Louise Cooper
Series: World of Chaos and Order
The Lord of No Time
Series: The Time Master Trilogy
The Initiate US
The Outcast US
The Master UK US
Series: The Chaos Gate Trilogy
The Deceiver US
The Pretender US
The Avenger UK US
Series: The Star Shadow Trilogy
Star Ascendant UK US
Series: Shar Tillmer
Daughter of Storms UK
Dark Caller UK
Keepers of Light UK
Series: The Indigo Saga
Nemesis UK
Inferno US
Infanta US
Nocturne US
Troika UK US
Avatar US
Revenant US
Aisling US
Series: Sea Horses
Guardian of the Stone UK US
Talisman UK US
Gathering Storm UK US
The Last Secret UK
Blood Summer US
The Book of Paradox US
Crown of Horm
The King's Demon UK
Mirage US
Our Lady of the Snow US
The Sleep of Stone US
The Thorn Key UK
Sacrement of Night
The Glass Slip-Up short story
The Summer Witch UK US
Storm Ghost UK
Merrow UK US