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Patricia Kennealy-Morrison official site
Series: The Tales of Aeron
The Silver Branch US
The Copper Crown US
The Throne of Scone US
Series: The Tales of Arthur
The Hawk's Gray Feather US
The Oak Above the Kings UK US
The Hedge of Mist UK US
Series: The Colloquies of the Ancients
The Deer's Cry US
The Rock Beyond the Billow soon...
The Song of Amerguin soon...
Series: The House of the Wolf
The Wolf's Cub soon...
The King's Peace soon...
The Beltain Queen soon...
Series: The Tales of Gwydion
The Shield of Fire soon...
The Sword of Light soon...
The Cloak of Gold soon...
Series: The Keltiad related
Blackmantle UK US
Lions in the North: Tales of the Douglas soon...
The Sails of the Hui Corra soon...
Lord of the Dark soon...