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Dave Duncan official site
Series: The Seventh Sword
The Reluctant Swordsman US
The Coming of Wisdom UK US
The Destiny of the Sword UK US
Series: A Man of his Word
Magic Casement UK US
Feary Lands Forlorn US
Perilous Seas UK US
Emperor and Clown US
Series: A Handful of Men
The Cutting Edge US
Upland Outlaws UK US
The Striken Field UK US
The Living God UK US
Series: The King's Blades
The Gilded Chain UK US
Lord of the Fire Lands UK US
Sky of Swords UK US
Paragon Lost UK US
Impossible Odds UK US
The Jaguar Knights UK US
Series: The King's Daggers
Sir Stalwart UK US
The Crooked House UK US
Silvercloak UK US
Series: The Omar Books
The Reaver Road UK US
The Hunters' Haunt UK US
Series: The Great Game
Past Imperative US
Present Tense US
Future Indefinite UK US
Series: Years of Longdirk
Demon Sword as Ken Hood US
Demon Rider as Ken Hood UK US
Demon Knight as Ken Hood UK US
Series: The Codec Books
The Children of Chaos UK US
Mother of Lies UK US
The Alchemist's Apprentice UK US
The Alchemist's Code 4th March 2008 UK US
? soon...
The Red-Rose City US
The Cursed US
Daughter of Troy as Sarah B. Franklin US
Ill Met In The Arena 19th August 2008 UK US