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Fred Saberhagen official site
Series: Swords
The First Book of Swords UK US
The Second Book of Swords UK US
The Third Book of Swords UK US
Series: Lost Swords
Woundhealer's Story US
Sightblinder's Story UK US
Stonecutter's Story UK US
Farslayer's Story UK US
Coinspinner's Story UK US
Mindsword's Story UK US
Wayfinder's Story US
Shielbreaker's Story UK US
Series: Empire of the East
Broken Lands US
Black Mountains US
Changeling Earth US: Ardneh's World US
Series: Swords related
An Armory of Swords short stories US
Series: Book of the Gods
The Face of Apollo UK US
Ariadne's Web UK US
The Arms of Hercules UK US
God of the Golden Fleece UK US
Gods of Fire and Thunder UK US
Dancing Bears UK US
Merlin's Bones UK US
The Black Throne with Roger Zelazny US