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Stan Nicholls official site
Series: Nightshade Chronicles
The Book of Shadows UK
The Shadow of the Sorcerer UK
A Gathering of Shadows UK
Series: Orcs: First Blood
Bodyguard of Lightning UK US
Legion of Thunder UK US
Warriors of the Tempest UK US
Series: Streamers
A Fistful of Dormice with Anne Gay - soon...
The Green Mouse Effect with Anne Gay - soon...
Where is Your Husband Tethered? with Anne Gay - soon...
Delicious Hot or Cold with Anne Gay - soon...
I Left My Hat in San Francisco with Anne Gay - soon...
Ten Days That Shook the Weird with Anne Gay - soon...
Series: Quicksilver (US: The Dreamtime)
Quicksilver Rising US: The Covenant Rising UK US
Quicksilver Zenith US: The Righteous Blade UK US
Quicksilver Twilight UK