Bazil Broketail US
A Sword for a Dragon US
Dragons of War US
Battledragon US
A Dragon at World's End US
The Dragons of Argonath UK US
Dragon Ultimate UK US
Series: Bazil Broketail related
The Wizard and the Floating City US
Series: Arna
The Ancient Enemy US
The Shasht War UK US
Doom's Break UK US

J. K. Rowling official site
Series: Harry Potter
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone US: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone UK US
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets UK US
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban UK US
Harry Potter and the Gobelet of Fire UK US
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix UK US
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince UK US
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 21st July 2007 UK US
Series: Harry Potter Journals
Hogwarts Journal UK US
Harry Potter Journal: Hogwarts Crests US
Harry Potter Journal: Hedwig US
Harry Potter Journal: Platform 9-3/4 US
Series: Harry Potter's Hogwarts Schoolbooks
Quidditch Through the Ages as Kennilworthy Whisp UK US
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them as Newt Scamander UK US

Gillian Rubinstein official site
Foxspell UK US
Under the Cat's Eye UK US

Matt Ruff official site
Fool on the Hill US
Set This House in Order UK US

Jane Rule unofficial site
Memory Board UK US

Ian Runcie
Alberich and Friends UK US

James Runcie
The Discovery of Chocolate UK US
Lust UK

Rebecca Rupp
The Waterstone UK US

Kristine Kathryn Rusch unofficial site
Series: The Fey
The Sacrifice UK US
The Changeling UK US
The Rival UK US
The Resistance US
Victory UK US
Series: The Black Throne
The Black Queen UK US
The Black King UK US
The White Mists of Power UK US
Afterimage Aftershock with Kevin J. Anderson US
Facade UK US
Heart Readers UK US
Traitors UK US
The Devil's Churn
*Children of the Night (Les Enfants de la Nuit) short story
Fantasy Life UK US

Gary Alan Ruse official site
Morlac: Quest for the Green Magician US

Alison Rush
The Last of Danu's Children US

Salman Rushdie unofficial site
Grimus UK US
Haroun and the Sea of Stories UK US
Midnight's Children UK US
The Moor's Last Sigh UK US
The Satanic Verses UK US
The Ground Beneath Her Feet UK US
Shalimar the Clown UK US

John Ruskin
King of the Golden River UK US

Barbara Timberlake Russell
The Taker's Stone UK US

Ken Russell unofficial site
Mike and Gaby's Space Gospel UK

Sean Russell official site
Series: The Initiate Brother
The Initiate Brother UK US
Gatherer of Clouds UK US
Series: Moontide and Magic Rise
World Without End UK US
Sea Without a Shore UK US
Series: The River into Darkness
Beneath the Vaulted Hills US
The Compass of the Soul UK US
Series: The Swans' War
The One Kingdom   UK US
The Isle of Battle   UK US
The Shadow Road US: The Shadow Roads   UK US

Penni Russon official site
Undine UK US

Michael Rutherford
The Tale and Its Master short story US
The Infinite Kingdoms short stories

Val Rutt
The Race for the Lost Keystone UK US

Morrie Ruvinsky
Dream Keeper UK US

Brittney Ryan
The Legend of Holly Claus UK US

Fergus Ryan
Series: DragonLance: The Chaos War
The Siege of Mt. Nevermind UK US

Frank Ryan
The Sundered World UK

Mary C. Ryan
Me Two US

Jessica Rydill
Children of the Shaman UK US
The Glass Mountain 3rd October 2002 UK

Cynthia Rylant unofficial site
The Islander UK US
The Heavenly Village UK US

Geoff Ryman
The Warrior who Carried Life US
The Unconquered Country short story US
Lust UK US