David & Leigh Eddings
Series: The Belgariad
Pawn of Prophecy   UK US
Queen of Sorcery   UK US
Magician's Gambit   UK US
Castle of Wizardry   UK US
Enchanter's End Game   UK US
Series: The Malloreon
Guardians of the West   UK US
King of the Murgos   UK US
Demon Lord of Karanda   UK US
Sorceress of Darshiva   UK US
The Seeress of Kell   UK US
Series: The Belgariad and the Malloreon Prequels
Belgarath the Sorcerer   UK US
Polgara the Sorceress   UK US
The Rivan Codex   UK US
Series: The Elenium
The Diamond Throne   UK US
The Ruby Knight   UK US
The Sapphire Rose   UK US
Series: The Tamuli
Domes of Fire   UK US
The Shining Ones   UK US
The Hidden City   UK US
Series: The Dreamers
The Elder Gods UK US
The Treasured One UK US
The Crystal Gorge UK US
The Younger Gods UK US
*High Hunt US
*The Losers UK US
The Redemption of Althalus   UK US
*Regina's Song UK US