Alan Dean Foster
Series: Spellsinger
Spellsinger UK US
The Hour of the Gate UK US
The Day of the Dissonance UK US
The Moment of the Magician UK US
The Paths of the Perambulator UK US
The Time of the Transference UK US
Son of a Spellsinger UK US
Chorus Skating UK US
Series: Journeys of the Catechist
Carnivores of Light and Darkness UK US
Into the Thinking Kingdoms UK US
A Triumph of Souls UK US
Series: Voyage of the Basset
Voyage of the Basset with James C. Chistensen and Renwick St. James UK US
Shadowkeep US
Maori US
Wu-Ling's Folly short story
Golden Apples of the Sun with Gardner Dozois and Jack Dann - short story
Kingdoms of Light UK US
To the Vanishing Point UK US