Madeleine L'Engle
The Arm of the Starfish UK US
Dragons in the Waters US
A House Like a Lotus UK US
A Journey With Jonah UK US
The Other Side of the Sun US
The Love Letters US
A Severed Wasp US
Meet the Austins US
The Moon by Night US
A Ring of Endless Light US
Certain Women UK US
Troubling a Star UK US
The Young Unicorns US
A Winter's Love US
And Both Were Young UK US
Camilla UK US
A Small Rain UK US
A Live Coal in the Sea UK US
The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas UK US
The Anti-Muffins US
Dance in the Desert UK US
The Glorious Impossible UK US

Ernest L'Epine
The Day of Chivalry

Erik L'Homme
Series: Book of the Stars
Quadehar the Sorcerer UK US
The Mystery of Lord Sha UK US
Face of the Shadow UK US

Mercedes Lackey
Series: The Heralds of Valdemar
Arrows of the Queen US
Arrow's Flight US
Arrow's Fall US
Series: The Last Herald Mage
Magic's Pawn US
Magic's Promise UK US
Magic's Price US
Series: The Mage Winds
Winds of Fate US
Winds of Change US
Winds of Fury US
Series: The Mage Storms
Storm Warning UK US
Storm Rising UK US
Storm Breaking UK US
Series: The Mage Wars
The Black Gryphon with Larry Dixon UK US
The White Gryphon with Larry Dixon UK US
The Silver Gryphon with Larry Dixon UK US
Series: Vows and Honor
Oathbound UK US
Oathbreakers UK US
Oathblood UK US
By the Sword UK US
Series: The Story of Laven Firestorm
Brightly Burning UK US
Series: Owl
Owlflight with Larry Dixon UK US
Owlsight with Larry Dixon UK US
Owlknight with Larry Dixon UK US
Series: Valdemar
Exile's Honor UK US
Exile's Valor UK US
? soon...
? soon...
? soon...
Series: Valdemar Prequel
Take a Thief UK US
Series: Valdemar related
The Valdemar Companion with John Helfers and Denise Little UK US
Sun in Glory with Judith Tarr, Tanya Huff, Rosemary Eghill... - short stories UK US
Sword of Ice short stories UK US
Crossroads short stories UK US
Series: Bardic Voices
The Lark and the Wren UK US
The Robin and the Kestrel UK US
The Eagle and the Nightingales UK US
Four & Twenty Blackbirds UK US
Series: Bard's Tales
Castle of Deception with Josepha Sherman UK US
Fortress of Frost and Fire with Ru Emerson UK US
Prison of Souls with Mark Shepherd US
Escape from Roksamur with Mark Shepherd UK US
Series: Bardic Choices
A Cast of Corbies with Josepha Sherman UK US
Series: Bedlam Bards
Knight of Ghosts and Shadows with Ellen Guon UK US
Summoned to Tourney with Ellen Guon US
Bedlam's Bard with Ellen Guon UK US
Beyond World's End with Rosemary Edghill UK US
Spirits White as Lightning with Rosemary Edghill UK US
Mad Maudlin with Rosemary Edghill UK US
Bedlam's Edge with Rosemary Edghill UK US
Music to my Sorrow with Rosemary Edghill UK US
Series: Halfblood Chronicles
The Elvenbane with Andre Norton US
Elvenblood with Andre Norton UK US
Elvenborn with Andre Norton UK US
Elvenbread with Andre Norton - soon...
Series: Diana Tregarde
Burning Water UK US
Children of the Night UK US
Jinx High US
Series: Serrated Edge
The Chrome Borne with Larry Dixon UK US
Born to Run with Larry Dixon UK US
Wheels of Fire with Mark Shepherd UK US
When the Bough Breaks with Holly Lisle US
Chrome Circle with Larry Dixon UK US
Stoned Souls with Josepha Sherman - soon...
Series: Serrated Edge Prequel
This Scepter'd Isle with Roberta Gellis UK US
Ill Met by Moonlight with Roberta Gellis UK US
Series: Darkover
Rediscovery with Marion Zimmer Bradley US
Series: Sword of Knowledge
Reap the Whirlwind with C. J. Cherryh UK US
The Sword of Knowledge with C. J. Cherry, Nancy Asire and Leslie Fish UK US
Series: Partnerships
The Ship Who Searched with Anne McCaffrey UK US
Series: Heirs of Alexandria
The Shadow of the Lion with Eric Flint and Dave Freer UK US
This Rough Magic with Eric Flint and Dave Freer UK US
Series: Elemental Masters
The Fire Rose UK US
The Serpent's Shadow UK US
The Gates of Sleep UK US
Phoenix and Ashes UK US
The Wizard of London UK US
? soon..
? soon...
? soon...
? soon...
Series: Obsidian
The Outstretched Shadow with James Mallory UK US
To Light a Candle with James Mallory UK US
When Darkness Falls with James Mallory - 25th July 2006 UK US
? with James Mallory - soon...
? with James Mallory - soon...
? with James Mallory - soon...
Joust UK US
Alta UK US
Sanctuary UK US
Aeyrie 3rd October 2006 UK
Series: 500 Kingdoms
The Fairy Godmother UK US
? soon...
? soon...
? soon...
Queen of Air & Darkness soon...
The Wizard of Karres with Eric Flint and Dave Freer UK US
The Sorceress of Karres with Eric Flint and Dave Freer - soon...
The River's Gift UK US
Sacred Ground US
If I Pay Thee Not in Gold with Piers Anthony UK US
Tiger Burning Bright with Marion Zimmer Bradley and Andre Norton UK US
Firebird UK US
Lammas Night with Josepha Sherman UK US
Fiddler Fair UK US
The Black Swan UK US
Werehunter short stories UK US
The Otherworld with Holly Lisle and Mark Shepherd UK US
A Circus of Witches with Eric Flint and Dave Freer - soon...
Winter Moon with Tanith Lee and C. E. Murphy - short stories UK US

Louise Ladd
Series: The Anywhere Ring
Miracle Island US
Castle in Time UK US
Lost Valley UK US
Cherry Blossom Moon UK US

Tom LaFarge
The Crimson Bears UK US
A Hundred Doors UK US
Zuntig UK US

R. L. LaFevers
The Falconmaster UK US

R. A. Lafferty
Series: Coscuin Chronicles
The Flame Is Green US
Half a Sky US
Series: In a Green Tree
My Heart Leaps Up, Chapters 1 & 2 US
My Heart Leaps Up, Chapters 3 & 4 US
My Heart Leaps Up, Chapters 5 & 6 US
My Heart Leaps Up, Chapters 9 & 10 US
Serpent's Egg UK
Not to Mention Camels UK US

Selma Lagerlöf
The Lowenskold Ring UK US

Michael Lahey
Quest for Apollo US

T. H. Lain
Series: Dungeons & Dragons: Core Series
The Savage Caves UK US
Series: Dungeons & Dragons
The Living Dead UK US
Oath of Nerull UK US
City of Fire UK US
The Bloody Eye UK US
Treachery's Wake UK US
Plague of Ice UK US
Sundered Arms UK US
Return of the Damned UK US
The Death Ray UK US

Jay Lake
Mainspring UK US
Stemwinder June 2008

Margo Lanagan
Black Juice short stories UK US
? soon...

Zoë Landale
The Rain Is Full of Ghosts

J. D. Landis
The Taking UK US

Tanya Landman
Waking Merlin UK US

Dena Landon
Shapeshifter's Quest UK US

Derek Landy
Skulduggery Pleasant UK US
Playing with Fire 1st April 2008 UK US

Christopher Lane
Eden's Gate UK US

Andrew Lang
The Rainbow Fairy Book with Michael Hague - short stories US

Katherine Langrish
Troll Fell UK US
Troll Mill UK US
Troll Blood UK US

Jane Langton
Series: The Hall Family Chronicles
The Diamond in the Window UK US
The Swing in the Summerhouse UK US
The Astonishing Stereoscope UK US
The Fledgling UK US
The Fragile Flag UK US
The Time Bike UK US
The Mysterious Circus UK US

Sterling Lanier
Hiero's Journey UK US
The Unforsaken Hiero UK US

Richard LaPlante
Series: Tegné
Soul Warrior US: Warlord of Zendow US
The Killing Blow

Justine Larbalestier
Series: Magic or Madness
Magic or Madness UK US
Reason and the Two Cities soon...
? soon...

Glenda Larke
Series: The Isles of Glory
The Aware UK US
Gilfeather UK US
The Tainted UK US
Series: The Mirage Makers
The Heart of the Mirage 2nd August 2007 UK
? soon...
? soon...
Havenstar as Glenda Noramly UK US

Jane Larsen
Silk Road US
Bronze Mirror UK US

Riley Lashea
Bleeding Through Kingdoms UK US

Kathryn Lasky
Series: Guardians of Ga'Hoole
The Capture UK US
The Journey UK US
The Rescue UK US
The Siege UK US
The Shattering UK US
The Burning UK US
The Hatchling UK US
The Outcast UK US
The First Collier 1st April 2006 UK US

Allison Lassieur
Series: Legend of the Five Rings: The Clan War
Second Scroll: The Unicorn UK US

Rhiannon Lassiter
Series: Rights of Passage
Borderland UK US
Outland UK US
Shadowland UK US
Waking Dream UK US

Sanders Anne Laubenthal

Florence Laughlin
The Little Leftover Witch UK US

Stephen Lawhead
Series: The Pendragon Cycle
Taliesin UK US
Merlin UK US
Arthur UK US
Pendragon UK US
Grail UK US
Series: Pendragon related
Avalon UK US
Series: The Dragon King
In the Hall of the Dragon King UK US
The Warlords of Nin UK US
The Sword and the Flame UK US
Series: The Song of Albion
The Paradise War UK US
The Silver Hand UK US
The Endless Knot UK US
Series: Celtic Crusades
The Iron Lance UK US
The Black Rood UK US
The Mystic Rose UK US
Byzantium UK US
Patrick UK US

Louise Lawrence
Series: Llandor
Journey Through Llandor
The Road to Irriyan
The Shadow of Mordican UK
The Parting of the Ways
The Earth Witch US
The Power of Stars US

Michael Lawrence
Series: Aldous Lexicon (US: The Withern Rise Trilogy)
A Crack in the Line UK US
Small Eternities UK US
The Underwood See 5th October 2006 UK US

Virginia Layefsky
Impossible Things UK US

Martine Leavitt
The Dollmage UK US

Francis Lebaron
Series: Magic, the Gathering: The Masquerade Cycle
The Mercadian Masques US

Tim Lebbon
Dusk UK US
Dawn UK US

Jess Lebow
Series: Magic, the Gathering
The Colors of Magic US
The Myths of Magic US
Series: Magic, the Gathering: Mirrodin Cycle
The Darksteel Eye UK US
Series: Legend of the Five Rings: The Four Winds Saga
Wind of War UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Fighters
Master of Chains UK US

Guillaume Lecasble
Lobster UK US

J. Ardian Lee
Series: Summons of the Sword
Son of the Sword UK US
Outlaw Sword UK US
Sword of King James UK US
Sword of the White Rose UK US

John Lee
Series: Unicorn Quest
The Unicorn Quest US
The Unicorn Dilemma US
The Unicorn Solution US
The Unicorn Peace UK US
The Unicorn War UK US

Rachel Lee
Shadows of Myth UK US
Shadows of Prophecy UK US
Shadows of Destiny UK US

Samantha Lee
Childe Rolande UK

Tanith Lee
Series: Karrakaz
The Birthgrave US
Vazkor, Son of Vazkor US
Quest for the White Witch US
Series: The Novels of Vis
The Storm Lord US
Anackire US
The White Serpent US
Series: Don't Bite the Sun
Biting the Sun UK US
Drinking Sapphire Wine US
Series: Tales from the Flat Earth
Night's Master US
Death's Master US
Delusion's Master US
Delirium's Mistress US
Night's Sorceries US
Series: The Secret Books of Paradys
The Book of the Damned UK US
The Book of the Beast UK US
The Book of the Dead UK US
The Book of the Mad UK US
Series: The Secret Books of Venus
Faces Under Water US
Saint Fire US
A Bed of Earth UK US
Series: Unicorn
Black Unicorn UK US
Gold Unicorn UK US
Red Unicorn UK US
Series: Magicquest
East of Midnight US
Series: Sabella
Sabella US
Kill the Dead US
The Castle of Dark US
Prince on a White Horse US
Series: Voyage of the Basset
Islands in the Sky UK US
Series: The Claidi Journals
Law of the Wolf Tower US: Wolf Tower UK US
Wolf Star Rise US: Wolf Star UK US
Queen of the Wolves US: Wolf Queen UK US
Wolf Wing UK US
Series: Lionwolf
Cast a Bright Shadow UK US
Here in Cold Hell UK US
Volkhavaar US
Companions on the Road US
Electric Forest US
Lycanthia US
Day by Night US
The Dragon Hoard US
The Gorgon and Other Beastly Tales US
Red as Blood US
Dreams of Dark and Light short stories US
Madame Two Swords US
A Heroine of the World US
Sung in Shadow US
The Winter Players US
Shon the Taken
Forests of the Night short stories US
Heart-Beast US
White as Snow UK US
Mortal Suns UK US
Piratica UK US
Winter Moon with Mercedes Lackey and C. E. Murphy - short stories UK US

Murray J. D. Leeder
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Fighters
Son of Thunder UK US

Joseph Sheridan LeFanu
*Carmilla (*Carmilla)   UK US

Ursula K. LeGuin
Series: Earthsea
A Wizard of Earthsea   UK US
The Tombs of Atuan   UK US
The Farthest Shore   UK US
Tehanu   UK US
The Other Wind UK US
Dragonfly short story  
Tales from Earthsea short stories UK US
Series: Worlds of Exile and Illusion
Rocannon's World UK US
Planet of Exile UK US
City of Illusions UK US
Series: Hainish
The Word for World Is Forest US
The Left Hand of Darkness UK US
The Dispossessed: An Ambiguous Utopia UK US
The Telling US
Series: Hainish related
Four Ways to Forgiveness UK US
Old Music and the Slave Woman short story
Catwings UK US
Catwings Return UK US
Wonderful Alexander and the Catwings UK US
Jane on Her Own UK US
Gifts UK US
Voices UK US
The Compass Rose short stories UK US
Threshold US: The Beginning Place US
Fire and Stone UK US
Fish Soup UK US
A Ride on the Red Mare's Back UK US
Solomon Leviathan's Nine Hundred and Thirty-First Trip Around the World US
A Very Long Way from Anywhere Else US: Very Far Away from Anywhere Else US
The Beginning Place UK US
Incredible Good Fortune poems UK US

Fritz Leiber
Series: Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser
Ill Met in Lankhmar UK US
Lean Times in Lankhmar UK US
Return to Lankhmar UK US
Farewell to Lankhmar UK US
The Sinful Ones US
The Ghost Light short stories US

Justin Leiber
Series: Saga of the House of Eigin
The Sword and the Eye US
The Sword and the Tower US

Stephen Leigh
Series: The Cloudmages
Holder of Lightning as S. L. Farrell UK US
Mage of Clouds as S. L. Farrell UK US
Heir of Stone as S. L. Farrell UK US
The Abraxas Marvel Circus US

Valery Leith
Series: Everien
The Company of Glass UK US
The Riddled Night UK US
The Way of the Rose UK US

Alexander Leithes
Mananan MacLir UK

Mary Lennox
The Moon Runners UK US

Elmore Leonard
A Coyote's in the House UK US

Lawrence Leonard
The Horn of Mortal Danger US

Paul Leppin
Series: The Road to Darkness
Daniel Jesus UK US
Severin's Road to Darkness UK US
The Ghost of the Jewish Ghetto

Ellen W. Leroe
Have a Heart, Cupid Delaney US
Meet Your Match, Cupid Delaney US

Jonathan Lethem
As She Climbed Across the Table UK US
The Fortress of Solitude UK US

Kathleen Leverich
The New You UK US

Betty Levin
The Ice Bear UK US
The Banished UK US
A Binding Spell US
The Keeping Room US

Gail Carson Levine
Ella Enchanted UK US
The Wish UK US
The Two Princesses of Bamarre UK US

Myron Levoy
The Magic Hat of Mortimer Wintergreen UK US

Robert Levy
Escape from Exile UK US
Clan of the Shape-Changers US
The Misfit Apprentice US

C. S. Lewis
Series: The Chronicles of Narnia
The Magician's Nephew   UK US
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe   UK US
The Horse and His Boy   UK US
Prince Caspian   UK US
Voyage of the Dawn Treader   UK US
The Silver Chair   UK US
The Last Battle   UK US
Series: Narnia related
A Book of Narnians, the Lion, the Witch and the Others with James Riordan US
Letters to Children UK US
The Wisdom of Narnia UK US
Series: Screwtape
The Screwtape Letters UK US
Screwtape Proposes a Toast UK US
The Shoddy Lands short story
Boxen short stories US

Mark Lewis
Kaliban's Christmas US

Naomi Lewis
Proud Knight, Fair Lady short stories US

Roy Lewis
The Evolution Man UK US

Sian Lewis
Bath Rat UK

Shariann Lewitt
First and Final Rites US

Rebecca Lickiss
Eccentric Circles UK US
Never After UK US
Remember Me? UK US

Alan Lightman
The Diagnosis UK US

Kenneth Lillington
A Trick of the Dark

Brad Linaweaver
The Land Beyond Summer UK US

Anne Lindbergh
The People in Pineapple Place US
Three Lives to Live US

Judith Lindbergh
The Thrall's Tale soon...

David Lindsay
The Voyage to Arcturus UK US
The Haunted Woman UK US

Sonia Lindsay
Sara's Magical Journey UK US

Jane Lindskold
Series: Novel of the Athanor
Changer UK US
Legends Walking UK US
Series: The Firekeeper Saga
Through Wolf's Eyes UK US
Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart UK US
The Dragon of Despair UK US
Wolf Captured UK US
Wolf Hunting UK US
Wolf's Blood UK US
Series: Breaking the Wall
13 Orphans soon...
9 Gates soon...
? soon...
The Pipes of Orpheus US
When the Gods Are Silent US
Lord Demon with Roger Zelazny UK US
The Buried Pyramid UK US
Child of a Rainless Year UK US

Eric Linklater
A Spell for Old Bones US

Robert Lipscombe
The Salamander Tree

Holly Lisle
Series: Faia
Fire in the Mist UK US
Bones of the Past UK US
Mind of the Magic UK US
Series: Serrated Edge
When the Bough Breaks with Mercedes Lackey US
Series: Devil
Sympathy for the Devil US
The Devil & Dan Cooley with Walter Lee Spence UK US
Hell on High with Ted Nolan US
Series: Bard's Tale
Thunder of the Captains with Aaron Allston US
Wrath of the Princes with Aaron Allston US
Curse of the Black Heron UK US
Series: Glenraven
Glenraven with Marion Zimmer Bradley UK US
In the Rift with Marion Zimmer Bradley UK US
Series: Secret Texts
Diplomacy of Wolves UK US
Vengence of Dragons UK US
Courage of Falcons UK US
Series: The Secret Texts Prequel
Vincalis the Agitator UK US
Series: The World Gates
Memory of Fire UK US
Wreck of Heaven UK US
Gods Old and Dark UK US
Hunting the Corrigan's Blood US
Mall, Mayhem & Magic with Chris Guin UK US
Minerva Wakes UK US
The Otherworld with Mercedes Lackey and Mark Shepard UK US
The Rose Sea With S. M. Stirling UK US
Talyn UK US

Janet Taylor Lisle
Series: Investigators of the Unknown
The Gold Dust Letters UK US
Looking for Juliette UK US
A Message from the Match Girl UK US
Angela's Alien UK US
Afternoon of the Elves UK US
Forest UK US
The Lost Flower Children UK US
The Lampfish of Twill UK US
The Crying Rocks UK US

Rebecca Lisle
Copper UK US

Robin Lister
The Legend of Arthur UK US

Penelope Lively
Treasures of Time UK US
The Wild Hunt of Hagworthy US: Wild Hunt of the Ghost Hounds UK US
The Whispering Knights UK US
The Voyage of QV66 UK US
The Revenge of Samuel Stokes UK US

John Livesey
Swallow and the Prince of Darkness

Margot Livesey
Eva Moves the Furniture UK US

Ian Livingstone
Series: Fighting Fantasy
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (Le Sorcier de la Montagne de Feu) with Steve Jackson   UK US
The Forest of Doom (La Forêt de la Malédiction)   UK US
City of Thieves (La Cité des Voleurs)   UK US
Deathtrap Dungeon (Le Labyrinthe de la Mort)   UK US
Scorpion Swamp (Le Marais aux Scorpions) with Steve Jackson   UK US
Island of the Lizard King (L'Ile du Roi Lézard)   UK US
Caverns of the Snow Witch (La Sorcière des Neiges)   UK US
Talisman of Death (Le Talisman de la Mort) with Steve Jackson   UK US
Freeway Fighter UK US
Temple of Terror (Le Temple de la Terreur)   UK US
The Rings of Kether with Steve Jackson UK US
Seas of Blood with Steve Jackson UK US
Trial of Champions UK US
Crypt of the Sorcerer UK US
Armies of Death UK
Return to Firetop Mountain UK US
Legend of Zagor UK US
Series: The Fighting Fantasy Novels
Shadowmaster with Marc Gascoigne UK
Series: Fighting Fantasy: The Zagor Chronicles
Firestorm with Carl Sargent UK
Darkthrone with Carl Sargent UK
Skullcrag with Carl Sargent UK
Demonlord with Carl Sargent UK
Casket of Souls UK US

A. R. Lloyd
Series: Kine Saga
Marshworld US: Kine
Witchwood US
Dragon Pond

D. R. Lloyd
The Sillymarillion UK US

Morgan Llywelyn
Series: The Arcana
Silverhand with Michael Scott UK US
Silverlight with Michael Scott UK US
Series: Beloved of the Gods
Etruscans with Michael Scott UK US
Lion of Ireland US
Pride of Lions UK US
The Horse Goddess UK US
On Raven's Ring US: Red Branch UK US
Druids UK US
The Elementals short stories UK US
The Wind from Hastings UK US
Bard, the Odyssey of the Irish UK US
Brian Boru, Emperor of the Irish UK US
The Last Prince of Ireland UK US
The Isles of the Blest US
Finn MacCool US
Strongbow UK US
Lion of Ireland UK US

Rebecca Locksley
The Three Sisters UK US

Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier
Robonocchio UK US

Hugh Lofting
Series: Doctor Dolittle
The Story of Doctor Dolittle UK US
The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle UK US
Doctor Doolittle's Post Office US
Doctor Dolittle's Circus US
Doctor Dolittle's Zoo UK US
Doctor Dolittle's Caravan UK US
Doctor Dolittle's Garden US
Doctor Dolittle in the Moon US
Doctor Dolittle's Return US
Doctor Dolittle and the Secret Lake US
Doctor Dolittle and the Green Canary UK US
Doctor Dolittle's Puddleby Adventures US
Series: Doctor Dolittle related
Gub-Gub's Book, An Encyclopaedia of Food US
Doctor Dolittle's Birthday Book US
The Twilight of Magic US

Anne Logston
Series: Shadow
Shadow US
Shadow Hunt US
Shadow Dance US
Series: Dagger
Dagger's Point US
Dagger's Edge US
Series: Shadow Prequel
Greendaughter US
Wild Blood US
Series: Crystal Keep
Guardian's Key UK US
Exile UK US
Series: Firewalk
Waterdance UK US

Roxanne Longstreet
Series: Shadow World
Stormriders US

Barry B. Longyear
The God Box UK US

Barry Lopez
Crow and Weasel US

Reyna Thera Lorele
The Archer King UK US

Adele Lorienne
Series: Wars of Avenan
The Rover's Cripple
Saberondan soon...
The Golden Prince soon...
Faeren's Song soon...

Jean Lorrah
Series: Savage Empire
Savage Empire US
Dragon Lord of the Savage Empire US
Captives of the Savage Empire US
Flight to the Savage Empire with Winston A. Howlett US
Sorcerers of the Frozen Isles US
Wulfston's Odyssey with Winston A. Howlett US
Empress Unborn US

Simon Louvish
The Therapy of Avram Blok US
What's Up God? UK US

Penelope Love
Castle of Eyes US

James Lovegrove
Worldstorm UK US

Jack Lovejoy
Series: Guardians of the Three
Defenders of Ar US

James Lowder
Series: Forgotten Realms: Empires
Crusade UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Harpers
The Ring of Winter US
Series: Forgotten Realms
Realms of Valor UK US
Prince of Lies US
Realms of Infamy UK US

Wesley Lowe
The Griffin's Gauntlet

Susan Lowell
The Boy With the Paper Wings UK US

Mark M. Lowenthal
Crispan Magicker US

David Lubar
Wizards of the Game UK US
Flip UK US

Penelope Lucas
Wilderness Moon

Dave Luckett
Series: Tenabran
A Dark Winter
A Dark Journey
A Dark Victory
Series: Rhianna Chronicles
The Girl, the Dragon, and the Wild Magic AUS: Rhianna and the Wild Magic UK US

Nancy Luenn
Arctic Unicorn US
Goldclimbers UK US

Leopoldo Lugones
Strange Forces short stories UK US

Tim Lukeman
Series: Witchwood
Witchwood US
Rajan US
Koren US

Richard A. Lupoff
Series: Dungeon
The Black Tower US
Final Battle US
Sword of the Demon US

Eric Van Lustbader
Series: The Sunset Warrior
The Sunset Warrior UK US
Dai San US
Shallows of Night US
Beneath an Opal Moon US
Dragons on the Sea of Night UK US
Series: The Pearl
The Ring of Five Dragons UK US
The Veil of a Thousand Tears UK US
The Cage of Nine Banestones US: Mistress of the Pearl UK US

Jim Lynch
The Highest Tide UK US

Scott Lynch
The Lies of Locke Lamora UK US
Red Seas under Red Skies UK US
? soon...
? soon...

Elizabeth A. Lynn
Series: Chronicles of Tornor
Watchtower UK US
The Dancers of Arun UK US
The Northern Girl UK US
Dragon's Winter UK US
Dragon's Treasure UK US
The Woman Who Loved the Moon short stories US
The Red Hawk
The Silver Horse US
Tales from a Vanished Country short stories
A Different Light UK US

Tracy Lynn
Snow UK US

Mary Lyons
Knockabeg UK US

Sonia Orin Lyris
Series: Magic, the Gathering
And Peace Shall Sleep US