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J. Robert King unofficial site
Series: Dragonlance: Lost Legends
Vinas Solamnus UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms
Realms of Magic with Brian M. Thomsen UK US
Realms of the Arcane with Thomas B. Thomsen UK US
Realms of the Underdark UK US
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Double Diamond Triangle Saga
Conspiracy US
The Diamond with Ed Greenwood US
Series: First Quest
Rogues to Riches US
Summerhill Hounds US
Series: Magic, The Gathering
The Thran UK US
Rath and Storm with Liz Holliday and Bruce Holland-Rogers UK US
The Dragons of Magic short stories UK US
The Secrets of Magic UK US
Series: Magic, The Gathering: Artifacts Cycle
Time Streams UK US
Series: Magic, The Gathering: Invasion Cycle
Invasion UK US
Planeshift UK US
Apocalypse UK US
Series: Magic, The Gathering: Onslaught Cycle
Onslaught UK US
Legions UK US
Scourge UK US
Mad Merlin UK US
Lancelot du Lethe UK US
Le Morte D'Avalon UK US