Terry Pratchett
Series: Discworld
The Colour of Magic US: The Color of Magic   UK US
The Light Fantastic   UK US
Equal Rites   UK US
Mort   UK US
Sourcery   UK US
Wyrd Sisters   UK US
Pyramids   UK US
Guards! Guards!   UK US
Eric   UK US
Moving Pictures   UK US
Reaper Man   UK US
Witches Abroad   UK US
Small Gods   UK US
Lords and Ladies   UK US
Men at Arms   UK US
Soul Music   UK US
Interesting Times   UK US
Maskerade   UK US
Feet of Clay   UK US
Hogfather   UK US
Jingo   UK US
The Last Continent   UK US
Carpe Jugulum   UK US
The Fifth Elephant   UK US
The Truth   UK US
Thief of Time   UK US
Night Watch   UK US
Monstrous Regiment   UK US
Going Postal   UK US
Thud!   UK US
Making Money   UK US
Unseen Academicals   UK US
Snuff   UK US
Raising Steam UK US
Scouting for Trolls soon...
Incubust very short story  
Troll Bridge short story   UK US
Theatre of Cruelty short story   UK US
Turntables of the Night short story   UK US
The Sea and Little Fishes short story   UK US
Death and What Comes Next short story  
Once More* with Footnotes short stories UK US
A Collegiate Casting-Out of Devilish Devices short story
Map: The Discworld Mapp UK US
Map: The Streets of Ankh-Morpork UK US
Map: A Tourist Guite to Lancre UK US
Map: Death's Domain UK US
Play: Mort with Stephen Briggs UK US
Play: Wyrd Sisters with Stephen Briggs UK
Play: Guards! Guards! with Stephen Briggs UK
Play: Men at Arms with Stephen Briggs UK
Play: Maskerade with Stephen Briggs UK
Play: Carpe Jugulum with Stephen Briggs UK
The Last Hero   UK US
The Discworld Portfolio UK US
The Josh Kirby Discworld Portfolio UK US
The Art of the Discworld UK US
The Unseen University Cut out Book with Alan Batley and Bernard Pearson UK US
The Science of the Discworld with Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart UK US
The Science of the Discworld II: the Globe with Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart UK US
The Science of the Discworld III: Darwin's Watch with Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart UK US
Unseen University Challenge UK
The Wyrdest Link with David Langford UK
The Discworld Companion UK US
The New Discworld Companion with Stephen Briggs UK
Nanny Ogg's Cookbook UK US
The Discworld Almanak UK
The Folklore of Discworld with Jacqueline Simpson UK US
Series: Discworld for Children
The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents   UK US
Where's my Cow?  
Series: Tiffany Aching
The Wee Free Men   UK US
A Hat Full of Sky   UK US
Wintersmith   UK US
I Shall Wear Midnight   UK US
Series: The Bromeliad
Truckers   UK US
Diggers   UK US
Wings   UK US
Series: Johnny Maxwell
*Only You Can Save Mankind UK US
*Johnny and the Dead UK US
*Johnny and the Bomb UK US
The Carpet People   UK US
*The Dark Side of the Sun   UK US
*Strata UK US
*The Unadulterated Cat   UK US
*Good Omens with Neil Gaiman   UK US
Nation   UK US
Dodger 13th September 2012   UK US
The Hades Business short story
Night Dweller short story
Twenty Pence With Envelope and Seasonal Greetings short story
Final Reward short story
#ifdefDEBUG + "world/enough" + "time" short story
Hollywood Chickens short story UK US
History in the Faking short story
The Secret Book of the Dead short story
Once and Future short story
The Megabyte Drive to Believe in Santa Claus short story