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Jean Rabe (official site)

Wil Radcliffe (official site)

Irene Radford (official site)

Hugh C. Rae

William Raeper

Atiq Rahimi

Glenn Arthur Rahman

David Randall

Marta Randall

Victoria Randall (official site)

Robert Rankin (official site)

T. R. Rankin

Christoph Ransmayr

Candice Ransom (official site)

Rudolf Erich Raspe

Melanie Rawn (official site)

Brian Rayfield

Quinn Reade

James E. Reagen

Tom Reamy

Livia & James M. Reasoner

J. Michael Reaves (official site)

Diane Redmond

Steve Redwood

John Reed (unofficial site)

Celia Rees

Ralph Reesby

James Reese

Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens (unofficial site)

Dian Curtis Regan (official site)

Robert Reginald (unofficial site)

Mickey Zucker Reichert (unofficial site)

Thomas M. Reid

Lynne Reid Banks (official site)

Katya Reimann (official site)

Trish Reinius

Rebecca Reisert

Mary Renault (unofficial site)

Laura Resnick (official site)

Mike Resnick (official site)

Ned Resnikoff

Luke Rhinehart (official site)

Anne Rice (official site)

Robert Rice

Mark Richard

Alan Richards

Anna M. Richards

L. B. Richards

Bill Richardson

Nigel Richardson

Dick Richardson & Rio deLaVista

Philip Ridley

M. L. Rigdon

Judith Merkle Riley (official site)

Ann Rinaldi

Rick Riordan (official site)

J. F. Rivkin

Walsh Robb & David Wenzel

Tom Robbins (unofficial site)

Jennifer Roberson (official site)

Adam Roberts (official site)

Dorothy James Roberts

Jane Roberts (unofficial site)

John Maddox Roberts

Katherine Roberts (unofficial site)

Kerry Daniel Roberts

Nora Roberts (official site)

Tansy Rayner Roberts

Theodore Goodridge Roberts

Willo Davis Roberts

Len Robertson

Harry Robin

Madeleine E. Robins (official site)

Joan G. Robinson

Kim Stanley Robinson (unofficial site)

Mark Robson (official site)

Doris Rochlin

Emily Rodda (unofficial site)

Michaela Roessner (official site)

Cameron Rogers

Jonathan Rogers (official site)

Mark E. Rogers (official site)

Michael Scott Rohan (official site)

Elizabeth A. Romey

Keith Rommel (official site)

Daphne Rooke

Selina A. Rosen (official site)

Joel Rosenberg (official site)

Eileen Rosenbloom (official site)

Herbert Rosendorfer (unofficial site)

C. L. Rossman (official site)

Douglas 'Dag' Rossman

David M. Rountree (official site)

Jane Routley

Christopher B. Rowley (unofficial site)

J. K. Rowling (official site)

Gillian Rubinstein (official site)

Matt Ruff (official site)

Jane Rule (unofficial site)

Ian Runcie

James Runcie

Rebecca Rupp

Kristine Kathryn Rusch (unofficial site)

Gary Alan Ruse (official site)

Alison Rush

Salman Rushdie (unofficial site)

John Ruskin

Barbara Timberlake Russell

Ken Russell (unofficial site)

Sean Russell (official site)

Penni Russon (official site)

Michael Rutherford

Val Rutt

Morrie Ruvinsky

Brittney Ryan

Fergus Ryan

Frank Ryan

Mary C. Ryan

Jessica Rydill

Cynthia Rylant (unofficial site)

Geoff Ryman