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Christopher Stasheff unofficial site
Series: The Star Stone
The Shaman UK US
The Sage UK US
Series: Warlock
The Warlock in Spite of Himself UK US
The Warlock Unlocked UK US
Escape Velocity US
King Kobold Revived US
The Warlock Enraged US
The Warlock Wandering US
The Warlock Is Missing US
The Warlock Heretical UK US
The Warlock's Companion US
The Warlock Insane UK US
The Warlock Rock UK US
Warlock and Son US
The Warlock's Last Ride UK US
Series: Warlock's Heirs
A Wizard in Absentia UK US
M'Lady Witch US
Quicksilver's Knight US
The Spell Bound Scholar UK US
Here Be Monsters UK US
Series: Warlock related
Saint Vidicon to the Rescue UK US
Series: Rogue Wizard
A Wizard in Mind UK US
A Wizard in Bedlam UK US
A Wizard in War UK US
A Wizard in Peace UK US
A Wizard in Chaos UK US
A Wizard in Midgard UK US
A Wizard and a Warlord UK US
A Wizard in the Way UK US
Series: A Wizard in Rhyme
Her Majesty's Wizard UK US
The Oathbound Wizard UK US
The Witch Doctor UK US
The Secular Wizard UK US
My Son the Wizard UK US
The Haunted Wizard UK US
The Crusading Wizard UK US
The Feline Wizard UK US
Series: Enchanter
The Enchanter Reborn with Lyon Sprague DeCamp UK US
The Exotic Enchanter with Lyon Sprague DeCamp UK US
Series: Mage Knight
Stolen Prophecy UK US
The Day the Magic Stopped US
Dragon's Eye short stories US
Gods of War US