Esther M. Friesner
Series: Majyk
Majyk by Hook or Crook US
Majyk by Accident US
Majyk by Design US
Series: Chicks
Chicks in Chainmail short stories UK US
Chicks'n Chained Males short stories UK US
Did You Say Chicks? short stories UK US
The Chick Is in the Mail short stories UK US
Turn the Other Chick short stories UK US
Series: Chronicles of the Twelve Kingdoms
Mustapha and His Wise Dog US
Spells of Mortal Weaving US
The Witchwood Cradle US
The Water King's Laughter US
Series: Demons
Here Be Demons US
Demon Blues US
Hooray For Hellywood UK US
Series: Gnome
Gnome Man's Land US
Harpy High US
Unicorn U US
New York By Knight US
Sphynxes Wild US
The Silver Mountain US
Sword of Mary US
Harlot's Ruse US
Elf Defence US
Druid's Blood US
Playing With Fire
It's Been Fun
Yesterday We Saw Mermaids UK US
Wishing Season UK US
Split Heirs with Lawrence Watt-Evans UK US
The Sherwood Game US
Child of the Eagle UK US
Ecce Hominid
E.Godz with Robert Lynn Asprin UK US
Crown of Sparta soon...