James Waddington
Bad to the Bone UK US

Andrea Rains Waggener
Alternate Beauty UK US

Tim Waggoner
Series: DragonLance, the New Adventures
Temple of the Dragonslayer UK US
Return of the Sorceress UK US

Karl Edward Wagner
Series: Conan
The Road of Kings US
Series: Kane
Darkness Weaves With Many Shades US
Death Angel's Shadow US
Bloodstone US
Dark Crusade US
Night Winds US
The Book of Kane short stories US
Series: Bran Mak Morn
Legion from the Shadows with Robert E. Howard UK US

Anna Lee Waldo
Series: The Druid Circle
Circle of Stones UK US
Cirlce of Stars UK US

Howard Waldrop
A Dozen Tough Jobs US

Barbara G. Walker
Amazon US
Feminist Fairy Tales short stories US

Hugh Walker
Series: Magira
War-Gamers' World
Army of Darkness
Messengers of Darkness

Lars Walker
Erling's Word UK US
The Ghost of the God-Tree UK US
Wolf Time UK US
Blood and Judgement US: Blood and Judgment UK US

Mary Alexander Walker
The Scathach and Maeve's Daughters UK US

Stephen Walker
Mr. Landen Has No Brain UK US

Wendy Walker
The Secret Service UK US
The Sea-Rabbit short stories UK US
Stories out of Omarie short stories UK US

David Wallace
The Watermelon King UK US

Velma Wallis
Two Old Women UK US

Horace Walpole
Hieroglyphic Tales short stories UK US

Peter Walpole
The Healer of Harrow Point UK US

Daniel Walther
Series: Book of Shai
The Book of Shai US
Shai's Destiny US

Evangeline Walton
Series: Mabinogion
The Island of the Mighty US
The Children of Llyr US
The Song of Rhiannon US
Prince of Annwn US
The Sword is Forged UK US

Jo Walton
The King's Peace UK US
The King's Name UK US
The Prize in the Game UK US
Tooth and Claw UK US

Howard Wandrei
The Last Pin short stories UK US
Time Burial short stories UK US
The Eerie Mr. Murphy short stories UK US

Walter Wangerin Jr.
The Book of the Dun Cow US
The Book of Sorrows UK US
The Crying for a Vision US

Orville J. Wanzer
Series: Elfin
The Elfin Brood US

Nick Warburton
The Thirteenth Owl

James M. Ward
Series: Forgotten Realms: Pool of Radiance
Pool of Radiance with Jane Cooper Hong US
Pools of Darkness with Anne K. Brown US
Pool of Twilight with Anne K. Brown US
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Double Diamond Triangle Saga
The Paladins US
Midshipwizard Halcyon Blithe UK US

Michael D. Warden
Series: The Pearlsong Refounding
Gideon's Dawn UK US

Marina Warner
The Leto Bundle UK US

Freda Warrington
Series: Blackbird
A Blackbird in Silver
A Blackbird in Darkness
A Blackbird in Amber
A Blackbird in Twilight
Darker Than the Storm
Series: Jewelfire
The Amber Citadel UK
The Sapphire Throne UK
The Obsidian Tower UK
The Rainbow Gate
The Court of the Midnight King UK

Gary Wassner
Series: Gemquest
The Twins UK US
The Awakening

Elizabeth Waters
Series: Trillium
Golden Trillium with Andre Norton UK US
Changing Fate US
The Gratitude of Kings with Marion Zimmer Bradley US

Ian Watson
Queenmagic, Kingmagic US

Jules Watson
Series: The Dalriada Trilogy
The White Mare UK US
The Dawn Stag UK US
The Boar Stone UK US

Robert Watson
Whilom UK US

Laura Watt
Carry Me Back UK US

Lawrence Watt-Evans
Series: Legends of Ethshar
Misenchanted Sword UK US
With a Single Spell UK US
The Unwilling Warlord UK US
The Blood of a Dragon UK US
Taking Flight UK US
The Spell of the Black Dagger UK US
Night of Madness UK US
Ithanalin's Restoration UK US
The Spriggan Mirror soon...
At the Sign of the Crimson Wolf soon...
The Vondish Ambassador soon...
The Wizard's Garden soon...
Azraya of Ethshar soon...
A Stranger in the Forest soon...
A Feather from Her Wing soon...
The Rune of the Implacable Stalker soon...
A Slave of Wizardry soon...
The Final Calling soon...
Series: The Lords of Dus
The Lure of the Basilisk US
The Seven Altars of Dusarra US
The Sword of Bheleu US
The Book of Silence US
Series: The Obsidian Chronicles
Dragon Weather UK US
The Dragon Society UK US
Dragon Venom UK US
Series: The Wizard Lords
? soon...
? soon...
? soon...
Newer York US
Crosstime Traffic short stories US
The Rebirth of Wonder with Esther Watt-Evans US
Split Heirs with Esther Mona Friesner UK US
Touched by the Gods UK US
*The Name of Fear (*La Peur A un Nom) short story

Leander Watts
Ten Thousand Charms UK US

Sylvia Waugh
The Mennyms UK US
Mennyms in the Wilderness UK US
Mennyms Under Siege UK US
Mennyms Alive US
Mennyms Alone UK US

Cat Weatherhill
Barkbelly UK US
Snowbone UK US
Wild Magic UK

Lydia Weaver
Splashman US

Michael D. Weaver
Series: Bloodfang
Wolf-Dreams US
Nightreaver US
Bloodfang US

Beth Webb
The Magic in the Pool of Making UK US

Catherine Webb
Timekeepers UK US
Waywalkers UK US
Mirror Dreams UK
Mirror Wakes UK

Don Webb
The Seventh Day and After short stories US
Anubis on Guard poems

Jackie Webb
Wilkes the Wizard
Wilkes the Wizard and teh S. P. A. M.

Collin Webber
Merlin and the Last Trump UK
Ribwash US

David M. Weber
Series: Oath of Swords
Oath of Swords UK US
The War God's Own UK US
Wind Rider's Oath UK US

Lyn Webster
Series: Alice
The Illumination of Alice J. Cunningham US

Karen Wehrstein
Series: Fifth Millenium
Lion's Heart UK US
Lion's Soul UK US
Shadow's Son with Shirley Meier and S. M. Stirling US

Terry Weide
Dream of Power, Dream of Glory UK US

Elizabeth E. Wein
Series: King Arthur
The Winter Prince US
A Coalition of Lions UK US
The Sunbird UK US
Series: The Mark of Solomon
The Lion Hunter UK US
The Empty Kingdom 17th April 2008 UK US

George Weinberg
Numberland US

Robert E. Weinberg
Series: Today's Sorcery
A Modern Magician US: A Logical Magician UK US
A Calculated Magic US

Margaret Weis
Series: The Darksword Trilogy
Forging the Darksword with Tracy Hickman UK US
Doom of the Darksord with Tracy Hickman UK US
Triumph of the Darksword with Tracy Hickman UK US
Legacy of the Darksword with Tracy Hickman UK US
Series: Darksword related
Darksword Adventures with Tracy Hickman UK US
Series: Rose of the Prophet
The Will of the Wanderer with Tracy Hickman UK US
The Paladin of the Night with Tracy Hickman UK US
The Prophet of Akhran with Tracy Hickman UK US
Series: The Death Gate Cycle
Dragon Wing with Tracy Hickman UK US
Elven Star with Tracy Hickman UK US
Fire Sea with Tracy Hickman UK US
Serpent Mage with Tracy Hickman UK US
The Hand of Chaos with Tracy Hickman UK US
Into the Labyrinth with Tracy Hickman UK US
The Seventh Gate with Tracy Hickman UK US
Series: DragonLance: Chronicles
Dragons of Autumn Twilight (Dragons d'un Crépuscule d'Automne) with Tracy Hickman   UK US
Dragons of Winter Night (Dragons d'une Nuit d'Hiver) with Tracy Hickman   UK US
Dragons of Spring Dawning (Dragons d'une Aube de Printemps) with Tracy Hickman   UK US
Dragons of Summer Flame with Tracy Hickman UK US
Series: DragonLance: Legends
Time of the Twins with Tracy Hickman UK US
War of the Twins with Tracy Hickman UK US
Test of the Twins with Tracy Hickman UK US
Series: DragonLance: Tales
The Magic of Krynn with Tracy Hickman UK US
Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes with Tracy Hickman UK US
Love and War with Tracy Hickman UK US
Series: DragonLance: Tales II
The Reign of Istar with Tracy Hickman and Nancy Varian Berberick UK US
The Cataclysm with Tracy Hickman and Nancy Varian Berberick UK US
The War of the Lance with Margaret Weis, Michael Williams and Richard A. Knaak UK US
Series: DragonLance: The Raistlin Chronicles
The Soulforge UK US
Brothers in Arms with Don Perrin UK US
Series: DragonLance: The Chaos War
The Doom Brigade with Don Perrin UK US
Series: DragonLance: The War of Souls
Dragons of a Fallen Sun with Tracy Hickman UK US
Dragons of a Lost Star with Tracy Hickman UK US
Dragons of a Vanished Moon with Tracy Hickman UK US
Series: DragonLance: Anthologies
The Dragons of Krynn UK US
The Dragons at War UK US
The Dragons of Chaos UK US
Series: DragonLance: Tales of the Fifth Age Anthologies
Relics and Omens UK US
Heroes and Fools UK US
Rebels and Tyrants UK US
Series: DragonLance: Kang's Regiment
Draconian Measures with Don Perrin UK US
Series: DragonLance: The Search for Magic
Tales from the War of Souls with Tracy Hickman - short stories UK US
Series: DragonLance: The Search for Power
Dragons from the War of Souls short stories UK US
Series: DragonLance: The Dark Disciple
Amber and Ashes UK US
Amber and Iron UK US
Series: DragonLance related
The History of Dragonlance with Tracy Hickman UK US
The Second Generation Realms of Dragons: The World of Weis and Hickman with Tracy Hickman UK US
Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home: The Complete Krynn Sourcebook with Tracy Hickman UK US
More Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home with Tracy Hickman UK US
Dragons in the Archives with Tracy Hickman - short stories UK US
Series: The Sovereign Stone
The Well of Darkness with Tracy Hickman UK US
Guardians of the Lost with Tracy Hickman UK US
Journey into the Void with Tracy Hickman UK US
Series: Dragonvarld
Mistress of Dragons UK US
The Dragon's Son UK US
Master of Dragons UK US
Series: Dragon's Disciple
Dark Heart with David Baldwin UK US

Daniel Evan Weiss
Unnatural Selection US: The Roaches Have No King UK US
Honk if You Love Aphrodite UK US

Jane Welch
Series: Runespell
The Runes of War UK US
The Lost Runes UK US
The Runes of Sorcery UK US
Series: The Book of Önd
The Lament of Abalone UK
The Bard of Castaguard UK
The Lord of Necrönd UK
Series: The Book of Man
Dawn of a Dark Age UK
The Broken Chalice UK
The Allegiance of Man UK

Michelle M. Welch
Confidence Game UK US
The Bright and the Dark UK US
Chasing Fire UK US

Mary Welfare
Yeti of the Glen

Manly Wade Wellman
Series: Silver John
The Old Gods Waken US
After Dark US
The Lost and the Lurking US
The Hanging Stones US
The Voice of the Mountain US
Series: John
John the Balladeer short stories US
Cahena US

Angus Wells
Series: The Book of the Kingdoms
Warth of Ashar UK US
The Usurper UK US
The Way Beneath UK US
Series: Godwars
Forbidden Magic UK US
Dark Magic UK US
Wild Magic UK US
Series: Exiles
Exile's Children UK US
Exile's Challenge UK US
Series: Raven
Swordmistress of Chaos with Robert Holdstock - as Richard Kirk UK US
A Time of Ghosts with Robert Holdstock - as Richard Kirk UK US
The Frozen God with Robert Holdstock - as Richard Kirk UK US
Lords of the Shadows with Robert Holdstock - as Richard Kirk UK US
A Time of Dying with Robert Holdstock - as Richard Kirk UK US
Lords of the Sky UK US
The Guardian UK US
Yesterday's Kings UK US

H. G. Wells
The Magic Shop UK US

Martha Wells
Series: Ile-Rien
The Element of Fire US
The Death of the Necromancer UK US
Series: The Fall of Ile-Rien
The Wizard Hunters UK US
The Ships of Air UK US
The Gate of Gods UK US
City of Bones UK US
Wheel of the Infinite UK US

Steven Wells
Tits-Out Teenage Terror Totty UK

Mary Welsey
Haphazard House UK US
Speaking Terms UK US

Bernard Werber
Empire of the Ants US

Paul West
Sporting With Amaryllis US
Cheops UK US

Robert Westall
The Cats of Seroster UK US
The Devil on the Road UK US
The Watch House UK US
The Scarecrows UK US

Scott Westerfeld
Series: Midnighters
The Secret Hour UK US
Touching Darkness UK US
Blue Noon 1st March 2006 UK US

Donald E. Westlake
Humans UK US

Robert Freeman Wexler
Circus of the Grand Design UK US

Suzanne Weyn
Series: Secret of the Unicorn Queen
Into the Dream US
The Night Dance UK US

Thomas Wharton
Salamander UK US

Leslie What
Olympic Games UK US

Weem Whitaker
The Four Children of Night UK

John Whitbourn
Series: Dangerous Energy
A Dangerous Energy
To Build Jerusalem US
Series: The Downs-Lord Triptych
Downs-Lord Dawn UK
Downs-Lord Day UK
Downs-Lord Doomsday UK
Popes and Phantoms US
The Royal Changeling UK

Susan Whitcher
Enchanter's Glass US

James Gordon White
The Nomad Queen US

John White
Series: The Archives of Anthropos
The Tower of Geburah UK US
The Iron Scepter
The Sword Bearer UK US
Gaal the Conqueror UK US
Quest for the King UK US

Richard C. White
Series: Gauntlet: Dark Legacy
Paths of Evil UK US

Steve White
Demon's Gate UK US

T. H. White
Series: The Once and Future King
The Sword in the Stone   UK US
The Witch in the Wood Later called: The Queen of Air and Darkness   UK US
The Ill-Made Knight   UK US
The Candle in the Wind   UK US
The Book of Merlyn   UK US
Mistress Masham's Repose UK US
The Elephant and the Kangaroo US
The Maharajah and Other Stories US

Ted White
The Sorceress of Qar
Phoenix Prime US
The Jewels of Elsewhen

Victoria Whitehead
The Chimney Witches US
Chimney Witch Chase US

Dean Whitlock
Sky Carver UK US

Andrew Whitmore
Series: Countenance Divine
Demogorgon soon...
Series: Pagad
Pagad's Progress
Pagad's Penance soon...
The Fortress of Eternity US

Voronica Whitney-Robinson
Series: Forgotten Realms: Sembia
Sands of the Soul UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Rogues
The Crimson Gold UK US

Edward Whittemore
Series: Jerusalem Quartet
Sinai Tapestry UK US
Jerusalem Poker UK US
Nile Shadows UK US
Jericho Mosaic UK US

Christopher Whyte
Euphemia MacFarrigle and the Laughing Virgin UK US

Jack Whyte
Series: Camulod Chronicles
Skystone UK US
The Singing Sword UK US
The Eagle's Brood UK US
The Saxon Shore UK US
The Fort at River's Bend UK US
The Sorcerer: Metamorphosis UK US
Uther UK US
The Lance Thrower UK US
Series: Knights Templar Trilogy
Knights of the Black and White UK US
Standard of Honor 13th September 2007 UK US
Fall of Baphomet soon...
The Silver Moon Elm 5th June 2007 UK US
? soon...

Leonard Wibberley
The Quest of Excalibur US

Linda Wichman
Legend of the Emerald Rose UK US

Diana Wieler
Series: RanVan
The Defender UK US
A Worthy Opponent UK US
Magic Nation UK US

Edel Wignell
Escape by Deluge US

Alix Wilber
The Wives' Tale UK US

Oscar Wilde
*The Picture of Dorian Gray (*Le Portrait de Dorian Gray) UK US
Complete Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde US

Cherry Wilder
Series: Rulers of Hylor
A Princess of the Chameln US
Yorath the Wolf US
The Summer's King US

Laura Ingalls Wilder
Series: Little House
*Little House in the Big Woods UK US
*Little House on the Prairie UK US
*On the Banks of Plum Creek UK US
*By the Shores of Silver Lake UK US
*The Long Winter UK US
*Litle Town on the Prairie UK US
*These Happy Golden Years UK US
*The First Four Years UK US
*Farmer Boy UK US
Series: Little House related
*On the way Home UK US

Kate Wilhelm
Cambio Bay US
The Girl Who Fell into the Sky short story
Naming the Flowers US

Kim Wilkins
Series: Europa Suite
The Autumn Castle UK US
Giants of the Frost UK
The Snow Witch soon...

Carole Wilkinson
Dragon Keeper AUS: Dragonkeeper UK US
Garden of the Purple Dragon UK US
Dragon Moon UK US
Series: Dragon Keeper related
The Dragon Companion
Series: Ramose
Prince in Exile UK US
Ramose and the Tomb Robbers UK US
Sting of the Scorpion UK
Wrath of Ra UK

Dale C. Willard
The Linnet's Tale UK US

Nancy Willard
Series: Anatole
Sailing to Cythera and Other Anatole Stories short stories US
The Island of the Grass King UK US
Uncle Terrible US
Firebrat US
Sister Water US
Beauty and the Beast US
The Sorcerer's Apprentice UK US

Edward Willett
Soulworm US
The Dark Unicorn US
Spirit Singer US

Elizabeth Willey
Series: Kingdom of Argylle
The Well-Favored Man US
A Sorcerer and a Gentleman US
The Price of Blood and Honor UK US

Greg Williams
Younger than Springtime US

Jay Williams
Petronella UK US

Jim Williams
Recherché UK

Maiya Williams
The Golden Hour UK US

Michael Williams
Series: From Thief to King
A Sorcerer's Apprentice US
A Forest Lord US
The Balance of Power US
Series: Hawking Family
Arcady UK US
Allamanda UK US
Series: DragonLance: Heroes
Weasel's Luck UK US
Series: DragonLance: Heroes II
Galen Beknighted UK US
Series: DragonLance: Villains
Before the Mask with Teri Williams US
Series: DragonLance: The Meeting Sextet
The Oath and the Measure UK US
The Dark Queen with Teri Williams US
Series: DragonLance: Tales II
The War of the Lance with Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman and Richard A. Knaak UK US

Nigel Williams
Black Magic

Robina Williams
Jerome and the Seraph UK US

Sean Williams
Series: The Change
The Stone Mage & the Sea UK US
The Sky Warden & the Sun UK US
The Storm Weaver & the Sand UK US
Series: The Cataclysm
The Crooked Letter UK US
The Blood Debt UK US
The Hanging Mountains UK US
The Devoured Earth
Series: The Broken Land
The Changeling 2008
The Dust Devils 2008
The Scarecrow 2009

Tad Williams
Series: Memory, Sorrow and Thorn
The Dragonbone Chair   UK US
Stone of Farewell   UK US
To Green Angel Tower, Siege   UK US
To Green Angel Tower, Storm   UK US
The Burning Man short story   UK US
Series: Osten Ard related
A Chronicle in Stone short stories - soon...
Series: Otherland
City of Golden Shadow UK US
River of Blue Fire UK US
Mountain of Black Glass UK US
Sea of Silver Light UK US
The Happiest Dead Boy in the World short story UK US
Series: Shadowmarch
Shadowmarch UK US
Shadowplay UK US
Shadowrise 4th March 2010 UK US
Tailchaser's Song   UK US
Mirror World
Child of an Ancient City with Nina Kiriki Hoffman US
Caliban's Hour UK US
The War of the Flowers   UK US

Chet Williamson
Series: Forgotten Realms
Murder in Cormyr UK US

Duncan Williamson
The Broonie, Silkies & Fairies short stories US

Henry Williamson
Tarka the Otter UK US

Jack Williamson
The Reign of Wizardry US
The Stonehenge Gate 1st April 2005 US

Philip G. Williamson
Series: Firstworld Chronicles
Dinbig of Khimmur
The Legend of Shadd's Torment
From Enchantery
Heart of Shadows
Citadel UK
Series: Enchantment's Edge
The Orb and the Spectre US
Orbus's World UK US
The Soul of the Orb UK

Connie Willis
Miracle and Other Christmas Stories short stories UK US
Inside Job UK US

Dan Willis
Series: DragonLance, the New Adventures
The Dragon Well UK US
Dragon Knight UK US

Paul John Willis
No Clock in the Forest US
The Stolen River US

David Henry Wilson
The Coachman Rat US

David Niall Wilson
Series: Grails Covenant
To Sift Through Bitter Ashes US
To Speak in Lifeless Tongues UK US
To Dream of Dreamers Lost UK US

Diane Lee Wilson
I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade UK US

Gahan Wilson
Eddy Deco's Last Caper US
Everybody's Favorite Duck US

Martin Wilson
The Castle of Oblivion UK
The Homunculus UK

Robert Anton Wilson
Series: Illuminatus
The Eye in the Pyramid with Robert J. Shea UK US
The Golden Apple with Robert J. Shea UK US
Leviathan with Robert J. Shea UK US
Masks of the Illuminati UK US
Series: The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles
The Earth Will Shake UK US
The Widow's Son UK US
Nature's God UK US

Scott T. Wilson
Series: The Journal of Haylerbane
Two Shades Darker than the Sky UK US
Where the Worm Leads soon...
Held in the Balance soon...

Staci Layne Wilson
Rock & Roll Fantasy UK US

Terri Windling
Series: Voyage of the Basset
The Raven Queen UK US
Midsummer Night's Fairy Tale with Wendy Froud - short stories UK US
The Winter Child with Wendy Froud - short stories UK US
The Wood Wife UK US

Norman Winski
The Sword and the Sorcerer US

Laurel Winter
Infinity Syrup short story
The Moon Garden Cookbook short story
Permanent Natural Boy short story
David's Ashes short story
Blood Harp short story
Tomorrow Tea short story
Sky Eyes short story
Growing Wings UK US

Henry Winterfeld
Castaways of Lilliput UK US

Jeanette Winterson
Sexing the Cherry UK US
Weight UK US

Elizabeth Winthrop
The Castle in the Attic US
The Battle for the Castle UK US

Ken Wisman

Allen L. Wold
The Eye in the Stone US

Joan Wolf
The Edge of Light US

Joyce Wolf
Between the Cracks US

Leonard Wolf
The Glass Mountain UK US

Gene Wolfe
Series: The Book of the New Sun
The Shadow of the Torturer UK US
The Claw of the Conciliator UK US
The Sword of the Lictor UK US
The Citadel of the Autarch UK US
Urth of the New Sun UK US
Series: The Book of the Long Sun
Nightside the Long Sun UK US
Lake of the Long Sun UK US
Caldé of the Long Sun UK US
Exodus from the Long Sun UK US
Series: The Book of the Short Sun
On Blue's Waters UK US
In Green's Jungles UK US
Return to the Whorl UK US
Series: Latro
Soldier of the Mist UK US
Soldier of Arete US
Soldier of Sidon UK US
Series: The Wizard Knight
The Knight UK US
The Wizard UK US
The Devil in a Forest US
Castleview UK US
Pandora by Holly Hollander US
There Are Doors UK US

Swain Wolfe
The Woman Who Lives in the Earth UK US

Meg Wolitzer
The Dream Book US

B. Wongar
Series: The Nuclear Trilogy
Walg UK US
Karan UK US
Gabo Djara UK US

Barbara Wood
The Blessing Stone UK US
Poison UK US
The Star of Babylon UK US

Bridget Wood
Series: Wolfking
Wolfking US
The Lost Prince US
Rebel Angel US
The Burning Altar as Frances Gordon US
Changeling as Frances Gordon
The Devil's Piper US
Thorn, An Immortal Tale US

Frances M. Wood
Becoming Rosemary US

John Wood
In a Secret Place UK

MacKay Wood
Wolf's Cub UK US
Gryphon King

Maggie Wood
The Princess Pawn UK US

N. Lee Wood
Bloodrights UK US

Nancy Wood
Thunderwoman UK US

Clive Woodall
One for Sorrow, Two for Joy UK US
Seven for a Secret UK US

Francine G. Woodbury
Shade and Shadow UK US

Chris Wooding
Series: The Braided Path
The Weavers of Saramyr UK
The Skein of Lament UK
Ascendancy Veil UK
The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray UK
Poison UK US
Half Life soon...

Elvira Woodruff
The Disappearing Bike Shop US

Virginia Woolf
Orlando UK US

Persia Woolley
Child of the Northern Spring US
Queen of the Summer Stars US
Guinevere: the Legend in Autumn US

Patricia C. Wrede
Series: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles
Dragonsbane US: Dealing With Dragons UK US
Dragon Search US: Searching for Dragons UK US
Calling on Dragons UK US
Talking to Dragons UK US
Series: Magic & Malice
Mairelon the Magician UK US
Magician's Ward UK US
Series: Lyra Novels
Shadow Magic US
Daughter of Witches US
The Harp of Imach Thyssel US
Caught in Crystal UK
The Raven Ring UK US
Sorcery and Cecilia with Caroline Stevermer US
The Grand Tour with Caroline Stevermer UK US
The Seven Towers US
Snow White and Rose Red US
Book of Enchantments short stories UK US
The Harp of Imach Thyssel US

Sara J. Wrench
The Duke of Sumava US

Deborah Wright
The Rebel Fairy UK

Gary Wright
The Road West US

Harold Bell Wright
The Uncrowned King US

John C. Wright
The Last Guardian of Everness UK US
Mists of Everness UK US
Orphans of Chaos UK US
Fugitives of Chaos UK US
Titans of Chaos UK US

K. Michael Wright
Tolteca soon...

Stephen Wright
Going Native UK US

Patricia Wrightson
Series: Book of Wirrun
The Nargun and the Stars US
The Ice is Coming UK US
The Dark Bright Water UK US
Journey Behind the Wind US
Baylet UK US
A Little Fear US
Moon-Dark UK US
Night Outside UK US

Rich Wulf
Series: Legend of the Five Rings: The Four Winds Saga
Wind of Justice UK US

Janny Wurts
Series: Wars of Light and Shadow
The Curse of the Mistwraith UK US
The Ships of Merior UK US
Warhost of Vastmark UK US
Series: Alliance of Light
Fugitive Prince UK US
Grand Conspiracy UK US
Peril's Gate UK US
Traitor's Knot UK US
Series: Cycle of Fire
Stormwarden UK US
Keeper of the Keys UK US
Shadowfane UK US
Series: Empire
Daughter of the Empire with Raymond E. Feist UK US
Servant of the Empire with Raymond E. Feist UK US
Mistress of the Empire with Raymond E. Feist UK US
The Master of the White Storm US
That Way Lies Camelot short stories UK US
Sorcerer's Legacy UK US
To Ride Hell's Chasm UK US

E. A. Wyke-Smith
The Marvellous Land of Snergs UK US

Elinor Wylie
The Venetian Glass Nephew UK US

Tim Wynne-Jones