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Barbara Hambly official site
Series: Darwarth
The Time of the Dark UK US
The Walls of Air US
The Armies of Daylight UK US
Mother of Winter UK US
Icefalcon's Quest UK US
Series: Sunwolf and Starhawk
The Ladies of Mandrigyn US
Witches of Wenshar UK US
Dark Hand of Magic US
Series: Winterlands
Dragonsbane UK US
Dragonshadow UK US
Knight of the Demon Queen UK US
Dragonstar UK US
Series: Windrose
The Silent Tower US
Silicon Mage US
Dog Wizard US
Series: Windrose related
Sorcerer's Ward US: Stranger at the Wedding US
Series: Sun Cross
Rainbow Abyss US
The Magicians of Night US
Sisters of the Raven UK US
Circle of the Moon UK US
Bride of the Rat God UK US
Magic Time with Marc Zicree UK US
Fading of the Light soon...