Magdalen Nabb
Twilight Ghost UK

Vladimir Nabokov
Invitation to a Beheading UK US
The Eye UK US

Sten Nadolny
The God of Impertinence US

Gina B. Nahai
Moonlight on the Avenue of Faith UK US

Kathleen Nance
More Than Magic UK US

Donna Jo Napoli
The Prince of the Pond UK US
Jimmy, the Pickpocket of the Palace UK US
Gracie, the Pixie of the Puddle UK US
The Magic Circle UK US
Sirena UK US
Crazy Jack UK US
Spinners with Richard Tchen UK US
Beast UK US
The Great God Pan UK US
Breath UK US
Bound UK US

Mary Nash
Mrs. Coverlet's Magicians UK US

Robert Nathan
Portrait of Jennie UK US

Terry Nation
Rebecca's World UK US

Lilian Nattel
The River Midnight UK US

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Series: Witch's Sister
Witch's Sister US
Witch Water US
The Witch Herself US
The Witch's Eye US
Witch Weed US
The Witch Returns US

Vera Nazarian
Lords of Rainbow UK US

Rebecca Neason
The Thirteenth Scroll UK US
The Truest Power UK US

John R. Neill
Series: Oz
The Scalawagons of Oz US
Lucky Bucky in Oz US

Eric Neilson
Series: Haakon
The Golden Ax US
The Viking's Revenge US
Haakon's Iron Hand US
The War God US

E. Nesbit
Series: Psammead
Five Children and It UK US
The Phoenix and the Carpet UK US
The House of Arden UK US
Harding's Luck US
The Book of Beasts UK US
The Book of Dragons short stories UK US
The Cockatoucan US
The Enchanted Castle UK US
The Ice Dragon US
The Magic World short stories US
Melisande UK US
The Story of the Amulet UK US
The Town in the Library US
Wet Magic UK US
Whereyouwanttogoto and Other Unlikely Tales short stories
The Magic City UK US

Katherine Neville
The Eight UK US

T. P. Newark
Series: Falling empires
The Land of Eternal Fire

Linda Newbery
Sisterland UK US
At the Firefly Gate UK US

Henry Newbolt
Aladore US

Robert Newcomb
Series: Chronicles of Blood and Stone
The Fifth Sorceress UK US
The Gates of Dawn UK US
The Scrolls of the Ancients UK US
Series: The Destinies of Blood and Stone
Savage Messiah UK US
A March into Darkness UK US
Rise of the Blood Royal UK US
Series: The Victories of Blood and Stone
? soon...
? soon...
? soon...

Robert W. Newman
Merlin's Mistake UK US

Sharan Newman
Series: The Guinevere Trilogy
Guinevere UK US
The Chessboard Queen UK US
Guinevere Evermore UK US

Stan Nicholls
Series: Nightshade Chronicles
The Book of Shadows UK
The Shadow of the Sorcerer UK
A Gathering of Shadows UK
Series: Orcs: First Blood
Bodyguard of Lightning UK US
Legion of Thunder UK US
Warriors of the Tempest UK US
Series: Streamers
A Fistful of Dormice with Anne Gay - soon...
The Green Mouse Effect with Anne Gay - soon...
Where is Your Husband Tethered? with Anne Gay - soon...
Delicious Hot or Cold with Anne Gay - soon...
I Left My Hat in San Francisco with Anne Gay - soon...
Ten Days That Shook the Weird with Anne Gay - soon...
Series: Quicksilver (US: The Dreamtime)
Quicksilver Rising US: The Covenant Rising UK US
Quicksilver Zenith US: The Righteous Blade UK US
Quicksilver Twilight UK

Adam Nichols
Series: The White Blade Saga
The Paladin
The Songster UK
The Curer UK US
The War of the Lords Veil
The Pathless Way UK

Ruth Nichols
A Walk Out of the World US

Geoff Nicholson
Flesh Guitar UK US

William V. Nicholson
Series: The Wind on Fire Trilogy
The Wind Singer UK US
Slaves of the Mastery UK US
Firesong UK US
Series: Noble Warriors
Seeker UK US
Jango UK US
Noman 3rd September 2007 UK

Nick Nielsen
Series: E.L.V.
Time's Square UK
E.L.V. III soon...

Audrey Niffenegger
The Time Traveler's Wife UK US

Douglas Niles
Series: The Watershed
The Breach in the Watershed UK US
Darkenheight UK US
The War of Three Waters UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Moonshae
Darkwalker on Moonshae UK US
Black Wizards UK US
Darkwell UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Druidhome
Prophet of Moonshae UK US
The Coral Kingdom UK US
The Druid Queen UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Maztica
Ironhelm UK US
Viperhand UK US
Feathered Dragon UK US
Series: DragonLance: The Chaos War
The Last Thane UK US
The Puppet King UK US
Series: DragonLance: Villains
Emperor of Ansalon UK US
Series: DragonLance: The Lost Histories
The Kagonesti UK US
The Dragons UK US
Series: Dragonlance: Lost Legends
Fistandantilus Reborn UK US
Series: DragonLance: Preludes
Flint the King with Mary Kirchoff UK US
Series: DragonLance: Elven Nations
The Kinslayer Wars UK US
Series: DragonLance: Icewall
The Messenger UK US
The Golden Orb UK US
Winterheim UK US
Series: DragonLance: The Age of Mortals
Wizards' Conclave UK US
Series: DragonLance: The Rise of Solamnia
Lord of the Rose UK US
Series: DragonLance related
Dragonlance Reader's Companion: The Odyssey of Gilthanas with Stan & Steve Miller UK US
Series: Seven Circles Trilogy
Circle at Center UK US
World Fall UK US
The Goddess Worldweaver UK US
Series: First Quest: Quest Triad
Pawns Prevail UK US
Suitor's Duel UK US
Immortal Game UK US

Jenny Nimmo
Series: The Snow Spider
The Snow Spider UK US
Emlyn's Moon US: Orchard of the Crescent Moon UK US
The Chestnut Soldier UK US
Series: Ultramarine
Ultramarine UK US
Rainbow and Mr. Zed UK US
Series: The Children of the Red King Quintet
Midnight for Charlie Bone UK US
The Time Twister US: Charlie Bone and the Time Twister UK US
The Blue Boa US: Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy UK US
The Castle of Mirrors US: Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors UK US
Griffin's Castle UK US
Milo's Wolves UK
The Owl Tree UK US
The Rinaldi Ring UK US

Lia Nirgad
As High as the Scooter Can Fly UK US

Lindy Anne Nisbet
Outrageous Detour UK US

Adam Niswander
The Repository UK US

Larry Niven
The Magic Goes Away US
The Magic May Return short stories US
More Magic short stories US
The Burning City with Jerry Pournelle UK US
The Burning Tower with Jerry Pournelle UK US
The Time of the Warlock US
Inferno US
The Flying Sorcerers with David Gerrold UK US

Garth Nix
Series: The Old Kingdom
Sabriel UK US
Lirael, Daughter of the Clayr UK US
Abhorsen UK US
Series: The Old Kingdom related
Across the Wall short stories UK US
Series: The Seventh Tower
The Fall UK US
Castle UK US
Aenir US
Above The Veil US
Into Battle US
The Violet Keystone UK US
Series: The Keys to the Kingdom
Mister Monday UK US
Grim Tuesday UK US
Drowned Wednesday UK US
Sir Thursday UK US
Lady Friday UK US
Superior Saturday 1st July 2008 UK US
Lord Sunday soon...
The Ragwitch UK US
Shade's Children UK US

Perry Nodelman
Of Two Minds with Carol Matas UK US
More Minds with Carol Matas UK US
Out of Their Minds with Carol Matas UK US
A Meeting of Minds with Carol Matas UK US
The Same Place But Different UK US
A Completely Different Place US

Charles Nodier
Smarra & Trilby short stories UK US

Till Noever
Keaen UK US
Finister soon...
Tergan soon...
Fontaine soon...

William F. Nolan
With Marlowe in L. A. short story & poem

Jeff Noon
Automated Alice UK US

Roger Norman
Albion's Dream US

Gregory Norminton
The Ship of Fools UK
Arts and Wonders soon...

Allen C. Northrop
Before The Beginning

Andre Norton
Series: Estcarp Cycle
The Witch World US
Web of the Witch World US
Three Against the Witch World US
Warlock of the Witch World US
Sorceress of the Witch World US
Trey of Swords US
'Ware Hawk US
Gate of the Cat US
Series: High Hallack Cycle
Horn Crown US
Year of the Unicorn US
Spell of the Witch World US
Jargoon Pard US
Zarsthor's Bane US
The Crystal Gryphon US
Gryphon in Glory US
Gryphon's Eyrie with A. C. Crispin UK US
The Songsmith with A. C. Crispin UK US
Series: The Turning
Storms of Victory with P. M. Griffin US
Flight of Vengence with Mary H. Shaub and P. M. Griffin UK US
On Wings of Magic with Patricia Mathews and Sasha Miller US
Series: Witch World related
Port of Dead Ships with P. M. Griffin
Seakeep with P. M. Griffin
Exile with Mary Schaub
Falcon Hope with P. M. Griffin
We, the Women with Patricia Mathews
Falcon Magic with Sasha Miller
The Key of the Keplian with Lyn McConchie UK US
Ciara's Song with Lyn McConchie UK US
The Mage Stone with Mary Schaub UK US
The Warding of the Witch World US
The Were Wrath short story US
The Toads of Grimmerdale short story
One Spell Wizard short story
The Duke's Ballad with Lyn McConchie UK US
Silver May Tarnish with Lyn McConchie UK US
Series: Halfblood Chronicles
The Elvenbane with Mercedes Lackey US
Elvenblood with Mercedes Lackey UK US
Elvenborn with Mercedes Lackey UK US
Elvenbread with Mercedes Lackey - soon...
Series: Magic in Ithkar
Magic in Ithkar with Robert Adams - short stories US
Magic in Ithkar II with Robert Adams - short stories US
Magic in Ithkar III with Robert Adams - short stories US
Magic in Ithkar IV with Robert Adams - short stories US
Series: Trilium
Black Trillium with Marion Zimmer Bradley and Julian May UK US
Golden Trillium with Elizabeth Waters UK US
Series: Time Traders
The Time Traders US
The Defiant Agents US
Firehand with P. M. Griffin US
Echoes in Time with Sherwood Smith UK US
Series: Carolus Rex
The Shadow of Albion with Rosemary Edghill UK US
Leopard in Exile with Rosemary Edghill UK US
Series: Forerunner
Storm over Warlock US
Ordeal in Otherwhere US
Forerunner Foray US
Forerunner US
The Second Venture US
Series: Star Ka'at
Star Ka'at US
Star Ka'at World US
Star Ka'at and the Plant People with Dorothy H. Madlee and Jean Loewer US
Star Ka'at and the Winged Warriors US
Series: Beast Master
The Beast Master US
Lord of Thunder US
Beast Master's Quest with Lyn McConchie - soon...
Series: Janus
Catseye US
Judgement on Janus US
Victory on Janus US
Series: Moonsinger
Moon of Three Rings UK US
Exiles of the Stars US
Flight in Yiktor US
Dare to Go A-Hunting US
Series: Moonsinger related
Brother to Shadows UK US
Series: Catfantastic
Catfantastic with Martin H. Greenberg UK US
Catfantastic II with Martin H. Greenberg UK US
Catfantastic III with Martin H. Greenberg UK US
Catfantastic IV with Martin H. Greenberg UK US
Catfantastic V with Martin H. Greenberg UK US
Series: Oak, Yew, Ash, and Rowan
To the King a Daughter with Sasha Miller UK US
Knight or Knave with Sasha Miller UK US
A Crown Disowned with Sasha Miller UK US
Dragon Blade with Sacha Miller UK US
? with Sacha Miller - soon...
Series: The Magic Sequence
Steel Magic US
Octagon Magic US
Fur Magic US
Dragon Magic US
Lavender-Green Magic US
Red Hart Magic US
Quag Keep UK US
Return to Quag Keep with Jean Rabe UK US
High Sorcery short stories US
House of Shadows with Phyllis Miller US
Imperial Lady, a Fantasy of Han China with Susan Shwartz US
Moon Mirror UK US
Ralestone Luck US
The Hands of Lyr US
The Mark of the Cat, Year of the Rat UK US
Wizards' Worlds short stories US
Wraiths of Time UK US
Garan the Eternal short stories US
Here Abide Monsters US
Iron Cage US
Moon Called UK US
Mirror of Destiny UK US
Tiger Burning Bright UK US
The Monster's Legacy US
Scent of Magic UK US
Quest Crosstime US
Wind in the Stone UK US
Empire of the Eagle with Susan Shwartz UK US
Huon of the Horn US
Serpent's Tooth
Wheel of Stars US
Three Hands for Scorpio UK US

Mary Norton
Series: The Borrowers
The Borrowers UK US
The Borrowers Afield UK US
The Borrowers Afloat UK US
The Borrowers Aloft UK US
The Borrowers Avenged UK US
Poor Stainless short stories UK US
Are All the Giants Dead? UK US
Bed-Knob and Broomstick UK US

Manning Norvil
Series: Odan the Half-God
Dream Chariots
Whetted Bronze
Crown of the Sword God US

Warren C. Norwood
True Jaguar US

Naomi Novik
Series: Temeraire
Temeraire 3rd January 2006 UK
? soon...
? soon...

Jay Nussbaum
Blue Road to Atlantis UK US

Jody Lynn Nye
Series: Partnerships
The Ship Who Won with Anne McCaffrey UK US
The Ship Errant UK US
Series: Planet Pirates
The Planet Pirates with Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Moon UK US
The Death of Sleep with Anne Mccaffrey UK US
Series: Doona
Crisis on Doona with Anne McCaffrey UK US
Treaty at Doona with Anne McCaffrey UK US
Series: Keith Doyle Mythology
Mythology 101 US
Mythology Abroad US
Higher Mythology US
Advanced Mythology UK US
Series: Pern related
Dragonlover's Guide to Pern UK US
Series: Xanth related
Visual Guide to Xanth with Piers Anthony US
Waking in Dreamland UK US
School of Light UK US
The Grand Tour UK US
Series: Myth
Advanced Mythology UK US
Myth Alliances with Robert Lynn Asprin UK US
Myth-Told Tales with Robert Lynn Asprin - short stories UK US
Myth-Taken Identity with Robert Lynn Asprin UK US
Class Dis-Mythed with Robert Lynn Asprin UK US
Magic Touch UK US
License Invoked with Robert Lynn Asprin UK US

Robert Nye
Merlin UK US
Beowulf UK US

Eric S. Nylund
Pawn's Dream UK US
A Game of Universe UK US
Dry Water UK US