Harry Turtledove
Series: Guerin the Fox
Werenight UK US
Prince of the North UK US
King of the North UK US
Fox and Empire UK US
The Tale of the Seventeenth Eunuch short story
Series: The Tale of Krispos
Krispos Rising UK US
Krispos of Videssos UK US
Krispos the Emperor UK US
Series: Time of Troubles
The Stolen Throne UK US
Hammer and Anvil US
The Thousand Cities UK US
Videssos Besieged UK US
Series: The Videssos Cycle
The Misplaced Legion US
An Emperor for the Legion UK US
The Legion of Videssos UK US
Swords of the Legion UK US
Series: Videssos related
Bridge of the Separator UK US
Series: World at War
Into the Darkness UK US
Darkness Descending UK US
Through the Darkness UK US
Rulers of the Darkness UK US
Jaws of Darkness UK US
Out of the Darkness UK US
Series: War Between the Provinces
Sentry Peak UK US
Marching Through Peachtree UK US
Advance and Retreat UK US
Series: Conan
Conan of Venarium UK US
Series: The Opening of the World
Beyond the Gap UK US
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The Guns of the South UK US
Between the Rivers UK US
Household Gods with Judith Tarr UK US
Thessalonica UK US
The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump UK US
Agent of Byzantium US
Ruled Britannia UK US
Every Inch a King UK US