Piers Anthony
Series: Xanth
A Spell for Chameleon US
The Source of Magic US
Castle Roogna US
Centaur Aisle UK US
Ogre, Ogre UK US
Night Mare UK US
Dragon on a Pedestal US
Crewel Lye US
Golem in the Gears UK US
Vale of the Vole UK US
Heaven Cent UK US
Man from Mundania UK US
Isle of View UK US
Question Quest US
The Color of Her Panties UK US
Demons Don't Dream US
Harpy Thyme UK US
Geis of the Gargoyle UK US
Roc and a Hard Place UK US
Yon Ill Wind UK US
Faun & Games UK US
Zombie Lover UK US
Xone of Contention UK US
The Dastard UK US
Swell Foop UK US
Up in a Heaval UK US
Cube Route UK US
Currant Events UK US
Pet Peeve UK US
Stork Naked 17th October 2006 UK US
Series: Xanth related
Visual Guide to Xanth with Jody Lynn Nye US
Letters to Jenny UK US
Series: Incarnations of Immortality
On a Pale Horse UK US
Bearing an Hourglass UK US
With a Tangled Skein US
Wielding a Red Sword UK US
Being a Green Mother US
For Love of Evil US
And Eternity US
Series: The Mode
Virtual Mode US
Fractal Mode US
Chaos Mode US
DoOon Mode UK US
Series: Geodyssey
Isle of Woman UK US
Shame of Man UK US
Hope of Earth UK US
Muse of Art UK US
Series: Prophecy of Mouvar
Dragon's Gold with Robert E. Margroff US
Serpent's Silver with Robert E. Margroff US
Chimera's Copper with Robert E. Margroff US
Orc's Opal with Robert E. Margroff US
Mouvar's Magic with Robert E. Margroff UK US
Series: The Apprentice Adept
Split Infinity UK US
Blue Adept UK US
Juxtaposition US
Out of Phaze UK US
Robot Adept US
Unicorn Point UK US
Phaze Doubt US
Series: Tarot
God of Tarot US
Vision of Tarot US
Faith of Tarot US
The Ring with Robert E. Margroff UK US
Dream a Little Dream with Julie Brady UK US
The Gutbucket Quest with Ron Leming UK US
The Secret of Spring with Jo Ann Taeusch UK US
Quest for the Fallen Star with James Richley and Alan Riggs UK US
Hasan UK US
Through the Ice with Robert Kornwise UK US
The Willing Spirit with Alfred Tella UK US
Possible to Rue short story