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Katharine Kerr official site
Series: Deverry
Daggerspell UK US
Darkspell UK US
Dawmspell US: The Bristling Wood UK US
Dragonspell: The Southern Seas US: The Dragon Revenant UK US
Series: The Westlands Cycle
A Time of Exile UK US
A Time of Omens UK US
A Time of War US: Days of Blood and Fire UK US
A Time of Justice US: Days of Air and Darkness UK US
Series: The Dragon Mage
The Red Wyvern UK US
The Black Raven UK US
The Fire Dragon UK US
The Gold Falcon US: The Silver Wyrm, Part One - 27th June 2005 UK
The Black Stone US: The Silver Wyrm, Part Two - 3rd July 2006 UK
Snare UK US