Edward Eager
Half Magic UK US
Knight's Castle UK US
Magic By the Lake UK US
The Time Garden UK US
Magic or Not? UK US
The Well-Wishers UK US
Seven-Day Magic UK US

Tim Earnshaw
Helium UK
Godbox UK

M. Coleman Easton
Series: Kyala
Masters of Glass US
The Fisherman's Curse US
Iskiir US
Spirits of Carvern and Hearth US

Will Eaves
The Oversight UK

Chris Eboch
The Well of Sacrifice UK US

Allan W. Eckert
Series: The Mesmerian Annals
The Dark Green Tunnal UK US
The Wand US

Umberto Eco
The Island of the Day Before UK US
Baudolino UK US

David & Leigh Eddings
Series: The Belgariad
Pawn of Prophecy   UK US
Queen of Sorcery   UK US
Magician's Gambit   UK US
Castle of Wizardry   UK US
Enchanter's End Game   UK US
Series: The Malloreon
Guardians of the West   UK US
King of the Murgos   UK US
Demon Lord of Karanda   UK US
Sorceress of Darshiva   UK US
The Seeress of Kell   UK US
Series: The Belgariad and the Malloreon Prequels
Belgarath the Sorcerer   UK US
Polgara the Sorceress   UK US
The Rivan Codex   UK US
Series: The Elenium
The Diamond Throne   UK US
The Ruby Knight   UK US
The Sapphire Rose   UK US
Series: The Tamuli
Domes of Fire   UK US
The Shining Ones   UK US
The Hidden City   UK US
Series: The Dreamers
The Elder Gods UK US
The Treasured One UK US
The Crystal Gorge UK US
The Younger Gods UK US
*High Hunt US
*The Losers UK US
The Redemption of Althalus   UK US
*Regina's Song UK US

E. R. Eddison
Series: Zimiamvia
Mistress of Mistresses US
A Fish Dinner in Memison US
The Mezantian Gate US
The Worm Ouroboros UK US

Teresa Edgerton
Series: Green Lion
Child of Saturn US
The Moon in Hiding US
The Work of the Sun US
Series: Goblin Moon
Goblin Moon US
The Gnome's Engine US
Series: Kingdom of Celydonn
The Castle of the Silver Wheel US
The Grail and the Ring US
The Moon and the Thorn US
Titiana, or, the Celestial Bed short story
My Soul into the Boughs short story
A Wreath of Pale Flowers for Vitri short story
Rogue's Moon short story
Tower of Brass short story
The Queen's Necklace UK US

Rosemary Edghill
Series: Twelve Treasures
The Sword of Maiden's Tears short stories UK US
The Cup of Morning Shadows short stories UK US
The Cloak of Night and Daggers short stories US
Series: Carolus Rex
The Shadow of Albion with Andre Norton UK US
Leopard in Exile with Andre Norton UK US
Series: Bedlam Bards
Beyond World's End with Mercedes Lackey UK US
Spirits White as Lightning with Mercedes Lackey UK US
Mad Maudlin with Mercedes Lackey UK US
Bedlam's Edge with Mercedes Lackey UK US
Music to My Sorrow with Mercedes Lackey UK US
Series: Witchlight
Ghostlight with Marion Zimmer Bradley UK US
Witchlight with Marion Zimmer Bradley UK US
Gravelight with Marion Zimmer Bradley UK US
Heartlight with Marion Zimmer Bradley UK US
Series: Childeric the Shatterer
Vengeance of Masks UK US
Series: Valdemar related
Sun in Glory with Judith Tarr, Tanya Huff, Mercedes Lackey... - short stories UK US
The Warslayer UK US

Claudia J. Edwards
Series: The Bastard Princess
Eldrie the Healer US
Taming the Forest King US
A Horsewoman in Godsland US
Bright and Shining Tiger US

Graham Edwards
Series: The Ultimate Dragon Saga
Dragoncharm UK US
Dragonstorm UK US
Dragonflame UK US
Series: The Stone
Stone & Sky UK US
Stone & Sea US
Stone & Sun UK

George Alec Effinger
The Zork Chronicles US
Maureen Birnbaum, Barbarian Swordsperson: The Complete Stories short stories US

Doris Egan
Series: The Ivory Books
The Gate of Ivory US
Two Bit Heroes US
Guilt-Edged Ivory US

Bob Eggleton
Dragonhenge UK US
The Stardragons UK US

Eugen Egner
Androids from Milk UK US

Randy Lee Eickhoff
Series: The Ulster Cycle
The Raid UK US
The Feast UK US
The Sorrows UK US
The Destruction of the Inn UK US
He Stands Alone UK US
The Red Branch Tales UK US

Thomas Eidson
Hannah's Gift

Edward Einhorn
Series: Oz
Paradox in Oz US
The Living House of Oz US

Phyllis Eisenstein
Series: Alaric
Born to Exile US
In the Red Lord's Reach US
The Island in the Lake short story
Series: Cray Ormeru
Sorcerer's Son US
The Crystal Palace US
The City in Stone soon...

Kerstin Ekman
The Forest Hours UK US

Stephen Elboz
Series: Kit Stixby
A Handful of Magic UK
A Land Without Magic UK
A Wild Kind of Magic UK US
The House of Rats UK
The Games-Board Map
The Byzantium Bazaar UK US

Suzette Haden Elgin
Series: The Ozark Trilogy
The Twelve Fair Kingdoms UK US
The Grand Jubilee UK US
And Then There'll Be Fireworks UK US
Peacetalk 101 UK US

George Eliot
The Lifted Veil, and Brother Jacob short stories UK US

Janice Elliott
Series: The Sword and the Dream
The King Awakes
The Empty Throne

Kate Elliott
Series: Crown of Stars
King's Dragon UK US
Prince of Dogs UK US
The Burning Stone UK US
Child of Flame UK US
The Gathering Storm UK US
In the Ruins UK US
Crown of Stars UK US
Series: The Golden Key
The Golden Key with Melanie Rawn and Jennifer Roberson - short stories UK US
The Seeker soon...
Series: Crossroads
Spirit Gate UK US
Shadow Gate 15th April 2008 UK US
? soon...
? soon...
The Labyrinth Gate as Alis A. Rasmussen US

Patricia Elliott
The Murkmere UK US
Ambergate UK US
The Ice Boy UK US

Alice Thomas Ellis
Fairy Tale UK US
The 27th Kingdom UK US

Larry & Robert Elmore
Runes of Autumn US

P. N. Elrod
The Adventures of Myhr UK US

Roger Elwood
Series: Angelwalk
Angelwalk UK US
Fallen Angel US
Stedfast Guardian Angel US
Where Angels Dare UK US
Angels in Atlantic City UK US
Wendy's Phoenix US
On Holy Ground US
Darien's Angelwalk for Children US
Darien: Guardian Angel of Jesus
Wise One US

Ru Emerson
Series: Tales of Nedao
To the Haunted Mountains US
In the Caves of Exile US
On The Seas of Destiny US
Series: Night-Threads
The Calling of the Three US
The Two in Hiding UK US
One Land, One Duke US
The Craft of Light US
The Art of the Sword US
The Science of Power US
Series: Greyhawk
Against the Giants US
Keep on the Borderlands UK US
Series: Bard's Tales
Fortress of Frost and Fire with Mercedes Lackey UK US
The Princess of Flames US
Spellbound US
The Sword and the Lion as Roberta Cray US
This Magic World short stories

Clayton Emery
Series: Forgotten Realms: Netheril Trilogy
Sword Play UK US
Dangerous Games UK US
Mortal Consequences UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: Lost Empires
Star of Cursrah UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: Sembia
The Halls of Stormweather UK US
Series: Magic, The Gathering
Whispering Woods US
Shattered Chains UK US
Final Sacrifice UK US
Series: Magic, The Gathering: The Legend of Jedit Ojanen
Johan UK US
Jedit UK US
Series: Magic, The Gathering: Magic Legends Cycle
Hazezon UK US
Series: Shadow World
The Burning Goddess as Ian Hammell US
City of Assassins US
Series: Runesword
Outcasts US
Card Master UK US
Tales of Robin Hood US

Tea Emesse
Series: Star Sisterz
Nova Rocks UK US
Nova and the Charmed Three 7th February 2006 UK US
Yumi Talks the Talk 11th April 2006 UK US

Carol Emshwiller
Mister Boots UK US

Michael Ende
The Neverending Story UK US
Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver US
The Grey Gentlemen US: Momo UK
The Night of Wishes US

M. J. Engh
The House in the Snow

Ronald England
Ghost Writer UK US

Martin A. Enticknap
Exodus, the Dolph/in Saga US

Louise Erdrich
The Antelope Wife UK US

Steven Erikson
Series: The Malazan Book of the Fallen
Gardens of the Moon UK US
Deadhouse Gates UK US
Memories of Ice UK US
House of Chains UK US
Midnight Tides UK US
The Bonehunters UK US
Reaper's Gale UK US
Toll the Hounds 30th June 2008 UK US
Dust of Dreams soon...
The Crippled God soon...
Series: Tales of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach
Blood Follows short story UK US
The Healthy Dead short story UK US
The Lees of Laughter's End short story UK US
Fishin' with Grandma Matchie short story UK US

Barbara Erskine
Child of the Phoenix UK US
Kingdom of Shadows UK US
Whispers in the Sand UK

Lloyd Arthur Eshbach
Series: The Gates of Lucifer
The Land Beyond the Gate US
The Armlet of the Gods US
The Sorceresss of Scath US
The Scroll of Lucifer US

Ian Cameron Esslemont
Series: The Malazan Book of the Fallen: Prequel
Night of Knives UK US

Rose Estes
Series: Greyhawk
Master Wolf UK US
The Price of Power UK US
The Demon Hand UK US
The Name of the Game US
Dragon in Amber US
The Eyes Have It US
Series: Iron Dragons
Mountains and Madness with E. J. Cherhavy UK US
Series: Troll
Troll-Taken US
Troll-Quest UK US
Series: Runesword
Skryling's Blade with Tom Wham US
The Stone of Time with Tom Wham US
Series: Elfwood
Elfwood US
Series: Saga of the Lost Lands
Blood of the Tiger US
Brother to the Lion UK US
Spirit of the Hawk US
Children of the Dragon US

Dale Estey
A Lost Tale US

Marc Estrin
Insect Dreams UK US

Craig Etchison
The World Weaver UK US

Ravi Shankar Etteth
The Village of Widows UK US

C. S. Evans
Cinderella UK US

Linda Evans
Sleipnir UK US

Quinn Taylor Evans
Series: Merlin's Legacy
Daughter of Fire UK US
Daughter of the Mist UK US
Daughter of Light UK US
Shadows of Camelot UK US
Dawn of Camelot UK US
Daughter of Camelot UK US

Brian Evenson
Contagion and Other Stories short stories UK US

Bernard Evslin
Jason & the Argonauts US

Lynne Ewing
Series: Daughters of the Moon
Goddess of the Night UK US
Into the Cold Fire UK US
Night Shade UK US
The Secret Scroll UK US
The Sacrifice UK US
The Lost One UK US
Moon Demon UK US
Possession UK US
The Choice UK US
The Talisman UK US
The Prophecy UK US
The Becoming UK US
Series: Sons of the Dark
Barbarian UK US
Escape UK US
Outcast UK US
Night Sun UK US