Eva Ibbotson
Which Witch UK US
Island of the Aunts UK US
The Secret of Platform 13 UK US
Dial-a-Ghost UK US
Not Just a Witch UK US
The Haunting of Hiram US: The Haunting of Granite Falls UK US
The Great Ghost Rescue UK US
The Star of Kazan UK US
The Beasts of Clawstone Castle UK US

Eric Idle
*The Road to Mars UK US

Jeanette Ingold
The Window UK US

Robert Ingpen
Encyclopedia of Things That Never Were with Michael Page - short stories US
Folk Tales and Fables of the World with Barbara Hayes - short stories
The Great Deeds of Superheroes with Maurice Saxby - short stories UK US
The Voyage of the Poppykettle US

Dahlov Ipcar
A Dark Horn Blowing UK US

Virginia Ironside
The Human Zoo

Alexander C. Irvine
A Scattering of Jades UK US
One King, One Soldier UK US
Down in the Fog-Shrouded City short story

Ian Irvine
Series: The View from the Mirror
A Shadow on the Glass   UK US
The Tower on the Rift   UK US
Dark Is the Moon   UK US
The Way Between the Worlds   UK US
Series: The Well of Echoes
Geomancer UK US
Tetrarch UK US
Alchymist AUS: Scrutator UK
Chimaera UK
Series: The Song of the Tears
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Series: Three Worlds related
The Fate of the Children soon...
Series: The Children's War
The Gate to Nowhere 2005
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Clifford Irving
The Spring UK US

Washington Irving
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow   UK US
Rip Van Winkle   UK US

Robert Irwin
The Arabian Nightmare UK US
Exquisite Corpse UK US
The Limits of Vision UK US
Satan Wants Me UK US

Elaine Isaak
The Singer's Crown UK US
The Eunuch's Heir UK US
A Song for the Sea short story - electronic edition US

Sarah Isidore
Series: The Daughter of Bast
The Hidden Land UK US
Shrine of Light UK US
The World Tree UK US

Sue Isle
Scale of Dragon Tooth of Wolf