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The book I'm reading now is The Triumph by Robin Hobb (short story).

The database currently counts 2759 authors who have written 11110 fantasy books, 7484 of which are in 2479 series . This means that loading the pages might take some time, so please be patient... So for those of you who do not have a very fast connection, I strongly recommend the light version (browse by authors).

Note: I'm maintaining this database for pleasure (and maybe also for the pride I take in knowing I entered each author, series and book one by one), not for money. The commissions I may get when you buy books from Amazon through my links help me maintain and improve the site.
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Breaking news:

21st July 2015:
Added the reviews of Terry Pratchett's Dodger and Woodkid's Golden Age. Go read them here and here! Check out my deviantArt gallery for various book illustrations.

16th July 2015:
Added the review of Robin Hobb's Blood of Dragons.

3rd February 2015:
Added the review of Robin Hobb's City of Dragon.

7th November 2014:
Added the review of Tom Arden's Empress of the Endless Dream.

29th August 2014:
Added the review of Tom Arden's Sisterhood of the Blue Storm.

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