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Steve Jackson
Series: Fighting Fantasy
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (Le Sorcier de la Montagne de Feu) with Ian Livingstone   UK US
The Citadel of Chaos (La Citadelle du Chaos)   UK US
Starship Traveller UK US
Scorpion Swamp (Le Marais aux Scorpions) with Ian Livingstone   UK US
House of Hell UK US
Talisman of Death (Le Talisman de la Mort) with Ian Livingstone   UK US
Appointment with F. E. A. R. UK US
The Rings of Kether with Ian Livingstone UK US
Seas of Blood with Ian Livingstone UK US
Demons of the Deep (Les Démons des Profondeurs)   UK US
Robot Commando UK
Creature of Havoc UK US
Series: Sorcery!
The Shamutanti Hills (Les Collines Maléfiques)   UK US
Khare - Cityport of Traps UK US
The Seven Serpents UK US
The Crown of Kings UK US
Series: The Fighting Fantasy Novels
The Trolltooth Wars UK US