Glen Cook
Series: The Black Company: The North
The Black Company UK US
Shadows Linger UK US
The White Rose UK US
The Silver Spike UK US
Series: The Black Company: The South
Shadow Games UK US
Dreams of Steel UK US
Series: The Black Company: Glittering Stone
Bleak Seasons UK US
She Is the Darkness UK US
Water Sleeps UK US
Soldiers Live UK US
Series: Dread Empire
A Shadow of all Night Falling US
October's Baby US
All Darkness Met US
Series: Dread Empire Prequels
The Fire in His Hands US
With Mercy Toward None US
Series: Dread Empire Sequels
Reap the East Wind US
An Ill Fate Marshalling US
Series: Darkwar
Doomstalker US
Warlock US
Ceremony US
Series: Garrett
Sweet Silver Blues US
Bitter Gold Hearts US
Cold Copper Tears US
Old Tin Sorrows US
Dread Brass Shadows US
Red Iron Nights US
Deadly Quicksilver Lies US
Petty Pewter Gods UK US
Faded Steel Heat UK US
Angry Lead Skies UK US
Whispering Nickel Idols UK US
Cruel Zinc Melodies 6th May 2008 UK US
Series: The Instrumentalities of the Night
The Tyranny of the Night UK US
The Swordbearer with Jack L. Chalker UK US
The Tower of Fear US
Sung in Blood US