Holly Lisle
Series: Faia
Fire in the Mist UK US
Bones of the Past UK US
Mind of the Magic UK US
Series: Serrated Edge
When the Bough Breaks with Mercedes Lackey US
Series: Devil
Sympathy for the Devil US
The Devil & Dan Cooley with Walter Lee Spence UK US
Hell on High with Ted Nolan US
Series: Bard's Tale
Thunder of the Captains with Aaron Allston US
Wrath of the Princes with Aaron Allston US
Curse of the Black Heron UK US
Series: Glenraven
Glenraven with Marion Zimmer Bradley UK US
In the Rift with Marion Zimmer Bradley UK US
Series: Secret Texts
Diplomacy of Wolves UK US
Vengence of Dragons UK US
Courage of Falcons UK US
Series: The Secret Texts Prequel
Vincalis the Agitator UK US
Series: The World Gates
Memory of Fire UK US
Wreck of Heaven UK US
Gods Old and Dark UK US
Hunting the Corrigan's Blood US
Mall, Mayhem & Magic with Chris Guin UK US
Minerva Wakes UK US
The Otherworld with Mercedes Lackey and Mark Shepard UK US
The Rose Sea With S. M. Stirling UK US
Talyn UK US