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Tamora Pierce official site
Series: Song of the Lioness
Alanna: the First Adventure UK US
In the Hand of the Goddess UK US
The Girl Who Rides Like a Man US: The Woman Who Rides Like a Man UK US
Lioness Rampant UK US
Series: The Immortals
Wild Magic UK US
Wolf-Speaker UK US
The Emperor Mage US: Emperor Mage UK US
The Realms of the Gods UK US
Series: Protector of the Small
First Test UK US
Page UK US
Squire UK US
Lady Knight UK US
Series: Daughter of the Lioness
Trickster's Choice UK US
Trickster's Queen UK US
Series: Beka Cooper
Terrier UK US
Bloodhound 27th May 2008 UK US
Elkhound September 2008
Series: Numair
The Early Years September 2009
Series: Beka Cooper related
? May 2010
Series: Circle of Magic
The Magic in the Weaving US: Sandry's Book UK US
The Power in the Storm US: Tris's Book UK US
The Fire in the Forging US: Daja's Book UK US
The Healing in the Vine US: Briar's Book UK US
Series: The Cirlcle Opens
Magic Steps UK US
Street Magic UK US
Cold Fire UK US
Shatterglass UK US
Series: Circle related
The Will of the Empress UK US
? March 2007
? March 2009
Melting Stones short story - soon...