Jostein Gaarder
The Solitaire Mystery UK US

Ben Gadd
Raven's End UK US

Neil Gaiman
Series: The Sandman
The Dream Hunters with Yoshitaka Amano UK US
Series: The Sandman related
The Sandman Companion with Hy Bender UK US
American Gods UK US
The Christmas Booklet
Anansi Boys UK US
The Monarch of the Glen short story UK US
*Good Omens with Terry Pratchett   UK US
Neverwhere UK US
Stardust UK US
Shoggoth's Old Peculiar short story
The King of Elfland's Daughter with Lord Dunsany UK US
Coraline UK US
Snow Glass Apples
Adventures in the Dream Trade short stories UK US
The Wolves in the Walls with Dave McKean UK US
Crazy Hair with Dave Mc Kean -soon...
Smoke and Mirrors short stories - expanded version of Angels & Visitations UK US
The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish with Dave McKeane UK US
MirrorMask with Dave McKean UK US

Ellen Galford
The Dyke and the Dybbuk US

J. V. Gallagher

Paul Gallico
Jennie US: The Abandoned US
Thomasina US

Priscilla Galloway
Truly Grim Tales short stories UK US

Peter Gallway
Series: The Chosen Seven
Broken Chains UK US

Silvana Gandolfi
Aldabra UK US

Becky Ganger
The Wizard's Wife

Grant Garber
The Sabbath Chapter US

Laura Gallego Garcia
The Legend of the Wandering King UK US

R. García y Robertson
Series: War of the Roses
Knight Errant UK US
Lady Robyn UK US
White Rose UK US
? soon...
The Spiral Dance US
Firebird soon...

Jane Gardam
Through the Dolls' House Door US

Nancy Garden
Series: Fours Crossing
The Door Between UK US

Craig Shaw Gardner
Series: Cineverse
Slaves of the Volcano God UK US
Bride of the Slime Monster UK US
Revenge of the Fluffy Bunnies UK US
Series: Ebenezum
A Malady of Magicks UK US
A Multitude of Monsters UK US
A Night in the Netherhells UK US
Series: Ballad of Wuntvor
A Difficulty With Dwarves UK US
An Excess of Enchantments UK US
A Disagreement With Death UK US
Series: Ebenezum related
A Malady of Magicks short story
Series: Arabian Nights
The Other Sinbad UK US
A Bad Day For Ali Baba UK US
Scheherazade's Night Out US: The Last Arabian Night UK US
Series: The Dragon Cirle
Raven Walking US: Dragon Sleeping UK US
Dragon Waking UK US
Dragon Burning UK US
Series: The Changeling Saga
The Changeling War as Peter Garrison UK US
The Sorcerer's Gun as Peter Garrison UK US
The Magic Dead as Peter Garrison UK US

John C. Gardner
Grendel UK US
Mickelsson's Ghosts US

Martin Gardner
Series: Oz
Visitors from Oz UK US

Sally Gardner
I, Coriander UK US

Mark Andrew Garland
Demon Blade with Charles G. McGraw US
Frost with Charles G. McGraw UK US
Dorella with Charles G. McGraw US
Sword of the Prophets US

Alan Garner
Series: Alderley Edge
The Weirdstone of Brisingamen UK US
The Moon of Gomrath UK US
Series: The Stone Book Quartet
The Stone Book UK US
Granny Rearden UK
The Aimer Gate UK US
Tom Fobble's Bay UK US
Elidor UK US
Red Shift UK US
The Owl Service UK US
The Well of the Wind US
Alan Garner's Book of British Fairy Tales short stories UK US
A Bag of Moonshine short stories UK US
Thursbitch UK

David Garnett
Lady into Fox UK US

Randall Garrett
Series: Lord Darcy
Too Many Magicians US
Murder and Magic US
Lord Darcy Investigates US
Ten Little Wizards with Michael Kurland US
A Study in Sorcery with Michael Kurland US
Series: Gandalara
The Steel of Raithskar with Vicki Ann Heydron US
The Glass of Dyskornis with Vicki Ann Heydron US
The Bronze of Eddarta with Vicki Ann Heydron US
The Well of Darkness with Vicki Ann Heydron US
The Search for Ka with Vicki Ann Heydron US
Return to Eddarta with Vicki Ann Heydron US
The River Wall with Vicki Ann Heydron US
A Fortnight of Miracles short story

David Garrett Izzo
Catland soon...

Terie Garrison
Series: The DragonSpawn Cycle
AutumnQuest UK US
WinterMaejic UK US
SpringFire 1st June 2007 UK US
SummerDance 1st September 2007 UK US

Marc Gascoigne
Series: Fighting Fantasy
Battleblade Warrior UK
Series: The Fighting Fantasy Novels
Shadowmaster with Ian Livingstone UK

Jane Gaskell
Series: Atlan
The Serpent US
The Dragon US
Atlan US
The City US
Some Summer Lands US
Strange Evil
King's Daughter

J. S. Gates
Series: The Ranger Saga
Return to Glory UK US

Susan Gates
Don't Mess With Angels UK
Pagans UK

Will Gatti
Abe's Team UK US

Théophile Gautier
Spirite, and The Coffee Pot UK US

Patricia Geary
Living in Ether US
Strange Toys US
Guru Cigarettes UK US

Pauline Gedge
Stargate US
Mirage Canada: Scroll of Saqqaura US

Maurice Gee
The World Around the Corner US

Roberta Gellis
Series: Serrated Edge Prequel
The Scepter'd Isle with Mercedes Lackey UK US
Ill Met by Moonlight with Mercedes Lackey UK US
Bull God UK US
Thrice Bound UK US

David A. Gemmell
Series: The Drenai
Legend US: Against the Horde UK US
The King Beyond The Gate UK US
Waylander UK US
Quest for Lost Heroes UK US
Waylander II US: In the Realm of the Wolf UK US
The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend short stories UK US
The Legend of Deathwalker UK US
Winter Warriors UK US
Hero in the Shadows UK US
Series: Skilgannon the Damned
The White Wolf UK US
The Swords of Night and Day UK US
Series: The Sipstrassi Tales
Wolf in Shadow US: The Jerusalem Man UK US
Ghost King UK US
The Last Sword of Power UK US
The Last Guardian UK US
Bloodstone UK US
Series: The Parmenion
Lion of Macedon UK US
Dark Prince UK US
Series: The Hawk Queen
Ironhand's Daughter UK US
The Hawk Eternal UK US
Series: Rigante
Sword in the Storm UK US
Midnight Falcon UK US
Ravenheart UK US
Stormrider UK US
Series: Troy
Lord of the Silver Bow UK US
Shield of Thunder UK US
Knights of the Dark Renown UK US
Morningstar UK US
Dark Moon UK US
Echoes of the Great Song UK US

Mary Gentle
Series: The White Crow
Rats and Gargoyles US
The Architecture of Desire UK US
Left to His Own Devices
Series: The Book of Ash
A Secret History UK US
Carthage Ascendant UK US
The Wild Machines UK US
Lost Burgundy UK US
Series: The Book of Ash Prequel
Under the Penitence UK
A Hawk in Silver US
Grunts! US
1610, a Sundial in a Grave US: A Sundial in a Grave, 1610 UK US

Merilyn George
Series: The Chronicles of the Last Elder Lord
Curse of the First Gods
Master of Ta'arim

Adèle Geras
Series: Egerton Hall
The Tower Room UK US
Troy UK US
Ithaka UK US

Michael Gerber
Barry Trotter and the Shameless Parody US: Barry Trotter and the Unauthorized Parody UK US
Barry Trotter and the Unnecessary Sequel UK US
Barry Trotter and the Dead Horse UK US

Sylvie Germain
The Book of Nights UK US
Night of Amber UK US
Days of Anger UK
The Weeping Woman on the Streets of Prague UK US
The Song of False Lovers UK US

Mordicai Gerstein
The Old Country UK US

Zulfikar Ghose
Figures of Enchantment US

Miles Gibson
Dancing With Mermaids UK US

Melanie Gideon
The Girl Who Swallowed the Moon US
The Map That Breathed UK US

David Gifaldi
Yours Till Forever US

Nick Gifford
Flesh and Blood UK US

Keren Gilfoyle
A Shadow on the Skin

Lindi Gilleland
Dominion's Crystal Tome UK US

ElizaBeth Gilligan
Series: Silken Magic
Magic's Silken Snare UK US
The Silken Shroud UK US

Alexis A. Gilliland
Series: Wizenbeak
Wizenbeak US
The Shadow Shaia UK US
Lord of the Troll-Bats UK US

Inez Hayes Gillmore
Angel Island US

Sheila Gilluly
Series: The Greenbriar Trilogy
Greenbriar Queen US
The Crystal Keep US
Ritnym's Daughter US
Series: Book of the Painter
The Boy from the Burren US
The Giant of Inishkerry
The Emperor of Earth-Above

Dorothy Gilman
The Maze in the Heart of the Castle US

Greer Ilene Gilman
Moonwise US

Laura Anne Gilman
Series: Grail Quest
The Camelot Spell UK US
? soon...
? soon...

Kate Gilmore
Enter Three Witches US

H. B. Gilmour & Randi Reisfeld
Series: T'Witches
The Power of Two UK US
Building a Mystery UK US
Seeing Is Deceiving UK US
Dead Wrong UK US
Don't Think Twice UK US
Double Jeopardy UK US
T'witches with Cards US: Kindred Spirits UK US
The Witch Hunters UK US
Split Decision UK US
Destiny's Twins 1st February 2004 UK US

Heather J. Gladney
Series: Song of Naga Teot
Teot's War US
Bloodstorm US

Debi Gliori
Pure Dead Magic UK US
Pure Dead Wicked UK US
Pure Dead Brilliant UK US
Deep Trouble US: Pure Dead Trouble UK US

Molly Gloss
Outside the Gates US

Sandra Glover
The Girl Who Knew UK US

Lou Goble
Kalevide US

Parke Godwin
Series: Arthurian
Invitation to Camelot US
Firelord US
Beloved Exile UK US
The Last Rainbow UK US
Series: Robin Hood
Sherwood US
Robin and the King US
Series: Robin Hood Prequel
Lord of Sunset UK US
Series: Masters of Solitude
The Masters of Solitude with Marvin Kaye US
Wintermind with Marvin Kaye US
The Tower of Beowulf US
The Fire When It Comes short stories US
A Truce With Time US
The Lovers, the Legend of Trystan and Yseult as Kate Hawks UK US

Dallas Clive Goffin
Legends of Fogrophol short stories

Namita Gokhale
The Book of Shadows UK US

E. J. Gold
Creation Story Verbatim UK US

Christie Golden
Instrument of Fate US
King's Man & Fate US
Series: WarCraft
Lord of the Clans UK US
Series: The Final Dance
On Fire's Wings UK US
In Stone's Clasp UK US
Under Sea's Shadow e-book US

Christopher Golden
Series: OutCast
The Un-Magician with Thomas E. Sniegoski UK US
Dragon Secrets with Thomas E. Sniegoski UK US
Ghostfire with Thomas E. Sniegoski UK US
Wurm War with Thomas E. Sniegoski UK US
Series: The Veil
The Myth Hunters UK US
The Borderkind UK US
The Lost Ones 25th March 2008 UK US
Strangewood UK US
The Seven Whistlers with Amber Benson UK US

Stephen Goldin
Series: Parsina Saga
Shrine of the Desert Mage US
The Storyteller and the Jann US
Crystals of Air and Water US

Michael Golding
Benjamin's Gift UK US

William Golding
The Double Tongue UK US

E. M. Goldman
Shrinking Pains US

William Goldman
The Princess Bride UK US
The Silent Gondoliers UK US

Cassandra Golds
Michael and the Secret War US

Steven Goldsberry
Maui the demigod UK US

Lisa Goldstein
Daughter of Exile as Isabel Glass UK US
The Divided Crown as Isabel Glass UK US
The Red Magician UK US
The Dream Years US
Tourists US
Strange Devices of the Sun and Moon US
Summer King, Winter Fool US
Travellers in Magic short stories UK US
Walking the Labyrinth UK US
Dark Cities Underground UK US
The Alchemist's Door UK US

Linda Gondosch
The Witches of Hopper Street US

Dan Gooch
Solomon Grundy UK

Terry Goodkind
Series: The Sword of Truth
Wizard's First Rule UK US
Stone of Tears UK US
Blood of the Fold UK US
Temple of the Winds UK US
Soul of the Fire UK US
Faith of the Fallen UK US
The Pillars of Creation UK US
Naked Empire UK US
Chainfire UK US
Phantom UK US
? soon...
Series: The Sword of Truth related
Debt of Bone short story UK US

Laurie Goodman
A Spell of Deceit US

Adam Gopnik
The King in the Window UK US

Greg Gorden
Series: Earth Dawn
Prophecy US

John Gordon
Giant Under the Snow US
Ride the Wind

Robert Scott & Jay Gordon
Series: The Eldran Trilogy
The Hickory Staff UK US
? soon...

Stuart Gordon
Series: The Watchers
Archon UK
The Hidden World UK
The Mask UK

Beatrice Gormley
Mail-Order Wings UK US
The Ghastly Glasses US
More Fifth Grade Magic UK US

Angélica Gorodischer
Kalpa Imperial UK US
1982, Janine UK US

Judith Gorog
Series: The Thousand and One Nights
Winning Scheherazade UK US

Hiromi Goto
Series: In the Same Boat
The Water of Possibility UK US

Elizabeth Goudge
Little White Horse UK US
Linnets and Valerians US

Ron Goulart
Curse of the Obelisk US
The Prisoner of Blackwood Castle US

Sandra Lee Gould
Faraday's Popcorn Factory UK US

Rémy de Gourmont
The Angels of Perversity UK US

Barbara Gowdy
The White Bone UK US

Juan Goytisolo
The Garden of Secrets UK US

Stefan Grabinski
The Dark Domain short stories UK US

Patricia Grace
The Sky People UK US
Baby No-Eyes UK US

Denise R. Graham
Series: Dungeons & Dragons: Knights of the Silver Dragon
Eye of Fortune UK US
Curse of the Lost Grove UK US

Heather Graham
Spirit of the Season US

Ian Graham
Monument UK US
Blood Echo UK

L. B. Graham
Series: The Binding of the Blade
Beyond the Summerland UK US
Bringer of Storms 1st June 2005 UK US

Mitchell Graham
The Fifth Ring UK US
The Emerald Cavern UK US
The Ancient Legacy UK US

Kenneth Grahame
The Wind in the Willows UK US
The Reluctant Dragon UK US

Charles L. Grant
Series: Quest for the White Duck
Blood River Down as Lionel Fenn US
Web of Defeat as Lionel Fenn US
Agnes Day as Lionel Fenn US
Series: Kent Montana
Kent Montana and the Really Ugly Thing from Mars as Lionel Fenn US
Kent Montana and the Reasonably Invisible Man as Lionel Fenn US
Kent Montana and the Once and Future Thing as Lionel Fenn US
The Mark of the Moderately Vicious Vampire as Lionel Fenn US
668, the Neighbor of the Beast as Lionel Fenn US
Series: Lincoln Blackthorne
The King of Satan's Eyes as Geoffrey L. Marsh US
The Tail of the Arabian Knight as Geoffrey L. Marsh US
The Patch of the Odin Soldier as Geoffrey L. Marsh US
The Fangs of the Hooded Demon as Geoffrey L. Marsh US
Series: Diablo
The Black Road with Mel Odom UK US
Seven Spears of the W'dch'ck as Lionel Fenn US

Gwen Grant
Bonny Starr and the Riddles of Time

John Grant
Series: Legends of the Lone Wolf
Eclipse of the Kai with Joe Dever US
The Dark Door Opens with Joe Dever US
The Tides of Treachery with Joe Dever US
The Sword of the Sun with Joe Dever US
Hunting Wolf with Joe Dever US
The Claws of Helgedad with Joe Dever
The Sacrifice of Ruanon with Joe Dever
The Birthplace with Joe Dever
The Book of the Magnakai with Joe Dever
The Tellings with Joe Dever
The Lorestone of Varette with Joe Dever
The Secret of Kazan-Oud with Joe Dever
The Rotting Land with Joe Dever
Series: Albion
The World
The Far-Enough Window UK US

Kathryn Grant
Series: The Land of Ten Thousand Willows
The Phoenix Bells US
The Black Jade Road US
The Willow Garden US

Richard Grant
Kaspian Lost UK US

Richard E. Grant
Views From the Oldest House US
Tex and Molly in the Afterlife UK US
Saraband of Lost Time US
Rumors of Spring US
In the Land of Winter UK US

Günter Grass
The Tin Drum UK US
The Rat UK US

Geary Gravel
Series: Might and Magic
The Dreamwright US
Shadowsmith US

Alasdair Gray
Lanark UK US
Five Letters from an Unknown Empire short story

Keith Gray
From Blood, Two Brothers UK
The Fearful UK US

Luli Gray
Falcon's Egg UK US
Falcon and the Charles Street Witch UK US

Nicholas Stuart Gray
Down in the Cellar
The Seventh Swan UK US
Grimbold's Other World US
The Stone Cage UK
The Apple Stone UK US
The Wardens of the Weir UK
The Garland of Filigree UK
The Sorcerer's Apprentices US

Andrew M. Greeley
The Magic Cup US
Angel Light UK US
Angel Fire UK US
The God Game UK US

George Green
Hound UK

Michael Green
Quest, In Search of the Dragontooth US

Roland J. Green
Series: Conan
Conan and the Death Lord of Thanza UK US
Conan at the Demon's Gate UK US
Conan and the Gods of the Mountain UK US
Conan and the Mists of Doom US
Conan the Valiant UK US
Conan the Relentless UK US
Conan the Guardian UK US
Series: Throne of Sherran
The Book of Kantela With Frieda A. Murray US
Series: DragonLance: Warriors
Knigts of the Crown UK US
Knights of the Sword UK US
Knights of the Rose UK US
The Wayward Knights UK US
Series: Wandor
Wandor's Ride US
Wandor's Journey US
Wandor's Voyage US
Wandor's Flight US

Sharon Green
Series: Jalav Amazon Warrior
The Crystals of Mida US
An Oath to Mida US
Chosen of Mida US
The Will of the Gods US
To Battle the Gods US
Series: The Blending
Convergence UK US
Competitions UK US
Challenges UK US
Betrayals UK US
Prophecy UK US
Series: The Blending Enthroned
Intrigues UK US
Deceptions UK US
Destiny UK US
Series: Silver Princess
Silver Princess, Golden Knight US
The Hidden Realms US
Dark Mirror, Dark Dreams US
Wind Whispers, Shadow Shouts US
Game's End US
Series: The Far Side of Forever
The Far Side of Forever US
Hellhound Magic US
Lady Blade, Lord Fighter US
Dawn Song US
Enchanting US

Simon R. Green
Series: Hawk & Fisher
No Haven for the Guilty US: Hawk & Fisher UK US
Devil Takes the Hindermost US: Winner Takes All UK US
The God Killer UK US
Vengeance for a Lonely Man US: Wolf in the Fold UK US
Guard Against Dishonour US: Guard Against Dishonor UK US
Two Kings in Haven US: The Bones of Haven UK US
Series: Blue Moon Rising
Blue Moon Rising UK US
Beyond the Blue Moon UK US
Series: Blue Moon Rising related
Blood and Honor US
Down Among the Dead Men US
Series: Secret Histories
The Man with the Golden Torc UK US
Daemons are Forever 18th September 2008 UK
From Hell with Love soon...
Shadows Fall UK US
Drinking Midnight Wine UK US

Terence M. Green
Shadow of Ashland UK US
St. Patrick's Bed UK US

Graham Greene
*Our Man in Havana   UK US

Richard S. Greene
Boofalo! UK US

Zohra Greenhalgh
Contrariwise US
Trickster's Touch US

Colin Greenland
Daybreak on a Different Mountain
The Hour of the Thin Ox
Other Voices US
Series: Dreamtime
Spiritfeather UK

Gayle Greeno
Series: The Ghatti's Tale
Finder-Seekers UK US
Mind-Speakers' Call UK US
Exiles' Return UK US
Series: Ghatten's Gambit
Sunderlies Seeking UK US
The Farthest Seeking UK US

Ed Greenwood
Series: Forgotten Realms
Spellfire US
Silverfall short stories UK US
Cormyr with Jeff Grub UK US
Death of the Dragon with Troy Denning UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Elminster
Elminster, the Making of a Mage UK US
Elminster in Myth Drannor UK US
The Temptation of Elminster UK US
Elminster in Hell UK US
Elminster's Daughter UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Harpers
Crown of Fire UK US
Stormlight UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: Shadow of the Avatar
Shadow of Doom UK US
Cloak of Shadows UK US
All Shadows Fled UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Double Diamond Triangle Saga
The Mercenaries US
The Diamond with J. Robert King US
Series: Forgotten Realms: Shandril's Saga
Hand of Fire UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: Waterdeep
The City of Splendors with Elaine Cunningham UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Knights of Myth Drannor
Swords of Eveningstar 8th August 2006 UK US
Series: Band of Four
The Kingless Land UK US
The Vacant Throne UK US
A Dragon's Ascension UK US
The Dragon's Doom UK US
Series: Aglirta
The Silent House UK US

Andrew Sean Greer
The Confessions of Max Tivoli UK US

Joyce Ballou Gregorian
Series: Tredana
The Broken Citadel UK US
Castledown UK US
The Great Wheel UK US

Deborah Gregory
The Cornflake House UK US

Guy Gregory
Heroes of Zara Keep US

Philippa Gregory
The Wise Woman UK US

Valerie Gribben
Fairytale UK US

Adele Griffin
The Other Shepards UK US

Peni R. Griffin
Hobkin UK US

Terry Griggs
Cat's Eye Corner UK US
The Silver Door UK US

Jakob & Wilhelm Grimm
The Frog King and Other Tales of the Brothers Grimm short stories US

Jim Grimsley
Kirith Kirin UK US

Ken Grimwood
Replay US

Leathel Grody
Series: Foundations of Hope
Faith of the Unforgotten UK US
Into the Darkness April 2007
Dawn of a New Hope April 2007

Anne Lesley Groell
Series: Cloak and Dagger
Anvil of the Soul UK US
Bridge of Valor US
Cauldron of Iniquity UK US

Dave Gross
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Double Diamond Triangle Saga
An Opportunity for Profit UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: Sembia
Black Wolf UK US
Lord of Stormweather UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Priests
Mistress of the Night with Don Bassingthwaite UK US

Philip Gross
The Wind Gate
Going for Stone UK US
The Lastling UK

Jeff Grubb
Series: Forgotten Realms
Cormyr with Ed Greenwood UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Harpers
Masquerades with Kate Novak US
Finder's Bane with Kate Novak UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: Finder's Stone
Azure Bonds with Kate Novak US
The Wyvern's Spur with Kate Novak UK US
Song of the Saurials with Kate Novak US
Series: Forgotten Realms: Lost Gods
Tymora's Luck with Kate Novak US
Series: DragonLance: Villains
Lord Toede US
Series: Magic, The Gathering: Artifacts Cycle
The Brothers War UK US
Series: Magic, The Gathering: Ice Age Cycle
The Gathering Dark UK US
The Eternal Ice UK US
The Shattered Alliance UK US
Series: WarCraft
The Last Guardian UK US

Michael Gruber
The Witch's Boy UK US

Johnny Gruelle
The Magical Land of Noom UK US

Stephan Grundy
Rhinegold US
Attila's Treasure US
Gilgamesh UK US

Joseph R. Grych
Sons of God, Daughters of Man UK US

Lady Charlotte Guest
The Mabinogion UK US

Lynn Guest
The Sword of Hachiman US

Kathleen Cunningham Guler
Series: Macsen's Treasure
Into the Path of Gods US
In the Shadow of Dragons UK US

Güneli Gün
On the Road to Baghdad US

Thorarinn Gunnarsson
Series: The Dragonlord Chronicles
Dragonlord of Mystara US
Dragonking of Mystara US
Dragonmage of Mystara US
Series: Dragons
Make Way for Dragons! US
Human, Beware! US
Dragons on the Town US
Series: Song of the Dwarves
Song of the Dwarves US
Revenge of the Valkyrie US
Dragon's Domain US

Jonathan Gunson
The Merlin Mystery UK US

Ellen Guon
Series: Bard Novels
Knight of Ghosts and Shadows with Mercedes Lackey UK US
Summoned to Tourney with Mercedes Lackey US
Bedlam's Bard with Mercedes Lackey UK US
Series: Serrated Edge
Bedlam Boyz US

Dan Gutman
Honus & Me UK US

Elyse Guttenberg
Series: Elik
Summer Light UK US
Daughter of the Shaman US
Sunder, Eclipse & Seed US

Gary Gygax
Series: Greyhawk
Artifact of Evil US
Series: Gord the Rogue
Sea of Death US
City of Hawks US
Dance of Demons US
Come Endless Darkness US
Night Arrant short stories US
Series: Dangerous Journeys
The Anubis Murders US
The Samarkand Solution US
Death in Delhi US