Judith Tarr
Series: Avaryan Rising
The Hall of the Mountain King UK US
The Lady of Han-Gilen UK US
A Fall of Princes UK US
Arrows of the Sun UK US
Spear of Heaven UK US
Tides of Darkness UK US
Series: The Hound and the Falcon
The Isle of Glass US
The Golden Horn US
The Hounds of God US
Series: The Hound and the Falcon related
Alamut UK US
The Dagger and the Cross US
Series: The Epona Sequence
White Mare's Daughter UK US
The Sheperd Kings UK US
Lady of Horses UK US
Daughter of Lir UK US
Series: The Song of Roland
Kingdom of the Grail UK US
Pride of Kings UK US
Devil's Bargain UK US
House of War UK US
Series: Valdemar related
Sun in Glory with Mercedes Lackey, Tanya Huff, Rosemary Edghill... - short stories UK US
Series: White Magic
The Mountain's Call as Caitlin Brennan UK US
Song of Unmaking as Caitlin Brennan UK US
Shattered Dance as Caitlin Brennan - 1st October 2006 UK US
A Wind in Cairo US
Ars Magica US
His Majesty's Elephant US
Household Gods with Harry Turtledove UK US
Lord of the Two Lands US
Pillar of Fire UK US
Throne of Isis US
King and Goddess UK US
Queen of Swords UK US
The Eagle's Daughter UK US
Queen of the Amazons UK US
Rite of Conquest UK US
King's Blood UK US