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Anne Rice official site
Series: The Vampire Chronicles
*Interview With the Vampire (*Entretien Avec un Vampire)   UK US
*The Vampire Lestat (*Lestat le Vampire) with Faye Perozich   UK US
*Queen of the Damned (*La Reine des Damnés)   UK US
*The Tale of the Body Thief (*Le Voleur de Corps)   UK US
*Memnoch the Devil (*Memnoch)   UK US
*The Vampire Armand UK US
*Merrick UK US
*Blood and Gold UK US
*Blackwood Farm UK US
Series: The New Tales of the Vampires
*Pandora UK US
*Vittorio the Vampire UK US
*Pandora 3 31st December 2002 UK
Series: The Mayfair Witches
*The Witching Hour (*Le Lien Maléfique)   UK US
*Lasher (*L'Heure des Sorcières)   UK US
*Taltos (*Taltos)   UK US
Series: The Vampire Chronicles & The Mayfair Witches
*Blackwood Farm UK US
*Blood Canticle UK US
Series: Sleeping Beauty
*The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty as A. N. Roquelaure UK US
*Beauty's Punishment as A. N. Roquelaure UK US
*Beauty's Release as A. N. Roquelaure UK US
*The Feast of All Saints UK US
*Cry to Heaven US
*The Mummy (*La Momie)   US
*Servant of the Bones UK US
*Violin UK US
*Exit to Eden as Anne Rampling UK US
*Belinda as Anne Rampling UK US
*The Master of Rampling Gate (*Le Maître de Rampling Gate) short story