Carla Jablonski
Series: The Books of Magic
The Invitation UK US
Bindings UK US
The Children's Crusade UK US
Consequences UK US
Lost Places UK US
Reckonings UK US

Steve Jackson
Series: Fighting Fantasy
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (Le Sorcier de la Montagne de Feu) with Ian Livingstone   UK US
The Citadel of Chaos (La Citadelle du Chaos)   UK US
Starship Traveller UK US
Scorpion Swamp (Le Marais aux Scorpions) with Ian Livingstone   UK US
House of Hell UK US
Talisman of Death (Le Talisman de la Mort) with Ian Livingstone   UK US
Appointment with F. E. A. R. UK US
The Rings of Kether with Ian Livingstone UK US
Seas of Blood with Ian Livingstone UK US
Demons of the Deep (Les Démons des Profondeurs)   UK US
Robot Commando UK
Creature of Havoc UK US
Series: Sorcery!
The Shamutanti Hills (Les Collines Maléfiques)   UK US
Khare - Cityport of Traps UK US
The Seven Serpents UK US
The Crown of Kings UK US
Series: The Fighting Fantasy Novels
The Trolltooth Wars UK US

Fran Jacobs
Series: Ellenessia's Curse
The Shadow Seer UK US
The Seer's Tower soon...
Children of the Shadow soon...

Dan Jacobson
The God-Fearer UK US

Kate Jacoby
Series: Elita
Exile's Return UK US
Voice of the Demon UK US
Black Eagle Rising UK US
Rebel's Cage UK US
Trial of Fire UK US

Christian Jacq
Series: Ramses
The Son of Light UK US
The Temple of a Million Years US: The Eternal Temple UK US
The Battle of Kadesh UK US
The Lady of Abu Simbel UK US
Under the Western Acacia UK US
Series: Ramses related
The Black Pharaoh UK
Series: The Stone of Light
Nefer the Silent UK US
The Wise Woman UK US
Paneb the Ardent UK US
The Place of Truth UK US
Series: Egypt related
Fascinating Hieroglyphics UK US
The Living Wisdom of Ancient Egypt UK
Magic and Mystery in Ancient Egypt UK US
Series: The Queen of Freedom
The Empire of Darkness UK US
The War of the Crowns UK US
The Flaming Sword UK US

Brian Jacques
Series: Redwall
Redwall UK US
Mossflower UK US
Mattimeo UK US
Mariel of Redwall UK US
Salamandastron UK US
Martin the Warrior UK US
The Bellmaker UK US
Outcast of Redwall UK US
The Perls of Lutra UK US
The Long Patrol UK US
Marlfox UK US
The Legend of Luke UK US
Lord Brocktree UK US
The Taggerung US: Taggerung UK US
Triss UK US
Loamhedge UK US
Rakkety Tam UK US
High Rhulain UK US
Eulalia! UK US
Map: Redwall Map and Riddler UK US
Map: Redwall Friend and Foe UK US
A Redwall Winter's Tale UK US
The Great Redwall Feast UK US
The Tribes of Redwall: Badgers UK US
The Tribes of Redwall: Otters UK US
The Tribes of Redwall: Mice UK US
The Tribes of Redwall: Squirrels UK US
The Tribes of Redwall: Hares UK US
The Redwall Cookbook UK US
Castaways of the Flying Dutchman UK US
The Angel's Command UK US
Voyage of Slaves UK US
The Ribbajack UK US

Bev Jafek
The Man Who Took a Bite Out of His Wife and Other Stories short stories UK US

John Jakes
Series: Brak the Barbarian
Brak the Barbarian US
The Sorceress US
The Mark of Demons US
The Fortunes of Brak US
The Last Magicians
Mention My Name in Atlantis US

Marie Jakober
The Black Chalice UK US
Even the Stones UK US

Collins Jallim
He, Transcendental Child

Betsy James
Long Night Dance UK US
Dark Heart UK US
Listening at the Gate UK US

Cary James
King & Raven UK US

J. Alison James
Runa UK US

John James
Series: Photinus
Not for All the Gold in Ireland US
Men Went to Cattraeth US

L. Dean James
Sorcerer's Stone US
Kingslayer US
Book of Stones US

M. R. James
The Five Jars US

Mary James
Shoebag UK US
The Shuteyes US

Peter James
Alchemist UK US
Faith UK US
Host UK US

Jeff Janoda
Saga UK US

Elizabeth Janoski
What's Wrong with Eddie? US

Tove Jansson
Series: Moomintroll
Finn Family Moomintroll   UK US
Comet in Moominland UK US
Moominland Midwinter UK US
Moominsummer Madness UK US
Moominpappa at Sea US
Moominpappa's Memoirs UK US
Tales from Moominvalley UK US

Julia Jarman
Ollie and the Bogle UK
The Crow Haunting UK
Peace Weavers UK

Robin Jarvis
Series: The Deptford Mice
The Dark Portal UK US
The Crystal Prison UK US
The Final Reckoning UK US
Series: The Deptford Histories
The Alchymist's Cat US: The Alchemist's Cat UK US
The Oaken Throne UK US
Thomas UK
Series: The Whitby Witches
The Whitby Witches UK
A Warlock in Whitby UK
The Whitby Child UK
Series: Wyrd Museum
The Woven Path UK US
The Raven's Knot UK US
The Fatal Strand UK
Series: Intrigues of the Reflected Realm
Deathscent UK
Series: Hagwood
The Thorn Ogres of Hagwood UK US
? soon...
? soon...

James Jauncey
The Crystal Keeper

Shannah Jay
Series: The Chronicles of Tenebrak
Quest US
Lands of Nowhere US
Shadow of the Serpent
The Price of Wisdom US

William Jay
The Lost History of Redwyn US

Mike Jefferies
Series: Loremasters of Elundium
The Road to Underfall US
Palace of Kings UK US
Shadowlight US
The Knights of Cowdor US
Citadel of Shadows US
Threads of Magic
The Siege of Candlebane Hall
Series: Heirs to Gnarlsmyre
Glitterspike Hall US
Hall of Whispers US
Shadows in the Watchgate US
Hidden Echoes US
Stone Angels US
Children of the Flame
The Ghosts of Candleford UK

Tahar Ben Jelloun
The Sand Child UK US
The Sacred Night UK US

Janann Jenner
Sandeagozu US

Gary Jennings
Aztec UK US
Aztec Autumn UK US
Aztec Blood UK US
The Lively Lives of Crispin Mobey as Gabriel Quyth US

Patrick Jennings
The Wolving Time UK US

William Jennings
Orwell's Luck UK US

K. W. Jeter
Infernal Devices US
Alligator Alley as Dr. Adder - with Tom Powers as Mink Mole UK

Hanna Johansen
Dinosaur With an Attitude UK US

Linda Johns
Series: Star Sisterz
Carmen Dives in UK US
Carmen's Crystal Ball 13th June 2006 UK US

Gillian Johnson
Thora 12th August 2004 UK
? 18th August 2005 UK
? soon...

Joseph Olabiyi Johnson
Legends of Nale UK US

Kij Johnson
Series: The Heian Trilogy Love/War/Death
The Fox Woman UK US
Fudoki UK US
? soon...
Series: Kylen
The Moveable City soon...
? soon...

Oliver Johnson
Series: The Lightbringer Trilogy
The Forging of the Shadows UK US
The Nations of the Night UK US
The Last Star at Dawn UK US

Norma Johnston
Feather in the Wind UK US

Allan Frewin Jones
Series: Talisman
The Tears of Isis UK
The Mooncake of Chang-O UK
The Amulet of Quilla UK
The Elphant of Parvati UK

Christina Jones
Hubble Bubble UK US
Seeing Stars UK

Courtway Jones
Series: Dragon's Heirs
In the Shadow of the Oak King US
Witch of the North US
A Prince in Camelot US

David Lee Jones
Unicorn Highway US
Zeus and Co. US
Montezuma's Pearl US

Dennis Jones
Series: The House of the Pendragore
The Stone and the Maiden UK US
The Mask and the Sorceress UK US

Diana Wynne Jones
Series: The Dalemark Quartet
Cart and Cwidder UK US
Drowned Ammet UK US
The Spellcoats UK US
The Crown of Dalemark UK US
Series: Chrestomanci
Charmed Life UK US
The Magicians of Caprona UK US
Witch Week UK US
The Lives of Christopher Chant UK US
Conrad's Fate UK US
Mixed Magics short stories UK US
Series: Howl Tales
Howl's Moving Castle UK US
Castle in the Air UK US
Dark Lord of Derkholm UK US
Year of the Griffin UK US
Deep Secret UK US
The Merlin Conspiracy UK US
Wilkins' Tooth US: Witch's Business UK US
The Ogre Downstairs UK US
Dogsbody UK US
Eight Days of Luke UK US
Power of Three US
Who Got Rid of Angus Flint? US
The Four Grannies US
The Homeward Bounders UK US
The Time of the Ghost UK US
Archer's Goon UK US
Fire and Hemlock UK US
Warlock of the Wheel US
Puss in Boots UK
Chair Person UK US
Wild Robert UK US
Minor Arcana UK US
Black Maria US: Aunt Maria UK US
A Sudden Wild Magic UK US
Hexwood UK US
The Tough Guide to Fantasyland UK US
A Tale of Time City UK US
Stopping for a Spell short stories UK US
Unexpected Magic short stories UK US

Gwyneth Jones
Series: Inland
The Daymaker as Ann Halam US
Transformations as Ann Halam US
The Skybreaker as Ann Halam
Bold as Love UK US
Castles Made of Sand UK
Midnight Lamp UK
Band of Gypsies UK US
Rainbow Bridge UK US
Seven Tales and a Fable short stories US
The Haunting of Jessica Raven as Ann Halam UK
Dinosaur Junction as Ann Halam
Siberia as Ann Halam UK US

J. V. Jones
Series: The Book of Words
The Baker's Boy   UK US
A Man Betrayed   UK US
Master and Fool   UK US
Series: Sword of Shadows
A Cavern of Black Ice UK US
A Fortress of Grey Ice UK US
A Sword from Red Ice UK US
Watcher of the Dead UK US
Enlords soon...
The Barbed Coil   UK US

Jenny Jones
Series: Flight over Fire
Fly by Night US
The Edge of Vengeance
Lies and Flames
Series: Dreamtime
Shadowsong UK
The Webbed Hand
Firefly Dreams UK
The House of Birds

Keith D. Jones
The Magic Flute UK US

Mary J. Jones
Avalon UK US

Tamara Siler Jones
Series: The Dubric Byerly Mysteries
Ghosts in the Snow UK US
Threads of Malice UK US
Valley of the Soul UK US

Terry Jones
Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book with Brian Froud UK US
Strange Stains and Mysterious Smells UK US
The Cat With Two Tails short story   UK US
Nicobobinus UK US
The Saga of Erik the Viking UK US
Fairy Tales and Fantastic Stories short stories UK US

V. M. Jones
Series: Karazan
The Serpents of Arakesh UK US
Dungeons of Darkness NZ: Beyond the Shroud UK
The Lost Prince UK
Quest for the Sun UK

Brenda Jordan
The Brentwood Witches US

Robert Jordan
Series: The Wheel of Time
The Eye of The World UK US
The Great Hunt UK US
The Dragon Reborn UK US
The Shadow Rising UK US
The Fires of Heaven UK US
The Lord of Chaos UK US
The Crown of Swords UK US
The Path of Daggers UK US
Winter's Heart UK US
Crossroads of Twilight UK US
Knife of Dreams UK US
The Gathering Storm with Brandon Sanderson UK US
Towers of Midnight with Brandon Sanderson - 4th November 2010 UK
A Memory of Light with Brandon Sanderson - 3rd November 2011 UK
Series: The Wheel of Time Prequel
New Spring UK US
Series: The Wheel of Time Prologues
Snow, the Prologue to Winter's Heart e-book UK
Glimmers, the Prologue to Crossroads of Twilight e-book UK US
Embers Falling on Dry Grass, the Prologue to Knife of Dreams e-book
Series: The Wheel of Time related
The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time with Teresa Patterson UK US
New Spring short story UK US
The Strike at Shayol Ghul short story
Series: The Conan Chronicles
Conan the Invincible UK US
Conan the Defender UK US
Conan the Unconquered UK US
Conan the Magnificent UK US
Conan the Triumphant UK US
Conan the Destroyer UK US
Conan the Victorious UK US
Series: Fallon
The Fallon Legacy as Reagan O'Neal UK US
The Fallon Pride as Reagan O'Neal UK US
The Fallon Blood as Reagan O'Neal US

Sherryl Jordan
The Wednesday Wizard UK US
The Juniper Game US
Sign of the Lion US
Wolf-Woman AUS: Tanith UK US
Secret Sacrament UK US
The Hunting of the Last Dragon UK US

Michales Warwick Joy
Season of Peril US

Graham Joyce
Smoking Poppy UK US
The Facts of Life UK US
The Limits of Enchantment UK US

Hervé Jubert
Dance of the Assassins UK
Devil's Tango UK US

Norton Juster
The Phantom Tollbooth UK US