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crooty's band page:

Magdalen Nabb

Vladimir Nabokov (unofficial site)

Sten Nadolny

Gina B. Nahai

Kathleen Nance (official site)

Donna Jo Napoli (unofficial site)

Mary Nash

Robert Nathan (unofficial site)

Terry Nation (unofficial site)

Lilian Nattel

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (official site)

Vera Nazarian (official site)

Rebecca Neason

John R. Neill (unofficial site)

Eric Neilson

E. Nesbit (unofficial site)

Katherine Neville (official site)

T. P. Newark

Linda Newbery (official site)

Henry Newbolt

Robert Newcomb (official site)

Robert W. Newman

Sharan Newman (official site)

Stan Nicholls (official site)

Adam Nichols (unofficial site)

Ruth Nichols

Geoff Nicholson (unofficial site)

William V. Nicholson (official site)

Nick Nielsen

Audrey Niffenegger

Douglas Niles (unofficial site)

Jenny Nimmo

Lia Nirgad

Lindy Anne Nisbet

Adam Niswander

Larry Niven (official site)

Garth Nix (official site)

Perry Nodelman (official site)

Charles Nodier

Till Noever (official site)

William F. Nolan (official site)

Jeff Noon (official site)

Roger Norman

Gregory Norminton (official site)

Allen C. Northrop

Andre Norton (official site)

Mary Norton

Manning Norvil

Warren C. Norwood (unofficial site)

Naomi Novik (official site)

Jay Nussbaum (official site)

Jody Lynn Nye (official site)

Robert Nye

Eric S. Nylund (unofficial site)