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crooty's band page:

Margaret D'Ambrosio
Meggie's Journeys US

Gabriele D'Annunzio
The Triumph of Death UK US

James D'Arienzo Jr.
Series: Woodbyrne
The Fallen Forest UK US
? soon...
? soon...

Chris D'Lacey official site
The Fire Within UK US
Icefire UK US
Fire Star UK US
The Fire Eternal UK US

Faith Daehlin official site
They Will Have Visions and Dreams US

Roald Dahl official site
Series: Charlie
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory   UK US
Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator   UK US
Fantastic Mr. Fox UK US
George's Marvellous Medicine US: George's Marvelous Medicine UK US
James and the Giant Peach UK US
The Magic Finger UK US
The Minpins UK US
The Twits UK US
The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me UK US
The Witches UK US
Matilda UK US
The Vicar of Nibbleswicke UK US
The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More short stories UK US
The Great Automatic Grammatizator and Other Stories short stories UK

Sophie Dahl official site
The Man with the Dancing Eyes UK US

Susan Daitch
The Colorist US

Anna Dale
Whispering to Witches UK US

Brian Daley official site
Series: Coramonde
The Doomfarers of Coramonde US
The Starfollowers of Coramonde US
A Tapestry of Magics US

Cass Dalglish
Kara Dalkey
Series: Blood of the Goddess
Goa US
Bijapur UK US
Bhagavati US
Genpei UK US
Series: Sagamore
The Curse of Sagamore US
The Sword of Sagamore US
Little Sister UK US
The Heavenward Path UK US
Steel Rose US
Crystal Sage UK US
Series: Water
Ascension UK US
Reunion UK US
Transformation UK US
Euryale US
The Nightingale US

Annie Dalton
The Afterdark Princess UK
Naming the Dark UK
Night Maze UK
Out of the Ordinary US
Swan Sister UK US
The Rules of Magic UK US

A. B. Daniel
Series: Incas
The Puma's Shadow UK US
The Gold of Cuzco UK US
The Light of the Machu Picchu UK US

Tina Daniell
Series: DragonLance: The Meeting Sextet
Dark Heart UK US
The Companions UK US
Series: DragonLance: Warriors
Maquesta Kar-Thon with Jean Rabe UK US

Cory Daniells
Series: The Last T'En
The Last T'En US: Broken Vows UK US
Dark Legacy US: Dark Dreams UK US
Desperate Alliances UK US

Gloria Dank
The Forest of App US

Colin Dann
King of the Vagabonds UK
The City Cats UK
Series: Farthing Wood
The Animals of Farthing Wood UK US
In the Path of the Storm US
The Farthing Wood Collection I UK US
The Farthing Wood Collection II UK US
The Farthing Wood Collection III UK US
The Beach Dogs UK
A Great Escape
The Ram of Sweetriver UK US

Jack Dann official site
Counting Coup AUS: Bad Medicine UK US
The Rebel UK US

John R. Dann
Song of the Axe UK US
Song of the Earth UK US

Dante Alighieri unofficial site
Series: The Divine Comedy
*Inferno   UK US
*Purgatorio UK US
*Paradiso UK US

Dennis Danvers
The Fourth World UK US

Lyndan Darby
Series: Eye of Time
Crystal and Steel
Phoenix Fire

Diana Darling
The Painted Alphabet UK US

Marie Darrieussecq
Pig Tales US
My Phantom Husband UK US

Cecilia Dart-Thornton official site
Series: The Bitterbynde
The Ill-Made Mute   UK US
The Lady of the Sorrows   UK US
The Battle of Evernight   UK US
Series: Crowthistle Chronicles
The Iron Tree UK US
The Well of Tears UK US
Weatherwitch UK US
Fallowblade UK
Long the Clouds are over Me Tonight short story

John Davey
Blood and Souls UK US

Peter David
Sir Apropos of Nothing UK US
The Woad to Wuin UK US
Tong Lashing UK US
Knight Life US
Howling Mad UK US
One Knight Only UK US
Fall of Knight UK US

Paul & Hollace Davids
The Fires of Pele US

Avram Davidson official site
Series: Vergil Magus
The Phoenix and the Mirror US
Vergil in Averno US
The Scarlet Fig soon...
Series: Peregrine
Primus UK US
Secundus UK US
Ursus of Ultima Thule UK US
The Adventures of Doctor Eszterhazy short stories US
Marco Polo and the Sleeping Beauty with Grania Davis UK US
The Boss in the Wall, a Treatise on the House Devil with Grania Davis UK US
The Last Wizard short story
El Vilvoy de las Islas short story
Limekiller! short stories UK US

Lionel Davidson
Under Plum Lake US

Mary-Janice Davidson & Anthony Alongi official site
Jennifer Scales and the Ancient Furnace UK US
Jennifer Scales and the Messenger of Light UK US

Robertson Davies unofficial site
Series: The Cornish Trilogy
The Rebel Angels UK US
What's Bred in the Bone UK US
The Lyre of Orpheus UK US
Series: The Deptford Trilogy
Fifth Business UK US
The Manticore UK US
World of Wonders UK US
Murther & Walking Spirits US

Debora S. Davis
January 3rd 1/2 UK US

Grania Davis
Moonbird UK US
Marco Polo and the Sleeping Beauty with Avram Davidson UK US
The Boss in the Wall, a Treatise on the House Devil with Avram Davidson UK US

Gwen Davis
The Princess and the Pauper US

James P. Davis
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Wizards
Bloodwalk 11th July 2006 UK US

Susan Davis
The Henry Game UK US
Delilah and the Dark Stuff UK US
Mad, Bad and Totally Dangerous UK

Susan Davis
The Long Reach UK US

Gail Dayton official site
The Compass Rose UK US
The Barbed Rose UK US

Osamu Dazai unofficial site
Blue Bamboo short stories UK US

John Deakins
Barrow US

J. David Dean official site
Series: Twelve Pearls
Ravennetus US
The Fire of Han-Thol US

Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet official site
Series: Secret Country
The Secret Country US
The Hidden Land US
The Whim of the Dragon US
The Dubious Hills US
Tam Lin US
Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary UK US

Ly DeAngeles official site
The Quickening UK US

Davide DeAngelis official site
The Seed UK US

Erik Scott DeBie official site
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Fighters
Ghostwalker UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Dungeons

L. Sprague DeCamp official site
Series: The Reluctant King
Goblin Tower US
The Clocks of Iraz US
The Unbeheaded King US
The Honorable Barbarian US
Series: Enchanter
The Complete Compleat Enchanter with Fletcher Pratt UK US
The Enchanter Reborn with Christopher Stasheff UK US
The Exotic Enchanter with Christopher Stasheff UK US
Series: Krishna
The Bones of Zora with Catherine Crook DeCamp US
The Swords of Zinjaban with Catherine Crook DeCamp US
The Hand of Zei US
Series: Eudoric Dambertson
The Coronet short story
Two Yards of Dragon short story
Spider Love short story
Eudoric's Unicorn short story
The Incorporated Knight with Catherine Crook DeCamp UK US
The Pixilated Peeress US
Series: Conan
Conan with Lin Carter and Robert E. Howard UK US
Conan of Cimmeria with Lin Carter and Robert E. Howard US
Conan the Freebooter with Robert E. Howard US
Conan the Wanderer with Lin Carter and Robert E. Howard US
Conan the Adventurer with Lin Carter and Robert E. Howard US
Conan the Buccaneer with Lin Carter US
Conan the Usurper with Robert E. Howard US
Conan the Conqueror with Robert E. Howard US
Conan the Avenger with Robert E. Howard and Bjorn Nyberg US
Conan of Aquilonia with Lin Carter and Robert E. Howard US
Conan of the Isles with Lin Carter US
Conan the Swordsman with Lin Carter, Robert E. Howard and Bjorn Nyberg US
Conan the Liberator with Lin Carter US
The Treasure of Tranicos with Robert E. Howard US
The Flame Knife with Robert E. Howard US
Conan and the Spider God UK US
The Better Mousetrap with Fletcher Pratt - short story
The Fallible Fiend UK US
The Tritonian Ring US
The Reluctant Shaman
Solomon's Stone
The Land of Unreason with Fletcher Pratt US
The Undesired Princess & the Enchanted Bunny with David Drake UK US
None but Lucifer with Horace L. Gold UK US

Elisa DeCarlo
Series: Aubrey Arbothnot
Strong Spirits US
The Devil You Say US

John DeChancie
Series: Castle Perilous
Castle Perilous US
Castle for Rent US
Castle Kidnapped US
Castle War! UK US
Castle Murders UK US
Castle Dreams US
Castle Spellbound UK US
Bride of the Castle UK US
Series: Castle Falkenstein
From Prussia With Love US
Masterminds of Falkenstein with Debbie Notkin US
Magic Net US

Jon DeCles
The Particolored Unicornm US
Blood of Colyn Muir with Paul Edwin Zimmer US

Stephen Dedman official site
The Art of Arrow Cutting UK US

Tom DeHaan
A Mirror for Princes US
A Child of Good Fortune US

Tom DeHaven
Series: Chronicles of the King's Tramp
Walker of Worlds UK US
The End-of-Everything Man UK US
The Last Human UK US
The Orphan's Tent UK US
Funny Papers US

Kathleen E. Deisher
Series: The Gloesmur Scrolls
Beyond the Gloesmur US

Tom Deitz unofficial site
Series: Tales of David Sullivan and Galvin McIntosh
Windmaster's Bane UK US
Fireshaper's Doom UK US
Darkthunder's Way US
Sunshaker's War US
Stoneskin's Revenge US
Ghostcountry's Wrath UK US
Dreamseeker's Road US
Landslayer's Law US
Warstalker's Track UK US
Series: The Soulsmith
Soulsmith US
Dreambuilder US
Wordwright US
Series: Tales of Thunderbird O'Conner
Above the Lower Sky US
The Demons in the Green US
Series: Angen Chronicles
Bloodwinter UK US
Springwar UK US
Summerblood UK US
Warautumn UK US
The Gryphon King US

Joseph Delaney official site
Series: The Wardstone Chronicles (US: The Last Apprentice)
The Spook's Apprentice US: Revenge of the Witch UK US
The Spook's Curse US: Curse of the Bane UK US
The Spook's Secret US: Night of the Soul Stealer UK US
The Spook's Battle US: Attack of the Fiend UK US
The Spook's Mistake 5th June 2008 UK

Michael Delaney
Not Your Average Joe US

Samuel R. Delany unofficial site
Series: Nevèrÿon
Tales of Nevèrÿon short stories UK US
Flight to Nevèrÿon short stories UK US
Return to Nevèrÿon US: The Bridge of Lost Desire - short stories UK US
Neveryóna short stories UK US
The Jewels of Aptor UK US
They Fly at Çiron US

Michael DeLarrabeiti unofficial site
Series: The Borribles
The Borribles US
The Borribles Go for Broke US
The Borribles Across the Dark Metropolis US

Charles DeLint official site
Series: Moonheart
Moonheart UK US
Spiritwalk UK US
Series: Newford
Memory & Dream UK US
The Ivory and the Horn short stories UK US
Dreams Underfoot short stories US
Trader UK US
Someplace to Be Flying UK US
Moonlight and Vines short stories UK US
Forests of the Heart UK US
Ghosts of Wind and Shadow
Our Lady of the Harbour US
Uncle Dobbin's Parrot Fair short story
The Wishing Well
The Onion Girl UK US
Tapping the Dream Tree short stories UK US
Spirits in the Wires UK US
The Blue Girl UK US
Series: Newford related
The Dreaming Place UK US
Waifs and Strays short stories UK US
The Hour Before Dawn short stories UK US
Series: The Dungeon
The Valley of Thunder US
The Hidden City US
Series: Faerielands
The Wild Wood US
Series: Angharad
Into the Green UK US
Series: Cerin Songweaver
The Harp of the Grey Rose US
Series: Jack of Kinrowan
Jack the Giant Killer UK US
Drink Down the Moon UK US
Seven Wild Sisters UK US
Medicine Road UK US
The Riddle of the Wren UK US
Mulengro, a Romany Tale UK US
Yarrow, an Autumn Tale UK US
Greenmantle UK US
Wolf Moon US
Svaha UK US
The Wishing Well
The Little Country UK US
Trader US
A Handful of Coppers short stories UK US

Gérard DeNerval
Journey to the Orient UK US

Paul Dengelegi
Series: Casca
The Liberator UK US
The Defiant UK US
Return To The Empire

Troy Denning unofficial site
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Avatar
Shadowdale as Richard Awlinson - with Scott Ciencin UK US
Tantras as Richard Awlinson - with Scott Ciencin UK US
Waterdeep as Richard Awlinson - with Scott Ciencin UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: Empires
Dragonwall US
Series: Forgotten Relams: Lost Empires
Faces of Deception UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Harpers
The Parched Sea US
The Veiled Dragon US
Series: Forgotten Realms: Twilight Giants
The Ogre's Pact US
The Giant Among Us US
Titan of Twilight US
Series: Forgotten Realms: Return of the Archwizards
The Summoning UK US
The Siege UK US
The Sorcerer UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms
Blood Charge US
Crucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad UK US
Beyond the High Road US
Death of the Dragon with Ed Greenwood US
Series: Dark Sun: Prism
The Verdant Passage US
The Crimson Legion UK US
The Amber Enchantress US
The Obsidian Oracle US
The Cerulean Storm US
The Oath of Stonekeep UK US

Carol L. Dennis
Series: Dragon
Dragon's Pawn US
Dragon's Knight US
Dragon's Queen UK US

Ian Dennis
Series: The Prince of Stars in the Cavern of Time
Bagdad US
The Prince of Stars US

Nigel Dennis
Cards of Identity UK US

Bradley Denton official site
Lunatics US

Pilar DeOvalle
Calabrinia Falling US

Eça DeQueirós unofficial site
The Mandarin short stories UK US
The Relic UK US

Christine Deriso
Do-Over soon...
? soon...

Martha Derman
Tales from Academy Street US

Mário DeSá-Carneiro
The Great Shadow short stories UK US

Jorge DeSena
The Wondrous Physician US

John Desjarlais
The Throne of Tara UK US

Gene DeWeese
The Adventures of a Two-Minute Werewolf US

Kathleen Dexter
Fifth Life of the Catwoman UK US

Susan Dexter
Series: Winter King's War
Ring of Allaire US
The Sword of Calandra US
The Mountains of Channadran US
Series: Winter King's War related
The Wizard's Shadow US
Series: The Warhorse of Esdragon
The Prince of Ill Luck US
The Wind-Witch UK US
The True Knight UK US
Moonlight UK US

Graham Diamond
Series: Haven
The Haven
Lady of the Haven
Dungeons of Kuba
The Falcon of Eden
The Beasts of Hades
Forest Wars US
Series: Samarkand
Samarkand Dawn US
The Thief of Kalimar US
Cinnabar US

Kate DiCamillo
The Tale of Despereaux UK US

Charles Dickens unofficial site
The Magic Fish-Bone UK US

Monica Dickens unofficial site
Series: Messenger
The Haunting of Bellamy 4

Matthew T. Dickerson official site
The Finnsburg Encounter US

John Dickinson
The Cup of the World UK US
The Widow and the King UK US

Oliver Dickinson official site
Series: Hero Wars
The Complete Griselda short stories UK US

Peter Dickinson official site
Series: The Changes
The Weathermonger UK US
Heartsease UK US
The Devil's Children UK US
Series: Damar related
Water, Tales of Elemental Spirits with Robin McKinley UK US
The Blue Hawk UK US
Tulku UK US
Merlin Dreams short stories UK US
A Box of Nothing US
The Dancing Bear UK US
Emma Tupper's Diary US
Giant Cold US
Time and the Clockmice, Etc. short story
The Iron Lion US
The Ropemaker UK US
The Tears of the Salamander UK US
The Gift Boat US: Inside Grandad UK US

Gordon R. Dickson unofficial site
Series: The Dragon Knight
The Dragon and the George UK US
The Dragon Knight US
The Dragon on the Border UK US
The Dragon at War UK US
The Dragon, the Earl, and the Troll UK US
The Dragon and the Djinn UK US
The Dragon & the Gnarly King UK US
The Dragon in Lyonesse UK US
The Dragon and the Fair Maid of Kent UK US
Series: Thieves World
Jamie the Red US
Necromancer UK US
The Last Dream short stories US
Beyond the Dar Al-Harb US
The Earth Lords US

Paul DiFilippo unofficial site
A Year in the Linear City UK
Little Doors short stories UK US
Harp, Pipe, and Symphony UK US

Theresa C. Dintino official site
Ode to Minoa UK US

Thomas M. Disch official site
Series: Toaster
The Brave Little Toaster US
The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars US
The Silver Pillow UK US
The Tale of Dan de Lion US

Jenny Diski
Only Human UK US

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni unofficial site
The Conch Bearer UK US
The Mirror of Fire and Dreaming UK US
The Mistress of Spices UK US

Chris Dixon
Series: Adventures of Skarry the Dreamer
Winter in Aphelion

Jill Dobson
A Journey to Distant Mountains UK US

Cory Doctorow official site
Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town UK US

E. L. Doctorow unofficial site
The Waterworks US

Shari Dodd
Rhiannon UK US

Robert Dodds
Series: Claire and Ben Swift
The Midnight Clowns UK US
Nightland UK US

Jim Dodge
Stone Junction UK US

Jane Doe
Anarchist Farm UK US

Anthony Doerr official site
About Grace UK US

Berlie Doherty
Spellhorn UK
Children of Winter UK
Daughter of the Sea UK US
The Snake-Stone UK US
Running on Ice short stories UK

Cameron Dokey
The Storyteller's Daughter UK US
Beauty Sleep UK US
Sunlight and Shadow UK US
Golden UK US

Ronald L. Donaghe official site
Series: Twilight of the Gods
Cinátis, Volume 1 UK US
Cinátis, Volume 2 2003
Gwi's War 2004
War Among the Gods 2005

Keith Donahue
The Stolen Child soon...

Stephen R. Donaldson official site
Series: The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever
Lord Foul's Bane UK US
The Illearth War UK US
The Power that Preserves UK US
Series: The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever
The Wounded Land UK US
The One Tree UK US
White Gold Wielder UK US
Series: The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever
The Runes of the Earth UK US
Fatal Revenant UK US
Against All Things Ending Late 2010
The Last Dark Late 2013
Series: Mordant's Need
The Mirror of Her Dreams UK US
A Man Rides Through UK US
Series: The Gap
The Gap into Conflict: The Real Story US
The Gap into Vision: Forbidden Knowledge US
The Gap into Power: A Dark and Angry God Arises US
The Gap into Madness: Chaos and Order UK US
The Gap into Ruin: This Day all Gods Die UK US
Daughter of Regals and Other Tales short stories UK US
Gilden-Fire US
Reave the Just and Other Tales short stories UK US

J. W. Donnelly
Babylon Gardens short stories

Marcos Donnelly
Prophets for the End of Time UK US

Emma Donoghue official site
Kissing the Witch short stories US

Keith Donohue
The Stolen Child soon...

Dale Donovan & Linda Johns
Series: Dungeons & Dragons: Knights of the Silver Dragon
Sign of the Shapeshifter UK US

Candas Jane Dorsey
Black Wine UK US

Carole Nelson Douglas official site
Series: Taliswoman
Cup of Clay US
Seed Upon the Wind US
The Red Swan 2001
Series: Sword and Circlet
Six of Swords US
Exiles of the Rynth US
Keepers of Edanvant US
Heir of Rengarth US
Seven of Swords US

L. Warren Douglas official site
Series: The Sorceress's Tale
The Sacred Pool UK US
The Veil of Years UK US
The Isle Beyond Time UK US

Marcia Douglas unofficial site
Madam Fate UK US

Marjie Douglas
Matrix Witch US

Sara Douglass official site
Series: The Axis Trilogy (US: The Wayfarer Redemption)
BattleAxe   UK US
Enchanter   UK US
StarMan   UK US
Series: The Wayfarer Redemption
Sinner UK US
Pilgrim UK US
Crusader UK US
Series: DarkGlass Mountain
The Serpent Bride UK US
The Twisted Citadel 6th May 2008 UK US
? soon...
Series: The Crucible
The Nameless Day UK US
The Wounded Hawk UK US
The Crippled Angel UK US
Series: The Troy Game
Hades' Daughter UK US
God's Concubine UK US
Darkwitch Rising UK US
Druid's Sword UK US
Beyond the Hanging Wall UK US
Threshold UK US
The Betrayal of Arthur UK

Ann Downer
Series: The Spellkey
The Spellkey UK US
The Glass Salamander UK US
The Books of the Keepers UK US
Hatching Magic UK US

Adrian Drake official site
Series: The World of Marna
The Legend of Hawkwind
The Bard of Azure and Gold

David Drake official site
Series: Lord of the Isles
Lord of the Isles UK US
Queen of the Demons UK US
Servant of the Dragon UK US
Mistress of the Catacombs UK US
Goddess of the Ice Realm UK US
Master of the Cauldron UK US
Series: World of Crystal Walls
The Sea Hag US
Series: Heroes in Hell
Explorers in Hell with Janet Morris - short stories US
Series: Thieves World
Dagger US
Series: Cormac Mac Art
Cormac Mac Art with Robert E. Howard UK US
Ranks of Bronze UK US
The Dragon Lord UK US
The Hunter Returns with Jim Kjelgaard US
The Undesired Princess & the Enchanted Bunny with Lyon Sprague DeCamp UK US
Vettius and His Friends US
Old Nathan US

Wayland Drew
Dragonslayer US
Willow novelisation UK US

Jeremy Dronfield unofficial site
The Alchemist's Apprentice UK

Diane Duane official site
Series: The Tales of the Five
The Door into Fire US
The Door into Shadow US
The Door into Sunset US
The Door into Starlight soon...
Series: Young Wizards
So You Want to Be a Wizard US
Deep Wizardry UK US
High Wizardry UK US
A Wizard Abroad UK US
The Wizard's Dilemma UK US
A Wizard Alone UK US
Wizard's Holiday UK US
Wizards at War UK US
Series: Young Wizards related
The Book of Night With Moon UK US
On Her Majesty's Wizardly Service US: To visit the Queen UK US
The Big Meow soon...
Short Circuit soon...
Series: Guardians of the Three
Keeper of the City with Peter Morwood US
Uptown Local short story
Lior and the Sea short story
Parting Gifts short story
Stealing the Elf-King's Roses UK US
Lightning in the Cup soon...

Rikki Ducornet
Series: nonbe
The Complete Butcher's Tales short stories UK US

Grace Dugan
The Door soon...

Joyce Dunbar
Mundo and the Weather-Child US

Andy Duncan official site
Beluthahatchie and Other Stories short stories UK US

Dave Duncan official site
Series: The Seventh Sword
The Reluctant Swordsman US
The Coming of Wisdom UK US
The Destiny of the Sword UK US
Series: A Man of his Word
Magic Casement UK US
Feary Lands Forlorn US
Perilous Seas UK US
Emperor and Clown US
Series: A Handful of Men
The Cutting Edge US
Upland Outlaws UK US
The Striken Field UK US
The Living God UK US
Series: The King's Blades
The Gilded Chain UK US
Lord of the Fire Lands UK US
Sky of Swords UK US
Paragon Lost UK US
Impossible Odds UK US
The Jaguar Knights UK US
Series: The King's Daggers
Sir Stalwart UK US
The Crooked House UK US
Silvercloak UK US
Series: The Omar Books
The Reaver Road UK US
The Hunters' Haunt UK US
Series: The Great Game
Past Imperative US
Present Tense US
Future Indefinite UK US
Series: Years of Longdirk
Demon Sword as Ken Hood US
Demon Rider as Ken Hood UK US
Demon Knight as Ken Hood UK US
Series: The Codec Books
The Children of Chaos UK US
Mother of Lies UK US
The Alchemist's Apprentice UK US
The Alchemist's Code 4th March 2008 UK US
? soon...
The Red-Rose City US
The Cursed US
Daughter of Troy as Sarah B. Franklin US
Ill Met In The Arena 19th August 2008 UK US

Glen Duncan
I, Lucifer UK US
Death of an Ordinary Man UK US

Hal Duncan official site
Series: The Book of All Hours
Vellum UK US

Lois Duncan official site
A Gift of Magic UK US

Sandy Frances Duncan
Pattern Makers UK US

Patricia Duncker
The Deadly Space Between UK US

Clare B. Dunkle official site
Series: The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy
The Hollow Kingdom UK US
Close Kin UK US
In the Coils of the Snake UK US

Eileen Dunlop
Green Willow's Secret US: Green Willow UK US
Elizabeth, Elizabeth US: Robinsheugh US

Helen Dunmore official site
Ingo UK US
The Tide Knot UK US
The Deep UK US

Lord Dunsany official site
Series: Time and the Gods
The Gods of Pegana short stories UK US
Time and the Gods short stories UK US
The Sword of Welleran short stories UK US
A Dreamer's Tale short stories UK US
The Book of Wonder short stories UK US
The Last Book of Wonder short stories UK US
Series: The Collected Jorkens
Volume One UK US
Volume Two UK US
Volume Three UK US
The King of Elfland's Daughter with Neil Gaiman UK US
The Charwoman's Shadow UK US
Curse of the Wise Woman UK US
The Golden Doom US
The Glittering Gate with William-Allan Landes US
The Gods of the Mountains with William-Allan Landes US
King Argimenes and the Unknown Warrior US
The Lost Silk Hat with William-Allan Landes US
Night at the Inn US
Tales of the Three Hemispheres US
Beyond the Fields We Know US
Plays of Gods and Men US

Doranna Durgin official site
Dun Lady's Jess US
Changespell UK US
Changespell Legacy UK US
Touched by Magic UK US
Wolf Justice UK US
Series: Mage Knight
Dark Debts UK US
Barrenlands UK US
Wolverine's Daughter UK US
Seer's Blood UK US
Harvest of Souls short story
Fool's Gold short story
A Feral Darkness UK US

Gerald Durrell unofficial site
The Talking Parcel US: The Battle for Castle Cockatrice UK US

Sarah Dykins
Lessons from an Angel UK US