Tanith Lee
Series: Karrakaz
The Birthgrave US
Vazkor, Son of Vazkor US
Quest for the White Witch US
Series: The Novels of Vis
The Storm Lord US
Anackire US
The White Serpent US
Series: Don't Bite the Sun
Biting the Sun UK US
Drinking Sapphire Wine US
Series: Tales from the Flat Earth
Night's Master US
Death's Master US
Delusion's Master US
Delirium's Mistress US
Night's Sorceries US
Series: The Secret Books of Paradys
The Book of the Damned UK US
The Book of the Beast UK US
The Book of the Dead UK US
The Book of the Mad UK US
Series: The Secret Books of Venus
Faces Under Water US
Saint Fire US
A Bed of Earth UK US
Series: Unicorn
Black Unicorn UK US
Gold Unicorn UK US
Red Unicorn UK US
Series: Magicquest
East of Midnight US
Series: Sabella
Sabella US
Kill the Dead US
The Castle of Dark US
Prince on a White Horse US
Series: Voyage of the Basset
Islands in the Sky UK US
Series: The Claidi Journals
Law of the Wolf Tower US: Wolf Tower UK US
Wolf Star Rise US: Wolf Star UK US
Queen of the Wolves US: Wolf Queen UK US
Wolf Wing UK US
Series: Lionwolf
Cast a Bright Shadow UK US
Here in Cold Hell UK US
Volkhavaar US
Companions on the Road US
Electric Forest US
Lycanthia US
Day by Night US
The Dragon Hoard US
The Gorgon and Other Beastly Tales US
Red as Blood US
Dreams of Dark and Light short stories US
Madame Two Swords US
A Heroine of the World US
Sung in Shadow US
The Winter Players US
Shon the Taken
Forests of the Night short stories US
Heart-Beast US
White as Snow UK US
Mortal Suns UK US
Piratica UK US
Winter Moon with Mercedes Lackey and C. E. Murphy - short stories UK US